Far From Perfect with Kylie Larson
Far From Perfect with Kylie Larson
Kylie Larson
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Love her perspective
I have found several of her episodes very helpful. I appreciated her tip that you shouldn’t try to start a fat loss phase when you’re life is too busy and stressful.
Great pod!
Super helpful, grounding, filled with great advice for long term - real health. Totally recommend! Not preachy at all - just interesting, motivating and a quick listen!
emma willmann
Incredible Lifestyle/Nutrition podcast
I learn new things in every single episode. If you have been in the health and wellness space for a long time, you’ll find Kylie and her guests sharing the real deal and rock solid info that you can trust. It’s SO good. Great conversations. Trustworthy, valuable nutrition, health, mindset info here.
Such great info!
I love how Kylie presents info! Always useful and applicable to many aspects of life
Always on point
Thx Kylie! Love your guests and your energy!
Do.Not.Stop. sharing the truth and knowledge behind exercising, dieting, and nutrition! I have learned so much from listening to your podcasts! I feel empowered to make better decisions for my body and health than ever before. You make me analyze my past diet mistakes and all the wrong propaganda I have followed for over 20 years in my personal adventure. Thank you!
Like eavesdropping on a conversation
Real talk, great conversation, and diverse topics and guests. This podcast will give you a new perspective and change the trajectory of your journey to your goals TODAY.
I love everything Kylie puts out in the universe. She is raw and real, her message speaks to my heart and the wealth of knowledge she has easily transforms into tangible things you can do right now.