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Heddels Blowout
Clothing history...and more!
73 - Rumble in the Bronx (but actually Vancouver) (preview)
To hear the full episode, join Heddels+: http://heddels.plus In the pantheon of classic denim movies, we all know "Rebel Without a Cause", "The Wild One", "The Outsiders", etc. but there's room for one more: the 1996 classic Jackie Chan romp "Rumble in the Bronx". No costumer would take credit for the outfits seen on screen, but there sure are a lot of them. Hear how this little Hong Kong/Canadian production promoted Jackie Chan to worldwide stardom in a sexy union suit.
Dec 20, 2021
4 min
72 - Choking on Boa Fleece
BWOOOMP! BWOOOMP! It's the trend alert sound! We're talking Boa Fleece this week, the retro deep polyester pile that it seems every brand has put out in the last year. We talk it's history, how it's made, and why we think its tufted head is popping up so prominently in this particular moment. We also talk about our most difficult break in experiences and do a product lightning round, including: California Diner Roll Returns: Barns Cozun Sweat Parka Yuks Type 1 Moccasin F OG Brown Alaska Sleeping Bag Viking Safari Jacket Kapital Snowflake Denim Subscribe for more of this at Heddels+, get 10% your Heddels Shop order with code BLOWOUT (look for new Stan Ray and Columbiaknit soon), and email us at blowout@heddels.com call us at ‪(720) 675-7098‬.
Dec 14, 2021
42 min
71 - Shoplift this Episode (teaser)
To hear the full episode, join Heddels+: http://heddels.plus While there were many deals this past week, there were also STEALS! We're of course talking about the shoplifting mania that's sweeping the nation (and how for the most part it doesn't exist). We also discuss our respective Black Friday hauls and remember Virgil Abloh after his untimely passing.
Dec 7, 2021
5 min
70 - What No One Will (Likely) Buy for Us
We've officially entered the holiday shopping season, and if you're like us, very few people in your life know what to buy to satisfy your strange clothing obsession. But that doesn't stop us from dreaming about it! Reed, Albert, and I go over our fantasy holiday wishlists including the following: Anonymous Ism Sweaters Quoddy Ring Boots TCB 40s Jeans And much more! We also answer a listener question on our "desert island" brands. If you have a question or comment, email us at blowout@heddels.com or call us at ‪(720) 675-7098‬. Also, join Heddels+ and visit Heddels Shop, our 20% off everything Black Friday sale runs through Monday 11/29 and we've got new Solovair in the shop!
Nov 27, 2021
50 min
69 - 6,600 Styles of Women's Denim (teaser)
To hear the full episode, join Heddels+: http://heddels.plus We live in an age of unprecedented choice. Whether it's jeans, hair conditioner, or marinara sauce; the western consumer has a skull crushing variety of options to choose from. But is that a good thing? The New York Times seems ambivalent and so are we. We discuss their piece "Is Denim Having an Identity Crisis" as well as Thanksgiving fits, the necessity of shampoo (it's not necessary), and these weird Margaret Howell house socks. Use the code TODAYISNTFRIDAY for an early 20% off everything in the Heddels Shop before our Black Friday sale goes live on Wednesday.
Nov 22, 2021
7 min
68 - Gigatonney Honeys
Clothing production isn't as bad as we thought for the environment! (It's still very bad, though (it's confusing, no one understands all the implications (but we understand even fewer of them (even the metric system)))). What we do know now is that "recycled clothing" is mostly a greenwashed lie and brands that based their entire identity around "this shirt is made of plastic bottles" are going to have to find a new schtick. We also discuss the following: Heimat Knits RRL Ackworth suede jacket William Ellery Join Heddels+, shop at Heddels Shop, email us at blowout@heddels.com, call us at ‪(720) 675-7098‬. Also follow Alden Wicker on Twitter.
Nov 15, 2021
49 min
67 - The Peloton of the Kitchen (teaser)
To hear the full episode, join Heddels+: http://heddels.plus It's the midseason blues and Ralph Lauren's answer to it is letting people dye whatever they want in store. That is also far from the most ridiculous product concept we have today because this is the return of PR Plop! Our series where we dive into the best of the worst of the PR emails we receive. We've got NSFW NFTs, "The Peloton of the Kitchen", virtual clothing and more!
Nov 9, 2021
5 min
66 - (Terrible) Denim Takes the US Senate
It only took a little less than 250 years for denim to go from niche work fabric to presiding over "the world's greatest deliberative body" and we couldn't be more disappointed. We discuss what senator Kyrsten Sinema's denim vest means for dress codes for legislators, leading Reed to go on an extremely niche exploration of what senators would be into what streetwear brands. We also talk about the end of the brand Unis and Albert's experiences at a tiktok influencer party. Plus discussions of: The Real McCoy's MC18122 Waffle Thermal Long John Underwear Black Raleigh Denim Jones OGMP KAPITAL NO. K2109LP102 COW FLEECE PULLOVER Support the show by joining Heddels+ or by visiting the Heddels Shop and using the code BLOWOUT for 10% off your order. Email us at blowout@heddels.com or call us at ‪(720) 675-7098‬.
Nov 1, 2021
44 min
65 - SaksWorkers (teaser)
Listen to the full episode on Heddels+: http://heddels.plus Have you ever had a particularly rough day at work and thought, “You know what would make me feel better? Buying a pair of Ferragamos and a Moncler jacket while on my way to the bathroom.” Well this could soon be your reality! We dig into the transformation of one of the retails most exclusive names into another coworking space. Also discussion of the following: Potent Poten Hats full of Potential Howlin' Pretzel Sweater Whitesville Wool Melton Award Jackets As always 10% off at Heddels Shop with code BLOWOUT, email us at blowout@heddels.com.
Oct 27, 2021
7 min
64 - A Polyester Free Halloween
Americans are poised to spend over $10 billion this Halloween, over a third of that on costumes that will likely hit the dump before the pumpkins rot. Me and Albert and Reed think back on costumes from years past as well as discuss the end of Scott Sternberg's latest clothing brand Entireworld plus answer some reader questions. Product Talk: Blue Blue Japan x Fruit of the Loom Nigel Cabourn x Vans Vault William Gibson x Buzz Rickson’s Fishtail Parka Support the show by joining Heddels+ and visiting the Heddels Shop, 10% with the code BLOWOUT.
Oct 18, 2021
51 min
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