Here to Thrive: Tips for a Happier Life | Self Help & Personal Development
Here to Thrive: Tips for a Happier Life | Self Help & Personal Development
Kate Snowise, Self Help
#93. Avoidance - Stop Burying Your Head in the Sand and Face Your Sh*t
19 minutes Posted May 17, 2018 at 11:30 pm.
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Do you have a tendency to want to avoid your problems and pressures, and pretend they're just not there?

But do you know deep-down it's not really doing you any favors?

I want to reassure you that this is such a common response, and I'm talking through WHY we do it, and where many of us have learned the habit.

I'm also running through 5 ways you can start to undo the grip of avoiding your pressures, and start getting shit done.

Because we're that much happier and sleep better when we're not walking around with giant unmanageable weights on our shoulders that we're trying to pretend at that. That takes EFFORT!

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