Kevin Manetti
Two dudes in the dark talking about movies. Lock up your grandmas, grab a cold one and get ready for work. It it what it is... b*tch.
Ice Age Re-loaded
Its Christmas time nutsacks and you know what that means moms kissing santa, Dads drinking again and the boys are watching rated R movies. This ep is about Dark City, a movie eqully as lame as the Matrix but somehow worse. So we had to give it a spin. Great stuff, Keifer Sutherland struggling to sound smart and psychic Korn fans in leather dusters with switchblades (think Westside story but in a German nightclub). All in all listen to the pod, watch the movie.
Dec 21, 2020
36 min
Florida vs. Everyone
Upon special request the Boys rewatched the 2019 Gator classic "Crawl". This time accomponied by special guest comedian and actor Kevin James, unfortunatly his mic malfunctioned and nothing he said got picked up. We must formally apologize here, Kevin we didn't mean what we said it was disgusting and terrible, but to be fair to us we didnt know that was a picture of your daughter.
Nov 20, 2020
33 min
Chris Columbus discovered Babysitting
Remember when movies were over the top but good? Drugs, sex and violence all wrapped up in a kids movie, were't the 80's great. Myles and Kevin watched "Adventures in Babysitting" a movie that proves the simplest of ideas can bare the sweetest fruits. A Hi- Concept top 5!
Nov 8, 2020
34 min
Sean Connery got paid for this
Something's fishy about The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and the Boys are on the case. Was it a sweet farewell to Connery's career or a movie only one half of the crew could stay awake for. Either way this movie delivers and boy does mama pack a punch, in the form of a visibly drunk Sean Connery toppeling bad guys.
Oct 21, 2020
32 min
Freddy Krueger vs. Kelly Rowland
The boys are back! This episode the boys talk about a real humdinger, Freddy vs. Jason. The climactic battle between two titans of the slasher genre. If you haven't seen it this movie will soon be in your top ten. It's got action, weed, comedy, Kelly Rowland shouting slurs, and some juicy Three Stooges gossip.We're back... Bitch!
Sep 20, 2020
35 min
Miss Time Continuum-Ality
Love is in the air, also time and Space? The boys are switching things up this time. Out with the ghouls and action-stars of yesteryear. In with romance and action-stars of this year. This episode, we talk about the Lake House, a cute and heartfelt movie about Keanu Reeves falling in love and not banging Sandra Bullock. Why? Time Travel
Aug 26, 2020
38 min
Bad Cop Bad Cop
The muchachos are back and boy are they amped. If you have never heard of the movie Nighthawks you might be in luck. What do you get when you put Stallone in drag, Billy Dee in an undefined role and a terrorist whose accent is impossible to pin down? A movie you nutsacks don't need to watch because Myles and Kevin already did it for you.
Aug 12, 2020
34 min
J.Lo gets her Oscar
The boys discuss Jennifer Lopez in her career defining role as a serial killer stopper in The Cell. The reviews are in, J.Lo is dynamic as the one thing all hyper sexual scizophrenic murderers fear the most, a social worker. And yes the guys gush over Vince Vaughn too, he's soo money remember.
Aug 3, 2020
37 min
Jeff Goldblum Turns into a Door then Explodes
The Fellas talk about the movie no one asked for, David Cronenberg's The Fly. Turn off the lights take off your pants and listen as they debate if Goldblum has sex appeal or not.
Jul 23, 2020
33 min
Hey Nutsacks, the boys get into it about the Disney Plus version of Hamilton. If you were undecided about this production, you're in luck. Kevin and Myles dive feet first into what made it special and also what kind of sucked about it, umm yeah we said it.
Jul 14, 2020
33 min