Heddels Blowout
Heddels Blowout
107 - Embrace the Heatwave, Embrace the Inner Slut (Preview)
7 minutes Posted Sep 7, 2022 at 11:18 am.
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Show notes

We discuss the difference between slutty (good) and pervert (bad) fashion behavior. What are the sluttiest sartorial choices you can make? After all, you want people to know you can put it down.

Are we allowed to talk about sex? Who knows - we move on to safer territory, namely camp collar shirts. Are they on their way out and if so, why? Will they go the way of the fedora? We urge prudence before you get rid of anything in your rotation. But isn't this the natural impulse to put camp collars in the closet before layering season comes? We talk failed trips to J. Crew, generally bad retail experiences, Asics, and JJJJJJJound sneakers.

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