Heddels Blowout
Heddels Blowout
Clothing history...and more!
44 - Where Have All the Malls Gone?
David waxes on about a recent trip to the mall and the future of retail, Albert discusses his new New Balance plug and a Saint Christopher medal, and Reed scored some ts(s). All that and more on this week's Blowout. If you like this episode and want to support the show, join Heddels+ for more episodes, exclusive discounts, and bi-weekly giveaways.
Jun 19
58 min
43 - Cotton Tracing with Blake Ulves of Sewn West
Do you know where your cotton came from? Probably not as the world of cotton buyers and sellers is about as murky as it gets. Blake Ulves, a clothing production vet who's made knits for the biggest retailers on the market talks to us about his new t-shirt project Sewn West, which represents his uncompromising idea of what a tee (and cotton) can be. Visit https://www.sewnwest.com/ for 15% off with promo code SWHEDDELS15 valid thru June 30, 2021. And support our show by becoming a Heddels+ member for more discounts, giveaways, and episodes like this one.
Jun 7
44 min
42 - Albert Owns the Concept of Pants (teaser)
Access the full episode by joining Heddels+: https://www.heddels.com/join-heddels-plus/ You can own pants, but can you own all pants? Albert apparently does as he was recently gifted an NFT of the entire concept of pants as a whole. Listen to our uneducated discussions of NFTs, and our slightly more educated discussions of Converse potentially ripping off a potential intern, Etsy buying Depop, if Guayabera shirts are something appropriative, and how we don't recognize a Paul Newman t-shirt when we see one.
Jun 4
3 min
41 - The 15 Legal Haircuts of North Korea
Albert and David discuss North Korea's ban on denim and mullets and how it relates to denim behind the Iron Curtain in the Cold War as well as the reclaimed styles of French imperialism, long socks, and a breakdown of irregular denim. If you like this episode, be sure to join Heddels+ for discounts, giveaways, and more episodes. Also, here's our old piece on denim in the Soviet Union: https://www.heddels.com/2014/09/soviet-denim-smuggling-history-jeans-behind-iron-curtain/
May 31
35 min
40 - It's Apparently 501 Day? (teaser)
To listen to the full episode, join at http://heddels.plus Yes, I know Levi's got the patent on May 20, but they didn't even call it the 501 for like 20 years later. It doesn't make any sense. Aside from that, we chat about Nick Wooster's new NFT, Brendan Babenzien's move to J.Crew, weird shorts, and our personal history of mask usage in the past year. If you want to support brands and artisans in Palestine, you can do so here: https://www.palestine-studies.org/en/node/1651034 If you want to support this show, join Heddels+ for more episodes, written content, and exclusive giveaways and discounts, including 20% all the new Corridor NYC that's now available in the Heddels Shop.
May 21
4 min
39 - The Shoes of Summer
The weather is warm, masks are coming off, toes are coming out. David, Reed, and Albert discuss inexplicable English text on Japanese t-shirts, the possible comeback of Evisu, and the complexities of warm weather footwear. Plus Albert has an update on the abuse story at the Colorado franchises of vintage retailer Buffalo Exchange. Join Heddels+ for more episodes, exclusive discounts and giveaways, and our discord forum.
May 17
43 min
38 - The Denim of Dogs
As much as we love to dress ourselves, we love to dress our pets even more. James and Reed discuss all the clothes and accessories, some from our favorite brands, and their canine equivalents.
May 13
27 min
UNLOCKED - The Denim Cult of Tony Alamo
Unlocked from our Heddels+ Blowout feed, the middle part of a Venn diagram that includes denim jackets, cults, and rampant abuse. We’re talking about Tony Alamo, and yes that’s spelled like Alamo as in “remember the” but it’s pronounced like Alamo. Regardless, he was about as despicable a human being as they come. From the late 60s onward, he ran a religious cult that separated families, forced people to work without pay, beat and sexually abused children, tried to summon people from the dead...and made some pretty cool rhinestone denim jackets. These jackets were extremely popular, you could see them on the backs of everyone from Mr. T, Sonny Bono, Michael Jackson, Burt Reynolds, and Dolly Parton. So today we’re going inside the Tony Alamo of Nashville fashion label and inside the Tony Alamo Ministries cult as we dig up this denim crime story.
May 2
36 min
36 - Canada's Shameful Denim Jacket Olympics
The Canadian Olympic team announced their outfits this week and their closing ceremony jacket is a doozy. David, Reed, and Albert Muzquiz discuss that as well as the Met Gala's "American Fashion" theme, the benefits of Kapital basics, the new Aime Leon Dore New Balances, Albert's article on blazers, as well as ripping into a Federalist essay that claims overseas sweatshops are for girlbosses. If you like this show and want more of it, or just want to support us, join Heddels+ today. It comes with an Blowout extra episode every week, more Heddels content, exclusive discounts and giveaways, and a chat forum—all starting at $5. Use the code EXTRABLOWOUT for your first month free. Also you can check out Albert's piece on blazers here: https://www.heddels.com/2021/04/blazers-not-just-nerds/
Apr 15
44 min
35 - Flight Jacket History 2; Aces of WWI
In our last episode we talked about the earliest experiments of humans with aviation, which mostly included people covering themselves with feathers and jumping off of tall buildings. However, that lineage eventually got us to the Wright Brothers, who pioneered the first powered flight in 1903. They sold the first plane to the United States Army in 1909, but that would be far from the last plane bought by a military. Soon, every powerful nation on the face of the planet would be buying planes by the thousands, and also, of course, buying jackets for the people who flew them. In this episode we cover World War One and how it launched aviation and the associated apparel into completely new territory. If you want to support the show, please join Heddels+ for more episodes, giveaways, discounts, and more! Citations: “Boots, Aviator's 'Fug' Boots: RFC.” Imperial War Museums, www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/30016195. TheGreatWar, director. Fight For Air Supremacy - Bloody April 1917 I THE GREAT WAR Special Feat. Real Engineering. YouTube, YouTube, 29 Apr. 2017, www.youtube.com/watch?v=RfMY1j4wXak&t=312s. “World War I.” Ducksters, www.ducksters.com/history/world_war_i/aviation_and_aircraft_of_ww1.php. “WW1 Aircraft of 1914.” Military Factory - Global Defense Reference, www.militaryfactory.com/aircraft/ww1-airplanes-1914.asp.
Apr 12
28 min
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