Hello, Podcast Here: An Avatar Podcast Party
Hello, Podcast Here: An Avatar Podcast Party
Flameo! Welcome to Hello, Podcast Here: An Avatar Podcast Party. Each week, I’ll be talking about an episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender. I’ve done some research on the episodes, characters, production, and other stuff so I’d be happy to talk about what I know. Join me every Wednesday to talk about what Aang, Katara, Sokka, and the rest of the Gaang are up to! Follow me on instagram @hellopodcasthere and on twitter @atlapodcast, or email me at hellopodcasthere@gmail.com to get in touch! Note: podcast contains spoilers of ATLA and The Legend of Korra
The Waterbending Master
I HATE Pakku in this episode oh my goodness. But, I pity him at the end...sorta. Also how the f did Zuko survive that explosion? Guys, this is my last REAL podcast. Thanks so much to everyone that listened either throughout the entire series or just popped in for an episode or two. Means a lot.  This isn't the end for me! I will be moving the podcast to Twitch at twitch.tv/zukosbikini starting October 24th! I will be doing my live deep dive of The Siege of the North parts I and II with chat and anyone that wants to join in so feel free to follow me there and we can have some funnnnn. Socials are now @zukosbikini both on Twitter and Instagram so feel free to connect with me there :)
Oct 14
1 hr 4 min
The Northern Air Temple
Another air temple? Filled with Fire Nation weapons? What the heck! Listen to this week's episode as we meet the Mechanist and Teo for the first time! And answer the question - is it ok to help bad people to save your family? If you haven't already, follow my Twitch at twitch.tv/zukosbikini - I'm making some big changes to the podcast that involve my Twitch....but listen in to hear more!
Oct 8
55 min
The Deserter
note: the audio has a popping noise here and there due to connection issues :( I love this episode! We learn so much about firebending, healing abilities, and Zhao's weaknesses. Another Zuko-less episode, sad, but we'll see him later on! If you haven't already, join me on my Twitch at zukosbikini where I'll be including some new content for the podcast come Book Two....
Sep 30
53 min
Bato of the Water Tribe ft. Daniel
Another guest on the podcast! Welcome Daniel from Mexico - hear us talk about Bato of the Water Tribe, his experience with Avatar, and everything else! I mean, we get baby Sokka flashbacks, Appa fights, MY GIRL JUNE. Still a good episode, but hear more of my thoughts by listening in! Note: Daniel is a minor and minor consent forms were signed by his father prior to recording.
Sep 23
1 hr 7 min
The Fortuneteller ft. Vatika
Vatika joins me for her favorite episode, The Fortuneteller! Science and reason isn't all that bad right? Hear us talk about the events in this episode and how it relates to what's going on in the world. Also, Kataang!
Sep 16
1 hr 18 min
The Blue Spirit
Who is behind The Blue Spirit mask? Can Sokka earthbend? This is my favorite episode of Book 1 and it was an honor to talk about it. Listen in as I do my deep dives on the Blue Spirit mask, Yuyan Archers, and sucking on frogs! Note: my voice is quite raspy as I woke up not too long before recording :) I am not sick! Maybe I could've used one of those frogs...
Sep 10
1 hr 3 min
The Storm
A storm's comin' Aang, and we best be ready when she does. Ok, that's not from this fandom, but still relates! A beautiful episode that further highlights the parallels between Aang and Zuko. Listen in as I break down my thoughts on their stories as well as my condolences for Chadwick Boseman and his family.
Sep 2
1 hr 11 min
The Great Divide
Ah, The Great Divide. That episode. I promise I made it exciting...by adding my first special guest: Kevin Du! Hear Kevin and I talk about the deeper messages of this episode, quarantine, Black Lives Matter, and more fun things. Oh, and I talk about the actual episode too. ALSO: guest interview was recorded through Zoom so the audio will not match the rest of the episode. Someone was also mowing the lawn right next to my window, and Kevin's chair is squeaky! Tried my best to edit noise out, just letting you know! Disclaimer: All opinions and recommendations were Kevin and mine only - no one paid or told us to say anything nor are we trying to press our opinions or recommendations on anyone. Just using this platform to spread awareness any way we can :)
Aug 26
1 hr 26 min
Sorry for not releasing last week! Was not in the best environment to record. Wanna know my opinion on the Live Action news? Tune in! I’ll also talk about everyone’s favorite bad boy - Jet. Still looking for people to participate in the bonus episodes so contact me if interested :)
Aug 19
1 hr 35 min
The Waterbending Scroll
Sorry for posting late y’all! Had no power or internet. Katara teaches Aang waterbending, but it doesn’t go as planned. Meanwhile, Zuko teams up with some pirates to capture the bald headed monk. We got some Zutara and Kataang moments in this episode! Excited to talk about it.
Aug 6
1 hr 11 min
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