Hey Mama, Lets Talk!
Hey Mama, Lets Talk!
Coach Kathryn K.
This is not only a safe space but it is a permission slip to reconnect with yourself, find passion, and DIVE DEEP into you. To unapologetically own ALL of you! To know you are enough and worthy and that you can live a life that makes you radiate from the inside out. We all have things that over time have made us believe we are or have to be a certain way. We for habits and stories that no longer serve us and we forget who we are. Let's get back to making us a priority. Because when we do the over flow spills into the world!
Your Vibe...what is is and how to raise it!
Happy Monday beautiful! Todays episode covers a topic that may be one of the most important...how your vibe is affecting you and the world around you. We all have been there you feel weird energy when you walk into a room and aren't sure what that is. Well its your energy picking up on another energy. There is so much reasurch coming out about all things vibration and what it is. In this episode we will dive into:What your energy isWhy its important to pay attention to and protect itHow to raise it when your feeling offHow is is affecting the world around you Let's dive in so you can raise your vibe to show up feeling AMAZING in the world. Links for the show:Coach Kathryn on Instagram and FacebookVisit our website to learn more about Coach K and the ShowJoin our community of like minded ladies looking to raise their vibe and show up as their best selves! 
Feb 20
17 min
The Point of No Return
We all go through hard things. The things we know are meant for us but MAN its hard to keep going and learning all the lessons are the hardest sometimes. Then when you do keep going you reach this point, this beautiful and scary point where quitting no longer feels like an option. Now how to we get through the HARD to get to that point? Let me tell you about my experience and how you too CAN do this. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY BESTIES! Links for the show:Follow Coach Kathryn K on Facebook and InstagramTo learn more, check out our website; and even get on our weekly email pop in list. You'll be first to know about live workshops and events! Need a space for community and motivational moments? Click HERE to join our free Facebook group!
Feb 14
16 min
Why is it so hard to be happy sometimes?
I was asked a HARD question that I have been thinking so much about. To be honest I still don't know where I am on the answer. "Are you happy?"... It hit me like a two by four. Am I happy? I really don't know sometimes if I'm being honest. We hear about happiness and we KNOW what to do and how we want to feel yet its still so hard sometimes.Let's dive into happiness and how we can make shifts to truly start to change that answer to a YES in our lives. **Disclaimer: I am a certified life coach, not a mental health professional. I can only speak from my experience and own growth. If you are truly having trouble in life and feel like you need help, please talk to your doctor. No shame love. You deserve to feel amazing! Links for the show:Follow Coach K on Instagram and FacebookCheck out our website to learn more and find ways to connectJoin our Radiant life community on Facebook for daily inspiration and connection!
Feb 6
21 min
Three Shifts You Can Make Today For YOU
I think we can all agree that there is SO much noise around what our health and wellness "should" look like and its EXHAUSTING. So I wanted to bring you an episode top help you in your journey to your best self. To be clear again, you dont have to make ANY changes, you are amazing exactly where you are. But iff you know you want to make change to feel better and live your best life, then this is for you. These shifts are easy to incorporate and anyone can do them no matter where you are. I can honestly also say, if I would have had these when I began my journey it would have saved me a lot of trauma and pain...good times lol. So lets' go mama, THREE shifts you can make today to feel amazing and change your life. Links for the show:- Coach Kathryn K and the show on Instagram and Facebook- Learn more about what we do and offer on our website-Need more inspiration and tips, join our amazing free Facebook community of ladies who are all on the same journey of discovery and growth. 
Jan 30
18 min
Triggered? Listen in Mama...
Here we are again. Your girl was MAJORLY triggered today. So of course I had to talk to you about it because I want to share what they are, what you can do and what helps me. In this episode I talk about- How I was triggered -What a trigger is- The best thing I have learned to do to move through them.- Why we need to learn about them and ourselves *Disclaimer: I am a health/lifestyle coach. I can only speak to what I know and have learned in my life as a coach. I am not a physician or mental health provider. If you are dealing with an eating disorder, illness, or mental health issues please contact your doctor to work out a plan that is best for you. Need help now? Here is a helpline for eating disorders if you need them. https://www.nationaleatingdisorders.org/help-support/contact-helplineLinks for the show:- Coach Kathryn K on Instagram and Facebook- Our website is where you can learn more get a free gift from Coach K.- Need more positive people in your life? We have a Radiant life community just for you free on Facebook! 
Jan 23
17 min
A quickie for ya...The idea of RADICAL SELF LOVE
Who thinks the term self love ands feels all the feels? I NEVER thought of loving myself. I thought no, you love yourself when you're "there". When you do all the things, reach all the things etc. Not knowing I would NEVER really get there, because "there" dosent exist really. We have to BE THE CHANGE and love ourselves radically now, as we are. Thats when we change ourselves, our families, and the world. Trigger warning: I do discus my battle with an eating disorder and negative body shame. If you feel like that may trigger you where you are mama, go ahead and skip this one. LOVE YA.Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or a therapist. I can only talk about things from my story and what I know. If you are struggling with an eating disorder PLEASE seek help from a professional You deserve to feel better mama. Links for the show:Coach Kathryn on Instagram and FacebookOur websiteWant to join a community on Facebook full of positivity and woman looking to change their lives? Check us out here! 
Jan 17
19 min
Letting Go of Control and Trusting with Raileigh Duschen
In this season of goals, revamping, and dreaming it is so easy to get trapped in the outcome and the expectation of how we think something should turn out (your girl is guilty too trust me). What is we found a way to do the work, follow our passions, show up, yet simultaneously found a way to let go?!Sound crazy? Then you also need this episode in your life right now to mama. Let's dive in with Transformational Coach Raileigh and see how we can make this happen. Links from the episode:Follow Raileigh on social and get more inspiring contentFollow Coach Kathryn on Instagram and FacebookLearn more about that we do on our websiteNeed more inspiring woman in your life? Join our free community on Facebook of like minded ladies you need in your life. 
Jan 9
37 min
New Year Momentum...How do we make this stick?
SEASON 2:Here we are! It is another amazing new year, and I don't know about you but I'm really feeling some AMAZING energy coming off of this year. Now the fun part, how do we make this different than another time and actually use the momentum to make things happen in our lives?I want to fill you in on a secret, the key isn't what you think it is at all! Who needs support taking some pressure and stress off of the New Year Resolutions? We all know most people quit their resolutions by February. How do we make that not us and not this year? Let's dive into how you can make things happen for yourself this year! Links for this show:Follow Coach Kathryn on Instagram and FacebookCheck out our website and get on the email list to stay in the loop and get more amazing supportJoin our free community of ladies looking to bring more love and radiance into their lives this year on Facebook! 
Jan 2
17 min
Step into your POWER with Hali of Hali's Toys and Lingerie
Do you ever feel like you haven't even found your power yet. Like you are Dorthy following the Yellow Brick road never knowing the shoes were there the WHOLE TIME?Well this interview is for you. We cover it all mama. Hali is such a great friend, business women, mom, and wife. It's not easy but when you start to unlock your power and passion in life you can be unstoppable. **We do have some adult topics and words so grab those headphones if you need to and lets dive in with Hali! Links for this episode:Follow Hali on Instagram Follow Hali's Toys and Lingerie on Instagram Follow Coach Kathryn K.Check out Hali's website!Learn more at www.coachkathrynk.comJoin our community of amazing ladies who are just looking to step it up in all areas of life! 
Dec 12, 2022
37 min
Could this be the missing piece to your breakthrough?
Today I do a solo riff episode where I really go into a topic I have been thinking a lot about. About the thing that has really been leading to my own personal breakthrough. This idea is RADICAL self love. Dont run, hear me out mama. If I can start a journey to radical self love, anyone can. What if this is the thing we need more of? Not more, willpower, disipline, diets, or a new workout regimen; THIS, radical self love. Because when we have that, we start doing the things we though we needed all of the other stuff for. So lets dive in and start your breakthrough today.  YOU'RE worth it mama. Links from this episode:Follow Coach Kathryn K on Facebook and InstagramLearn more about Coach Kathryn and what she offers at our website! Join our Facebook community or like minded ladies who are looking for more Radiance in their lives too! 
Dec 5, 2022
19 min
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