Far From Perfect with Kylie Larson
Far From Perfect with Kylie Larson
Kylie Larson
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Learning How to Change with Kasey Orvidas, Ph. D
43 minutes Posted Dec 28, 2021 at 1:09 pm.
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Show notes
Today on Here's the Deal I'm talking with Kasey Orvidas who is 1/2 Psychologist and 1/2 Fitness Coach. We are talking about mindset and how important it is. In your mindset work, you have setbacks, feedbacks, and success, Kasey breaks each one of these down for us. We also discuss stress and self control and how they aren't friends and how they operate at different levels within the brain. A big one we also discuss is your social circle and how it can affect growth. Be aware and accept that you can change your mindset! This is such a great one!
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