Here to Thrive: Tips for a Happier Life | Self Help & Personal Development
Here to Thrive: Tips for a Happier Life | Self Help & Personal Development
Kate Snowise, Self Help
#60. Insight Timer p.2: Christopher Plowman, CEO Behind the App
38 minutes Posted Sep 28, 2017 at 11:35 pm.
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Show notes

Christopher Plowman is the CEO at Insight Timer. He however, is not after any attention. He’d rather let the app speak for itself. BUT I got him talking. I wanted to know about the CEO behind the App, so I asked him a bunch of deep and meaningful questions to get to know him better – cause well, that’s what I like to do.

> To download the App, search "Insight Timer" in your App Store <

Here I talk to Christopher about:

  • How he struggles with a daily mediation practice (and understands if you do to)
  • How he believes strongly in the conscious businesses, but how many that claim to be conscious get into a tension with commercialism
  • What Christopher has to say to those who don’t have time to meditate
  • How one of their hopes is to get 1% of the population mediating at the same time, and hit the Maharishi threshold.
  • His thoughts on the importance of mediation and education in dismantling ignorance
  • How some of his greatest growth came from his biggest business failure
  • What his hope is for Insight Timer
  • And his moving yet simple statement on how we can all contribute to a better world

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