Hillbilly Horror Stories
Hillbilly Horror Stories
Jerry & Tracy Paulley. Scary, Ghosts, Horror, Paranormal, Supernatural, Lore, Unexplained, Cryptids, UFO, Spooky, Bigfoot, Sasquatch
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Hillbilly youngens
Every episode is an adventure in the paranormal Jerry and Tracy are great down to earth host and Tracy’s version of AC/DC was awesome and it just happened to be on the radio at the same time and hers was better. Great job
How many ads can we fit into one podcast
This podcast should be renamed how many ads can we fit into one podcast! Seriously tho..10 minutes of ads 15 minutes of housekeeping..15-20 minute topic 15 minutes of ads 25 minutes begging for people to join there patreon and finally 15 minutes of an obscure story or interview that has nothing do with the titled topic...I used to like this podcast but like so many others they sold out to the advertisers so they can line there pockets at our expense....
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Thank you for everything you do
I just wanted to thank you, not only for the great podcast and other ventures, but also for your support and kindness. I went through a hard time last year when my dad and my dog died, and although I didn’t reach out to you or the group much, I knew I could If I was needing more help. My friend just committed suicide and her loss has hit many people very hard, especially her family and chosen family. So I’m so grateful that there are people out there who don’t need to go through this loss because of you, Jerry and Tracy, and the supportive group you have made. I’m sorry this is so long but I needed to say it.
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Great first episode!
Love the new Musical Misfortunes episode! I grew up listening to this band, but I really knew none of this story.. I learned a lot from this. And Jerry, don’t let anyone tell you there was too much music played. Great job!
Dean M. Watts
Jerry!!! YES sir the Rotherwoods story time WOW! That was so good but tell me why after hearing that lady sing to her little baby I checked under all of our beds that night after listening. I love all things creepy and scary but she chilled me to the bone. The story also was great I love story time. Also Tracy you crack me up with this weeks podcast .. I thought the same why everything made out of glass. Hehe 🥰from one of Your Nebraska fan. Ashley
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I love them
Why can’t they be my hillbilly aunt and uncle? They seem like the sweetest people. And they love horror? Yes please.
Great podcast
Love this podcast. Love the stories and humor.
Sandtrooper Mick
Love podcast
You guys are great. Very entertaining.
Try this episode out on YouTube. The opening graphics are first rate and the imagery used to illustrate the story really enrich it. Thanks again Jerry and Tracy. KKN
More than just another podcast
If you want a show with some awesome, creepy stories, this show is what you need. If you need a show that is unique in its own way, this is what you need. Jerry and Tracy have made a perfect way of combining history and the supernatural with their own calling of uplifting everyone they come in to contact with. I feel so welcomed every time I press play.
Tre' Doyle
Happy new year
Happy new year! I love listening every week. I am going back to listen to them all. I am on 34 and working back to 1. Good luck on the book from a fellow writer. Jason B
jason b 007
Amazing Show!!
I love this podcast! It has quickly become my favorite and go to podcast! I absolutely love the shows that are put out and the way Jerry and Tracey interact with each other is so fun and real! Thank you both for the hard work that goes into each and every podcast!! Your show is the best and I am so glad I found it!! Bethanie Gammell Colrain, Massachusetts
This show saved me!
I have been listening to the back log of Hillbilly Horror stories for about 3 months now and I have enjoyed every single second. Not to get to deep or emotional but I experienced a really traumatic incident early in the year dealing with an issue of race. This incident put me in a horrible pit of depression and I even came close to ending my life. Luckily I came across Jerry and Tracy and they have given me something to smile about everyday and got me out of that dark place. Also hearing Jerry’s story about his battle with depression motivated me even more to better myself. I’m still getting caught up and I sure can’t wait. But I wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart and I fully enjoy all of the research you do and the great joke ls tracy adds. The dry humour is the best! I will become a patreon soon because I wanna support the show even more and hopefully I can give you guys a few stories I have from my time working security at an extremely haunted insane asylum. Sorry for the long review but Thank you again and love you both!
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Great Find
Great stories. And had to write in regards to the Cokeville story... John Miller was my music teacher in the mid-2000s!
Nothing new here
Listened to the ghost story and I did not find it very interesting. It was just two people talking as if you were sitting around. I’m spoiled from listening to Young Charlie, The Dating game killer and the series of Hollywood murders. This series might be interesting for a person who knew nothing about the casinos in Vegas.
craized cruise guy
Hillbilly Horror Stories
Jerry and Traci make Monday’s the day I wait for
Hillbilly Horror Stoties
What a great job folks! Fantastic storytellers. Much thanks for the stories and banter between the hosts. The Hillbilly Youngins is so cute.
Great podcast
There aren’t many paranormal podcasts out there that are any good, but this is a great one. Interesting topics and entertaining hosts. Highly recommend this one.
Good storytelling, great research and comic delivery
What is best in life? To crush your enemies, see them driven before you and to hear the lamentations of their women.
Background Music
Would prefer listening with more production elements. Glad to see such a strong following of fans, you’re doing something great!
best paranormal podcast
well i finally get to leave you guys a review...i never even listened to podcast until about a year and a half ago and was searchng and found you guys... well ive been hooked ever since ! Jerry and Tracy are the best! keep up the great work guys you make my work day better! love y'all!
Brett S AKA not Mojo Lobster
Very entertaining
Love the stories and format of Hillbilly Horror Stories. The host and hostess are extremely entertaining and the stories are outstanding. I have been a fan since 2016 and continue to listen faithfully. Great job everyone!!!
Loving this show!
I’m a fairly new subscriber to Hillbilly Horror Stories, but one of the things that really drew me in is how you thank the Military and Civil Servants at the start of each show, that you take time to pray for them, and offer the Facebook group and suicide prevention line. My husband is a Marine and Army veteran who served three combat tours in the Middle East and was a responder at Ground Zero. He changed many people’s lives, and re-engineered an entire Iraqi base, disposing of many toxic chemicals and explosives that have left with him lifelong health issues. It just means a lot to me that you take the time to thank Military personnel 💛 And I love the banter and tone of the show! I enjoy when there are guests but I also enjoy just Tracy and Jerry talking together
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Thank You!
I just have to say “Thank You” Jerry and Tracy! I have been a fan of Hillbilly Horror Stories from the very beginning. The stories and research are spot on and your personalities are amazing but I thank you more than anything for your attention to mental health. I have struggled with depression, extreme worry and OCD for many years and the past few months have been harder than ever! Knowing that the both of you acknowledge these struggles and keep people like me in your prayers means so much! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Courtney Hennion Smiths Grove, Ky
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Courtney Ky
Ryan from the Mon valley!
For me, this is the best podcast around hands down! Jerry and Tracey are the kindest most heart felt people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. With all the thanks given to our military and our civil servants on every episode and the helping hand ,out reaching to everyone and anyone how is struggling with anxiety and depression. They are so loving and caring and in my eyes the best example of how everyone should be! Love you guys , keep up the awesome work you do! P.S. After Christmas I would like to order an autographed copy of your book.
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Ryan of Mon Valley
A fun and spooky paranormal podcast!
You guys are truly a blessing to listen to, I love the variety of your stories and the banter between you and Tracy! And truthfully your heart is what comes in Loud and clear! Please don’t change anything you do! I am a loyal listener from over two years .And I enjoy all you have sacrificed your time, for our entertainment. It isn’t easy to do. So know that you matter to us From, the bottom of my heart! Hugs and kisses to you all! Karen Shull.
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Bonus episodes
Loved the musical misfortunes special episode. I would fully support making this at least a semi-regular feature. I realize how much work has to go into something like this but would love to hear more. I can tell by the way this was put together that you are as big a fan of classic rock as I am. Oh, still love Hillbilly Horror Stories as well. Keep putting them out and I’ll keep listening.
F*@king Hilarious
Jerry and Tracy give their own spin on paranormal and true crime topics. I love their support of fellow podcasters and their love for paranormal. I find myself learning new things each episode. I would definitely recommend you check them out!
Response to the variety of shows
Jerry! I loved Musical Misfortunes!!!! Great info and music!!!!!!!
Great show.
I’ve recently found your show and I love it. The stories are great and I really enjoy listening. Keep up the great work!
Evg Travis Lane
Still love your show
I’ve been listening for a year and a half now, and I still look forward to listening every Sunday evening. I love the stories and the banter between Jerry and Tracy, and I appreciate how they really try hard to go beyond the podcast to help people suffering mentally. This is especially important in this pandemic, when so many people are hurting in so many ways.
I love you guys !!
You guys get me through my day! Im a driver so i need to make my days go by faster & what better to do that than listen to you guys!! I love Tracys laugh... you guys are so funny, I’m always smiling & laughing with you guys!! You guys are amazing!! Please keep up the amazing work! I love you guys soooooooo much!! ❤️🥰 Tracy you are AWESOME & your laugh will always be my favorite!
Ness Vera
You guys are amazing
I’m updating my review. Nothing changed at all you guys are still amazing and are really killing it. But I don’t know if this is only for me but I listen on Apple and I haven’t gotten y’all’s latest episodes. The newest one that shows up is the Halloween episode on the 27th I think. I didn’t know if y’all had stopped supporting Apple or if Apple is just glitching out.
Grimsly Michaels
Ridiculous 🤦🏻‍♀️
So much fun!
Have to update. Jerry and Tracy don’t just do a really fun podcast, they’re amazing human beings. Know that by listening, you’re not just having fun, you’re also supporting a pair of amazing people. Original review below. *** Being half hillbilly myself, I had to tune in and see what this was about. I've never been so creeped out while laughing so hard! Keep it up, guys, I love you!!!
Kentucky proud
Love listening to the podcast, so happy I found it. Happy to support some fellow Kentuckians. I’ll help spread the word about the podcast, keep up the great work 👍🏻
For the fluffiest biscuits, use white lily flour.
FUPA fighter
One of the best!
Among podcasts of the paranormal/ghost/cryptid/etc. genre, this is easily one of the best shows there is! The dynamics between hosts Jerry & Tracy make for great conversations, the topics are always awesome (guarantee you will learn about something you didn’t know, no matter how much you’re into the topics), the research is top-notch and they are always releasing new episodes for your listening pleasure! To top it off, they seem like they are genuinely some of the nicest people on earth.
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Bill Wilkins Ghost
Great podcast
I love this podcast! It helps me get through my work day. I love Jerry and Tracy and the stories they tell. I feel they truly are my friends. I also want to say sorry, my fat fingers tapped one star while I was scrolling. I totally did not mean to do that. Hopefully this honest review makes up for that.
Humor, Horror, Hillbilles
This podcast has been my most recent obsession in life. It’s so refreshing to hear something from a couple of good ol’ folks. I feel like I’m listening to close friends around a bonfire, after throwing some cornhole, passing around some LEGIT moonshine. It doesn’t get much better than this, folks. If you like the paranormal, cryptids, true crime, and hearing two Kentuckians trying to say “oil”, subscribe!
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Good stuff
Love the show
A great show
I’ve been going through the show’s episodes for about a year-and-a-half now and I’ve finally caught up. I started at the beginning and was a little skeptical at first, but the show has only grown on me. Jerry and Tracy sound like a couple of amazing people who are invested in their fan base and especially the emotional and mental well-being of the people with whom they come into contact - they are also big proponents of suicide prevention and always give out the number to the hotline, which is amazing of them to do. I think my favorite moment from the show was their interview with Andrea Perron, who lived in the house that was the basis for the movie, The Conjuring. The interview was riveting and chilling; definitely worth checking out (the 1 year anniversary show).
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B. Mitchener
Southern raconteurs!
Spooky tales with a Southern accent is what you get here! Love tuning in weekly to Jerry and Tracy and eavesdropping on him telling her tales. Love the combo of history and setting, with that twist of “woo” in the choice of tales. The genuine affection between the husband/wife hosts makes it extra fun to listen in.
L.E. Brady
Got me hooked easily
long time listener
I am still here and you both are getting me through the Covid isolation! Exchanged emails about 3-4 years ago! Love this podcast! Give me a shout out! Keep up good work & stay strong!
Thumbs up!!
Just stumbled upon this podcast. I’ve started from the beginning and I’m hooked. Y’all do a great job, keep it up. Listening from West “by God” Virginia.
I work with the public which can be stressful this podcast really makes me laugh and takes my mind off the stress at work and with everything going on it’s nice to have a escape and laugh with good honest people i hope when this is over you guys do a event closer to me in NJ i would love to meet you guys your chemistry for each other and the way you care about your fans is undeniable keep up the amazing work Tracy I could listen to your laugh all day thank you both
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Great show!
I stumbled upon your podcast back in June. I was just lookin for something to keep me awake at work, but you guys are so entertaining. I’ve found myself listening in the car or at home while doing housework. I just love your genuineness. You all care about people, and that says a lot. You’re passionate about the content and history of every subject and that is appreciated by your listeners! I love history and paranormal, so this is a win-win for me, lol! Y’all are so sweet and funny, I hope to make it out to a live show at some point to meet you guys! I just got married September 19th, so maybe I can talk the hubby into taking me to a local one! (From Borden, IN)
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Amber Radcliff
Love it!
Love the podcast listen to it all day at work! Y’all need to visit Texas we have tons of haunted places.
Best of the best
Jerry and Tracy provide listeners with one of the best podcast available. You can tell they care about the quality of the content they put out and they care about their listeners. Thanks so much for the great podcast! Keep up the good work.
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