hey, girl.
hey, girl.
Alex Elle
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Hey, Girl!
I have binged ( listened) to each episode from the beginning. This year I decided to listen to podcast as a better form of entertainment vs tv. Im so happy I did. Listening to Alex's podcast has been a life saver. I have laughed, cried, felt inspired, you name it. Listening to this podcast makes me feel seen and heard with SO many relatable stories. Its a true testament of sisterhood and community for those of us who don't have much of a social life. Im so happy I get to listen to women who look like me or who have similar stories, all from different walks of life. Its amazing. 🤍
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Inspiring Sisterhood!
I LOVE the Hey, girl podcast! The sisterhood this podcast creates inspires me to find it in my own life. One of my favorite episodes is the Community and Connection episode with Morgan. I live in Costa Rica so creating a community is challenging sometimes because everything is so distanced. This episode inspired me to not only connect with new communities, but to also begin to create a community of women and moms to grow within Costa Rica. Thank you for the inspiration! I’m excited to listen more!
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Hot for Holistics
Love this, would love longer conversations!
What an inspiring podcast! Alex, you are amplifying voices that the world needs to hear. Thanks so much for doing so in a beautiful, grace-filled way. My one hope is that you will include more long form conversations from time to time.
Constant Recourse Fan
Thank you
Gentle, real, intimate—thank you Alex, your reflections strike a chord with me.
I just really love, respect and admire you Alex. It’s really the car talks that have been hitting home for me lately. So raw and transparent. And timely. Really appreciate this podcast and am always looking forward to new episodes 🤎
Great podcast!💕🥰
I love this podcast! Alex is so authentic and I love her perspectives💕💕 this podcast blessed me
Game vashti
Hey Girl!
Alex you are amazing and I’m so happy you share yourself with all of us. I’m sure we all relate in one way or another and every episode fills me with goodness. I appreciate that and you!
Hey, Girl Pod Review
As many of us young women are maturing past our teen years, the reality of finding an inner connection becomes imperative. Alex Elle: author and healing facilitator, is the creator of the Hey, Girl! Podcast. I searched for this podcast with the intentions of finding some guidance to assist with becoming a better version of myself, something I could latch onto and grow. The Hey, Girl Podcast does just that, it invites inspiring women from all over to offer a glance into their lives through unreserved and soulful conversation. These women speak deeply about topics of which they relate to and can provide amazing insight to the listeners. The podcast tends to begin by the author’s sponsors, an introduction of the intentions of the podcast, as well as their motto “Hey, Girl!” which is repeated a few times. Mrs. Elle introduces the guest and gives a bit of background on them. The podcast proceeds in a spontaneous order with questions the author asks the guest, halfway through the pod a quick silence takes place followed by a quick little tune then, ads are recited. The audience does interact, but they have their own small segment. I have listened to a few episodes so far and have grown very fond of Mrs. Alex Elle, I truly believe that what she is doing is honorably remarkable. Out of the few episodes, I have been impressed by Seleena on Mental Health and Jamila on Self Value. I found myself very intrigued with these episodes because they are two important topics to me. The discussions within these segments were so point on and eye opening which pushed me to take notes. During the episodes of Self Value Ms. Jamila talks about many things and amongst those she mentions Buddhism. She defines a Buddha as an individual who is enlightened to the reality of who you really are. That was interesting and created some self-reflection since for one that is not how I would have defined a Buddha and two, I wondered was I enlightened to reality and aware of who I really am. If I could ask Mrs. Elle anything it would be “Do you feel like everything you went through, all the battles you’ve fought within, were well worth arriving to serving your purpose today?” This is important to me because along my journey I wonder if it will all be worth it. An interesting topic to touch base on would be the different forms of animosity. This is appropriate for the podcast because its al about creating your being and many of us assume animosity is just jealousy when really it cannot be something as simple as a grudge.
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Good feelings
Alex Elle’s voice is like butter. Also, she gives each of the guests a wonderful chance to speak, and she really is so in awe of the victories in each of her guests lives. It inspires me a bit each time.
New sub here
I loved the tone of the show. Thanks for the content.
Love the show and learned so much!!
Life changing
Everyone who knows me knows I love Alex Elle! Her quote about 2019, sits on the back of my graduation photos. This was the first podcast i really "got into". Her topics allow me to reflect deeper and understand more about what i'm feeling and why. The episodes are easy to digest and fun to listen to. Definitely got me through some tough days. Alex, you are truly doing the good work!
Love it!
I love how inspirational this podcast has been for me during the pandemic. It has been helping me look deeper within myself for answers. Thanks for igniting that. Continue to be a bright light!
Soul filling
I am absolutely loving these podcasts. Alex you are a wise soul with an incredibly big heart. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every discussion that I’ve listened to, they all leave me feeling inspired and nourished. Thank you! Xxx
Caroline Kelley
Download the podcast now!
It’s great when you support something someone does simply based on merit or having followed them and their journey for some time. That is certainly the case with Alex Elle. I’ve followed her for years! Have her books and have been inspired. The podcast definitely exceeds my greatest and respectful expectations! It’s definitely needed and the conversations are so helpful. Thank you Alex and best of luck with your platforms!
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Vanessa (@_Nessa_Sary)
I’m just one of the homegirls!
I love listening to the Hey girl podcast; it makes me feel like I’m apart of the conversation without saying anything at all. I wake up every morning and listen to a past podcast... it is like I learn something new while chatting with my homegirls. 🥰
Dime Davis interview-wonderful
I subscribed to your podcast because my friend Dime was being interviewed. I love the way you interview and build on what your guest has to say. Your questions are spot on and Dime’s answers so real. Curiosity, compassion and care. I will definitely continue as a listener! Mary Balagia
Soul Soothing Podcast
I throughly enjoy listening to Alex Elle’s awesome podcast! Such honest and real life conversations with guests during every episode! Thank you for sharing! ♥️
Thoughtful and Honest
I recently discovered this podcast but Alex asks such thoughful and intentional questions of her guests. The stories are amazing to listen to. Overall, this is a really great podcast.
Just discovered Alex , her work and this podcast last week. I’ve tuned into a handful of episodes already and enjoying her authenticity, centered-ness and passion for wellness and self growth. Thank you for sharing.
Honest, Real, Beautiful
I have been enjoying this podcast so much. And wow - just listened to June 6 episode. 🔥♥️ Thank you for sharing in this vulnerable and profound way. LOVE it.
Wonderful podcast
I love the premise of this podcast and feel enlightened after each listen! My only complaint would be the audio quality is pretty wonky. It seems like the guests voice will be nice and clear but the hosts voice goes in and out. Besides that, I’d give it 5 stars!
amazing !!
great message here !!! i love this podcast
I am a long-time subscriber and I SO appreciate your message today, June 6. I’m so moved by your passion and your love for us. Much love to you. ❤️❤️
Thank you Alex!
Such eye-opening, genuine conversations in this podcast. I always feel calmer after I listen!
Beautiful, thoughtful podcast
Alex facilitates the sweetest, most intelligent discussions with her guests on this podcast, and also spends time sharing stories about her own life in parenting, work, etc. Thank you, Alex!
Genna Klein
Love, love!
Your podcast is part of my self care! It’s so inspirational and a great resource for women.
Awesome Content!
In love with the helpful content that you consistently share! Thank you for your vision! 💕
Love it!
I just started listening to podcasts, I love the Hey Girl podcast, it’s actually part of my daily routine now to listen to one of the audios everyday, it has definitely helped me see things in a different perspective and made me aware of things. I love it! & highly recommend to any woman that needs inspiration.
Resourceful podcast
This podcast has been a great resource for my mental health and creative practice!
Such a great and refreshing podcast
I love this podcast!
I’ve been listening to your podcast for a while. I stumbled across it at what I feel was the perfect time! I graduated with my Masters of Social Work last spring and as a new therapist, your podcast gave me topics to discuss with my patients. Your style of questioning was also very helpful because I was able to adopt some of the language to use in my practice. I look forward to hearing new episodes because the topics are so relatable and often hit home. I’ve noticed that I’ve followed quite a few of your guest, because they are all so inspiring- and so are you! - Rebekahelaine
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Rebekah Elaine
Hey Girl! Podcast Review
Hey girl Podcast, honestly is everything. I am a college sophomore and have been listening to Alex since my senior year and she has honestly taught me so much about self love, self worth and doing the work. It is so inspiring as a woman of color myself to hear the stories of the women of color she has the show, how they just want to be their best selves. Thank you Alex so much, words cannot describe how grateful I am for this podcast and for you!
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Leaaaaaaah R.
Started my love for podcasts.
Hey, Girl is my favorite thing to listen to in the car. Every story I’m learning something new, learning about someone knew, and just soaking up so much valuable life lessons that I can take with me throughout life. Thank you for this Alex! 💕
Heyyyyyyy Girlllllllllllll💛🌻
ALEX!!! This is genius and such a blessing to me! Thank Youuuu!🥰
Hey girlll,
I’ve recently been trying better ways to cope with my depression. I started looking for podcasts to listen to instead of music that just makes me sadder. I came across a black girl magic thread on twitter of black women to follow, podcast to listen to for daily uplifting. I subscribed to Hey, girl right away and listened to the first episode... I was blown away by how much I could relate. The past year I’ve been trying to figure out what MY self care looks like.. I always tweet “don’t let social media bully you into thinking self care only looks like cute drinks from Starbucks and facial masks” and this podcast reminds me that MY self care is for ME and it can look like what I need it to. I know this review is kind of long but I literally listened all day and was so moved. There was SOMETHING each guest spoke to that resonated with me and made me feel just a little less alone. Alex, if you ever start accepting letters from us to read to your guests and give 1 minute of advice.. I’ll be the first to write in! Thank you for being the voice I needed for so long. Happy self care 🌻
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I feel connected. It’s just that simple. I feel the passion & energy.
GREAT source of education and perspective
I really enjoy the host, the guests, and of course the show itself. Engaging,inspiring, and educational are just a few of the words I'd use to describe this podcast. Alex does a great job at cutting through the clutter and get to what matters.
This podcast IS self-care for me!
I put the kids to bed, have a relaxing soak in the tub and LISTEN! Such inspiration and peace. Thank you!
So nourishing
This is such a nourishing experience—this podcast! My goodness, thank you, Alex. Your warmth and your expression are delightful. Sending love out there ✨
Ashanty Cruz
Must Listen
One of my favorite podcasts! Alex inspired me to start my own podcast and share stories of WOC in my industry. I learn something from every guest on the show! So grateful for this work. ❤️
Rosa O.
Food For The Soul!
I started listening to this podcast at the suggestion of my life coach. She challenged me to listen to something uplifting rather than my usual crime and mystery podcasts. I was VERY skeptical, so it took me about a week to check it out. Once I started listening, I-was-hooked!! Honey, this podcast is like food to my soul. It’s so inspirational to hear stories of woman after woman taking the risks that I thought I was the only one afraid to take! Even further, women taking risks to do things that they have limited to no formal training in, which blows my freaking mind. I have a few passions that I’d be willing to quit my job for, but always thought that I had to be formally trained or no one was going to take me seriously, let alone pay me. But these stories motivate me to just take a chance
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This is a great podcast. Easy, soothing and inspiring!
Hey, Girl
I absolutely love this podcast! It is so necessary! Hey , Girl is a life changer!
Lela Poole
Love it 💜
Love this podcast!!!!!
Refreshing conversations!
I really enjoy the conversations and vulnerability that Alex projects on her show with her guests. I’ve been a fan of Alex and her writings for awhile now so when she created a podcast I just knew it would be just like her writing. With a sweet, and warm audio tone to convey her passions.
Thank you for being rooted in the work & being a light to others.
So helpful
This podcast has really changed the way I think about self-care. Until I listened, really listened to the stories these amazing woman have to tell I was not practicing self-care. As many of us grow and move through life it is so important to be able to learn how to be the best version of yourself and this is a great spot to dive in and learn. I totally recommend.
Omg I’m so excited about this podcast ! I’ve been a fan for so many year when you released your first book. It’s exciting to experience growth with you 😬😬😬
This podcast is unique
As a black women, this podcast speaks truly to me simply from Alex being herself. The positivity and love in this podcast is like no other. This podcast is clearly from Alex’s heart because it is so different from anything else. Thank you for choosing such unique and diverse guests. Thank you for being you.
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