Hillbilly Horror Stories
Hillbilly Horror Stories
Jerry & Tracy Paulley. Scary, Ghosts, Horror, Paranormal, Supernatural, Lore, Unexplained, Cryptids, UFO, Spooky, Bigfoot, Sasquatch
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Jerry and Tracy y’all are a Beautiful couple and I totally support any and everything about your Podcast!!!!!! Jerry your brutally honesty and privately telling your story in your book is absolutely honorable!!!!! You are anIncredible man and Tracy is lucky to have you!! You areAnd extremely hard-working man I want to obviously provide for your family always and for that I commend you and thank you for inviting me into your podcast love y’all- Cyndy Machicek (May-check)
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kerr CLM
Thank you!
Love yours episodes. Love your dynamic with each other. And love how you guys keep me laughing and entertained when I need it the most. PS: every time I think I’m hearing something scary I realize it’s your pup in the background 😂
Happy thanksgiving all. Jerry and Tracy are amazing keep it up guys
mojo lobster
Everything Paranormal
Love, love, love listening to you guys! I love how J&T make me feel like a part of their family. -Danyelle Morrison from Athens, GA
Hey guys great show. Quick question tho. Think u could turn up your mic I can barley hear you. I do work in a place that can be a tad to loud….but I have noise canceling headphones and even on full blast I can barely make out what your saying. Even who your interviewing and content comes in way too quiet.
Love HHS
I love all the different episodes you have every week, and I REALLY love hearing Jerry read his book. I read it last year and I’ve not gotten tired of hearing his story!
Can’t get enough
Been listing to podcast for a couple years now. Love all the extras and shorts. One think I really like is the Layla by at end of dead time stories. Rob Magner
Great stories told in a down to earth sort of way. I thoroughly enjoy this podcast.
Great Paranormal Podcast
Jerry and Tracy are the real deal. Tracy is the sweetest ever. Jerry your book is another level, thank you for sharing your story, it is riveting. Love you guys, Kim from Flagstaff, AZ
Love them
Absolutely love Tracy and Jerry!
The is the best podcast and if you find out it’s not for you than jus say thank you and move on but it is the best, look no farther this is the best, get the book it’s great as well
Great podcast!
Love the podcast!! You guys are great! Very interesting stories & Ninja snoring lol keep up the good work you guys are the best love you Donna
disneyland dinna
Book reading
I loved your reading of the first 2 chapters of your book. My new novel “Born Again” is available on Amazon and a big thanks to your past lives stories. Without which my novel would not exist. Jason B
jason b 007
To Tracy
As I’m listening, I just want to say, Tracy you are NOT annoying and your comments are funny and cute, not ignorant! ❤️
Hillbilly podcast review
My name is Steve Hadad and I live in New Fairfield Connecticut. I work as a machinist and listen to your podcast all the time. I love you guys. You seem to genuinely care about people and you’re both witty with the comments you make that adds to the humor and light hardedness of the show. I love Tracy and get upset when people give her a hard time. She sounds adorable and I think she so cute and caring. I want to just give her a great big hug. She probably has a heart of gold. Keep up the podcast. You’re doing great and I love it. Thank you. Buy Tracy .
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I love it here
This is definitely a great listen! I love having them on while driving home and to work. I love them both but Tracy is my favorite, the way she laughs gets me every time. She is the best! Her laugh is contagious, I love it here! Keep doing what you guys do!
Love it
I just want to say how much I enjoy your show! Tracey is so lovable and funny! Jerry thinks he’s the host, but Tracey is the one I hook onto most of the time! Lol. Jk. Love you too Jerry! This is is one of my very favorite shows. I wish others would listen to you guys to see how you can interact with others without sounding condescending. Keep it up! Btw I’m glad you let us know ahead of time when Kristin is on instead of Tracey! I can’t tell the difference!
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….pation. I look forward to each and every new episode. I don’t know what is more entertaining the stories or the hosts. Keep up the great work Tracy and Jerry. Love you guys.
midwest koala
Y’all are my favorite podcast ❤️❤️
Leanne Loves Hillbillies
Long time listener/first time reviewer
Not only are Jerry and Tracy extremely entertaining, they are the nicest people ever. Had the opportunity to meet them in Dallas and felt like I was seeing old friends. My husband enjoyed it so much he has become a listener. This show has helped me through the darkest times of my life and made me laugh when I didn’t think I had the ability to. So thank you Kimberly
Kimberly’s iMac
Cosmic or coincidence?
I LOVE the show! Oddly enough, I was on a road trip from Arkansas to Lexington,KY when I heard of ‘Hillbilly Horror Stories’ on the “And That’s Why We Drink Podcast”. I checked it out and got 10 hours of the podcast under my belt by the time I was home! I listen almost daily now. I started way back at the beginning and am currently listening to episode 58. Keep up the good work guys! I’ll make it to current episodes before too long.
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Tee haw! One of my most favorite podcast couples
Great banter between these two wonderful people. Keep up all the great work. Jerry you have an engaging and dynamic ability to keep an interview on task with humor and sensitivity. Tracy, I love your laugh and empathetic vision with your topics/ stories. Nice to have other Hillbillies on the air. Best regards. Scott aka Camemdad
Best and love title track make more if possible please
Just love love how fun you both are to listen and love work you guys put in ;also love how your lovely wife make silly comments to keep it light and fun ; keep it up just love how your wife bring some comic release to usual serious situations. Lastly love how your puppy barks in between it makes it sound more realistic and less commercial.
Scary and Funny Show
I love this show! I usually listen to this podcast at night before I fall asleep. Some of Jerry's creepy paranormal stories would give me nightmares if it were not for the comedic relief brought on by Tracy's goofy personality and naturally hilarious commentary. Jerry and Tracy make a great team. Thanks for the scares and laughter!
My previous review was deleted, as apparently were those by others. Good folks with the best of intentions even if not all of the facts are correct, and sometimes it’s scary that Tracy operates a motor vehicle and votes. Jerry and Tracy work hard and ultimately care about their fans.
Awesome, one of a kind podcast!
First and foremost --- You need to listen to Hillbilly Horror stories, like, NOW! Jerry and Tracy have an amazing and entertaining show that, despite its genre, has a little bit of everything you would want out of a podcast. They will educate you, make you laugh, make you ponder about life, and make you appreciate and be thankful for the little things. Their Facebook group/community also provides a safe place to discuss the show and many other topics, such as mental health. It's inspiring to see folks like Hillbilly Horror stories use their mainstream platform for good, especially to reach out to people that could be struggling during these tough times. I myself don't have a Facebook, but I know from other listeners that the community they have online is one of a kind. Now for the apology --- I started listening to the show almost a year and a half ago, and I am unfortunately finally caught up. For the longest time, I told myself I would leave a review once I was all caught up, but I purposely stopped listening for like a month or two, so that episodes would pile up. Now that I am truly caught up, here is my promise. Sorry, it took so long. Although we cannot all be like the legendary mojo lobster, I think its important to stop and appreciate Jerry and Tracy at least once. Not only for having an awesome show but also for everything they do for their listeners. From all the shows I listen to, I've never seen a podcast offer as much as Jerry and Tracy do. They have different kinds of episodes from short stories, listener stories, UFO stories, and many more. (Man I miss listening to Hillbilly Younguns. Hope the dynamic duo can bring it back one day.) --- They also have a Patreon with different tiers that offer more fun and entertaining episodes. I myself finally joined and hope to work my way up. Lastly, I live in the DFW area, and I am super bummed I won't be able to attend the Dallas live show (Weddings back-to-back weekends.) But I truly hope you guys will consider coming back to the DFW metroplex soon. And please don't listen to all those negative comments. There is a big difference between leaving constructive criticism and leaving negative and hurtful comments. The show wouldn't be the same without Jerry or Tracy. So please keep up the good work for as long as you can. Thank you for providing a super entertaining podcast that is helping me get through my Ph.D. program here in Arlington, Texas. -Augusto Cesar Hunt.
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Love You Guys!
Ok, I’m going to admit this…I just started listening to my first podcast from you guys. I just needed to say how amazing it is that you guys offer support to people in crisis. I really admire that, and I think that it’s really AMAZING & empathetic of you to offer that. I have a feeling I’m going to love this podcast, so thank you for everything! God Bless!
Amy Licht
Love you guys. Tracy I love your laugh and y’all being real. From TN and love your show. Tracy don’t let the negativity of people and their remarks bother you, I like you both but you really make the show fun to listen too. Keep doing what you do. I’m only on show 43 but listening everyday.
This is my favorite podcast by far! Keep up the awesome work. You guys are the best.
Tracy Is the BEST! And Jerry’s cool too 😎
I don’t know if y’all can see where I’m listening from, but I didn’t find the show until after I moved to Indonesia. Born and raised in Oregon, spent the last 20 years in East Texas and have been missing that “hillbilly” (or hick 😉) accent. Listening to you guys is a taste of home and even though you don’t know me, I feel like we’re close friends. I so wish I could be with you for all the cool trips you went on. Jerry is the muscle that makes the show happen, and Tracy is the heart. I love how she brings the emotional side to each story. I love her laugh and silly questions. She’s so down to earth and genuinely cares for others. Your platforms about mental health and supporting civil servants are so admirable. I’m so thankful I found y’all’s show, even if I’m late to the party and on the other side of the world. 😂
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Best Podcasters out there!
By far my favorite show and two of my favorite people! Have been listening for years and have come to know Tracy and Jerry well, they are two of the greatest, kindest, most caring people I have ever met. Show is amazing as well! Lots of spooks and laughs. They just keep getting better year to year!
Genuine human beings
Hi, I wanted to tell when I first started listening to your podcast Hillbilly Horror Stories, after you were a guest on Jim Harold’s Campfire Stories. I love you great podcast, you present awesome true stories. But I wasn’t sure if you both weren’t a couple of racist red necks, and I must say I am very happy to learn you both are genuine, caring human beings. I’ve never heard of anyone giving out their personal phone numbers in an effort to help a troubled soul. This touches my heart and I know you both are decent people who actually go out of your way for anyone who is in need regardless of race, sex, religion, or sexual orientation. I am dedicated fan, and I love Tracie, she’s a sweetheart. I look forward to every new episode and would love to attend a live show if you ever come to Southern California. Take care Jerry and Tracie. Thank you, Amy Araiza from California
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My absolute favorite
These are two of the sweetest funniest people on the planet. Their stories are amazing. Tracy is a hoot! I love you guys - cc
Best ever!!
I cannot get enough of you 2!!
Best podcast ever!!
Love listening to Jerry and Tracy. They are hilarious and the show is very interesting and fun. Keep up the awesomeness! Go cats! Ps love picking out ninjas snores lol
Mary Hixson
It seems like I hear something in the background. Wasn’t sure if anyone else heard that. It sounds like someone chewing gum or a crackle that sounds similar. Just wondering??
Content is well researched and I absolutely LOVE history. You all make this podcast so relatable. Maybe I will get the guts to share some of my personal ghost stories. I also love your accents! I have a southern accent too 🙂
Punky Clown
Favorite podcast, eagerly wait on new ep
Jerry and Tracey do a great job on this podcast. I check everyday for new episodes. I normally listen on Spotify but couldn’t leave a review on there so I came back to my Apple app to leave it. Anyone that tells Tracey they don’t like her voice or she needs to keep her mouth shut needs to keep their stupid opinions to themselves. Jerry is a wonderful host but Tracey makes him even better. I’m sorry Jerry but the week she was sick it just wasn’t the same. Love you guys. Keep up the great work.
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The best!
Jerry and Tracy are absolutely amazing. They tell interesting stories mixed with humor, historical facts/accounts, music, and a little twang. They truly keep you interested and make you feel like a part of their family.
Patreon member here. Favorite episode so far is Shorts 607 UFO in Brazil & Hiccups. I go back to this episode when I need a laugh 😂 MORE HICCUPS PLEASE
I have several words.
I too love the short and sweet UFO episodes. The best part is that they cover smaller, unknown to me incidents. Would love the same approach to Strange beasties.
Love this show!
Just came here to say I love you both! Don’t ever stop doing what you’re doing!
Awesome show
I love listening to Jerry and Tracy’s stories and banter. They are awesome at finding locations and stories that I haven’t heard on other podcasts. Jerry is great at researching and storytelling and Tracy is great at asking questions and lightening up the mood. And as a fellow hillbilly, I love their accents too.
New Fan!!
Love y’all’s show, just listened to the latest episode and loved it! And go ahead and add Corpus Christi to your Texas towns!! Keep up the awesomeness y’all!❤️🙏
For Tracy (and Jerry)! This family loves your show.
I got my husband addicted to your show when we met. He actually listened more regularly than me lately because our home could not get internet for many months. Hence how late this review is. I’m sorry we haven’t written one before, we adore y’all and live/work within the region. Firstly, thank you so much for always keeping the podcast upbeat and informational. I’m a fan of most of the interviews but we tend to always like the show, most shows are great! The alien stuff isn’t much of our thing either but we do listen because we’re curious! You guys are amazing for bringing attention to mental health (I had postpartum depression, and have PTSD). On some of my bad days I’d listen to this show with our daughter. Tracy makes her laugh! She makes us all laugh. A while ago you got a mean review about her not being on topic or something silly. I do the same thing sometimes. Tracy, you are a wonderful, beautiful person I hope we get to meet sometime and you keep doing YOU! We love you both for what y’all create and do. Keep on making our family laugh and don’t let someone hurt your feelings like that. Their opinion doesn’t speak for everybody. Secondly, I worked at a historical location in Nashville which you covered in a previous episode (The Hermitage). You missed a LOT of stories and I have many. The new management and crew doesn’t talk much about the stories. I worked there years ago and you could probably do a whole segment on the place. I’ve had a few experiences, so had my husband in another way. So, to conclude, y’all are great. We love your podcast. If you’re interested in stories, please let me know how we can reach out. Hope you all are doing well! Can’t wait to catch up on the show.
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A fun paranormal podcast!
I absolutely love the addition to your show with the shorts , i especially love the UFO ones so much, I pray you don’t stop! I would love them to be longer, even if they aren’t, I love them too! It isn’t easy to do. So know that you matter to us From, the bottom of my heart! Hugs and kisses to you all! Karen Shull.
It's awesome
I've been to the Gary ind demon house. I went after it was torn down and had a lot of creepy things happen. It's by my hometown. I love the podcast.
Governor Quesadilla
I’m listening to ep. 269, and nearly peed myself laughing at Jerry’s slip of “Governor Quesadilla”.
Can’t thank them enough!!
I’ve given a review a long time ago as a listener and friend of Jerry and Tracy. Now it’s time to as a fellow podcaster. Jerry is a mentor of myself along with my two buddies that have a new podcast (only 6 months in). He had been a tremendous help and supporter of ours and he is still always available to reach out regarding anything podcasting among real life issues. He and his lovely bride Tracy had us on their show a couple of months ago and made us feel so good knowing we were on a fantastic podcast and interviewed by actual friends. They care about people in all aspects and helping out fellow podcasters is on the list. Thank you again Jerry and Tracy for all you do and all that you are. We love you guys!! Todd, Shawn & Nate Middle Aged And Creeped Out podcast
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Todd Hedges
Good Show If Tracy is Muted
This might be a good show if Tracy shut her mouth! She’s not funny, cute or insightful at all. She’s an annoying distraction and I cannot take it anymore! Bye!
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