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Your Relationship With Food and Yourself with Stephanie Mara Fox
50 minutes Posted Jan 18, 2022 at 11:47 am.
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Today on Here’s the Deal, I‘m talking with Stephanie Mara Fox. She is a Somatic Nutritional Counselor, which is a body oriented, sensation approach to eating. You learn to listen and observe your body’s eating. A lot of times what your body is missing is safety, we aren’t feeling safe and regulated in our own bodies. We talk about trauma, healing, your internal dialogue, and how to shift your energy. 

We talk about intuitive eating and why it may not be working for you, the internal dialogue that you have with yourself and how that dialogue started and how being preoccupied with your weight is protecting you and why it may feel safer than processing what else may need your attention. 

Stephanie Mara Fox, MA, CMBEC, CHC, CYT, is a Somatic Nutritional Counselor and Mentor with a Master’s Degree in Somatic Psychotherapy. She is the creator of Somatic Eating™, a body-oriented, sensation focused therapeutic approach to eating. She’s supported women, coaches, and wellness professionals all over the world, helping them to heal from disordered eating patterns, emotional eating, chronic dieting, and digestive and body image concerns. She has been working for the past decade to guide women in feeling empowered in their relationship with their food, body, and business, to step into their innate confidence, and go after what they want in life. Stephanie is published in the International Body Psychotherapy Journal, featured in Somatic Psychotherapy Today, VoyageDenver, Elephant Journal, Authority Magazine, and Your Recovery Revealed Summit. She is a teacher at the Institute for the Psychology of Eating and has supervised thousands of Mind Body Eating Coaches.

You can learn more about Stephanie Mara Fox at https://www.stephaniemara.com/

You can take her What Is Your Relationship Status With Food? Quiz here: https://www.stephaniemara.com/foodrelationshipquiz

Book a free 20 minute Connect Call here: https://www.stephaniemara.com/lets-chat

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