Heddels Blowout
Heddels Blowout
Clothing history...and more!
111 - Mule Talk
On this week’s Blowout… REED’S CORNER IS OFFICIALLY COOKED. Or at least the corner of Birkenstock Boston’s and Able to Buy Whenever. (Spoiler: He blames TikTok.) But because discovery is often generated out of necessity and Bostons are officially Pop Music now, that also means mules are Mainstream™, which has forced — yes, forced — us to investigate some alternative options in the Big Comfort footwear category. And guess what? Alongside oversized everything and a near-extinction event for hard-bottoms, the Mule Market is thriving my guys. Also: We answer some listener questions from the Discord and probably talk about other things, but don’t worry it’s mostly Mules. Links: 3sixteen has these, and are running a roughout now too. ALD is making garden clogs. They look cool. Chillbies (Reed’s favorites and US made!) The Blackstock Ellis/Horsebits Fear of God joints Fancy Boston’s Crocs (you can find them give Google Ads a workout I guess) Subus (Reed maintains that these are mostly just Thermoballs) New Balance 2002R Suicokes The Nepenthes Suite: Easy Mocs Troentorp x Needles Clogs Rhodo Mary Janes ​​What Smoking Slippers Talk About When They Talk About Smoking
Nov 22, 2022
59 min
110 - I Chase, I Don't Attract (Shoes)
Now that Ye is getting himself canceled, what would it take for Pitbull to take over the fashion zeitgeist. We don't think it would be that hard.  Albert reviews Don't Worry Darling and the cool sneakers he saw in the crowd. Reed continues to deprive Albert of his sneaker connections. Albert begs a stranger at a party for shoes. Reed gets every sneaker he ever wants without even trying.  We embed a message to Andrew about Johan's free shoe life. SWEATER TALK - Reed knows a ton about sweaters and owns too many. We discuss the models, details, and fits that we love most. Albert chimes in with some sweatshirt love (more appropriate for his climate). Tennis sweater, cricket sweaters, the only appropriate venue for a v-neck, etc. Loopwheeled vs. cheap sweats. Big raw jeans are in vogue? Unfaded? Cool kids all around seem to be wearing big, stiff jeans - and although Reed and Albert disagree about which shoes look best with them, they agree the look can be cool.  We discuss Ye... even before the latest brouhaha had come out... we have to, right?
Oct 12, 2022
1 hr 4 min
109 - From Tbilisi With Love
Our rock in this ever-changing world, David Shuck, is back for an episode from the road. Our brave traveler (and co-host on hiatus) calls in about Georgian nightlife, bootleg wine, and big news from Patagonia. Enjoy a joyous reunion of all three of the Blowout boys and learn a little bit about what the hipsters in Tbilisi are wearing right now. David admits we were right about our packing suggestions and tells us how he's keeping his grody clothes clean on the road. Everything you wanted to know about cleaning your three pairs of underwear in an Eastern European hotel sink but were afraid to ask.
Oct 4, 2022
47 min
108 - What To Rock on Your First Date!
Albert trauma-dumps, his sister is totally fine now, by the way! Reed and Albert try and figure out how to have fun dressing even during the height of a heat-wave. How to find a good tee - buy from an establishment you like, rob your dad, etc.  The main event - what to wear on a first date! Reed and Albert attempt to set down some ground rules on what to wear on your first dates. How to look comfy and at ease and yet show your date-partner that you actually care. Don't stray too far from the things you normally wear. We run down a few situations that should hopefully help you all in all your dating endeavors! 
Sep 26, 2022
1 hr 1 min
107 - Embrace the Heatwave, Embrace the Inner Slut (Preview)
We discuss the difference between slutty (good) and pervert (bad) fashion behavior. What are the sluttiest sartorial choices you can make? After all, you want people to know you can put it down. Are we allowed to talk about sex? Who knows - we move on to safer territory, namely camp collar shirts. Are they on their way out and if so, why? Will they go the way of the fedora? We urge prudence before you get rid of anything in your rotation. But isn't this the natural impulse to put camp collars in the closet before layering season comes? We talk failed trips to J. Crew, generally bad retail experiences, Asics, and JJJJJJJound sneakers. Hear the full episode on Heddels+
Sep 7, 2022
7 min
106 - Never Go To A Public Jort Meetup
Albert bullies a Love Island-lookin' influencer so bad his wife asks him to stop. Jugglalos are actually sweet people, as sweet as their soda of choice. This week we put our heads together and think about the pieces that have stood the test of time - those well-made classics that transcend trends. Some of these pieces are: The BUZZ RICKSON Chambray workshirt. Orslow Chambray shirt (not workshirt) Vintage Lee Storm Rider TS(S) Reversible Jacket Good Art Curb Chain #1 Necklace Chuck 70s Birk Boston Blundstone's Orslow 105 Sugar Cane 66 and 47 Orslow Regular Fit Fatigue Barena Elastic Waist Trousers Then, if you're still reading, we pitch each other on things we need to buy! The other host decides if it's a keeper or not.
Aug 30, 2022
1 hr 2 min
Episode 105 - We're Not That Much Better Than You
Vogue reports that "-core" has gone the way of "-chic." We try to recall the history of the whole "-core" thing from Normcore in the 20-teens to blokecore this year. But.... It's done! Passé! No more! It's not cool to just tack on "core" to shit anymore! Reed was a genius and anticipated this change a mile off - so we use his mind and Albert's less-genius mind to anticipate what's coming up this Fall. We bemoan the weirdness of Merz B. Schwanen tees and get stoked for things to come.
Aug 22, 2022
41 min
104 - Everything That's Old Is Still Old (Preview)
David updates us from the road and lets us know he had to abandon pretty much all his cold weather gear in the face of a record-breaking heatwave. Albert and "the Lovely Reed" discuss the science of uniform dressing and whether or not we have our own uniforms. Because after all, isn't finding a uniform an art in and of itself? As long, of course, as you're not doing it for "grind-set" reasons. Many stylish people spend their lives in search of that perfect outfit and some of them actually find it! We talk about the Nike Cortez and wonder if innovation is still possible in an era when so much energy (and money) seems to be directed to the catalogs and archives, and we do a very brief run-down on the history of South Korean fashion. Enjoy! Hear the full episode on Heddels+: http://heddels.plus
Aug 9, 2022
5 min
103 - All My Homies Wear Giant Fit
David chimes in from the road, which we don't quite respond to. Albert and Reed spend their morning hashing through the new J. Crew and how best to market a new brand to someone. Here is a link to the J.Crew Fall 2022 lookbook, the first collection spearheaded by Brendon Babenzien. We've been waiting for it and here it is. If you want to see what the old, old J.Crew looked like, we'd recommend @lostjcrew on Instagram. We discuss Mall fashions, democratizing style, and how to stand out when everyone you know is wearing the Giant Fit chinos.
Aug 1, 2022
50 min
102 - From Funnel Cake to Folies Bergère (Preview)
Hear the full episode on Heddels+: http://heddels.plus Reed and Albert delve back into the world of carny-core with some advice on jort-ifying your jeans, what we liked at Paris Fashion Week, and what the new "heritage" is.
Jul 21, 2022
6 min
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