Heavily Pixelated
Heavily Pixelated
#26 HTFG: Sarah
1 hour 3 minutes Posted May 29, 2020 at 11:15 am.
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Sarah Dietrich is Scott’s guest on HTFG. Sarah D. and her husband, Dave, were guests on S1: E5 of Heavily Pixelated, where they shared a painfully honest and super sad story. In fact, before you listen to today’s episode, you might want to listen to Sarah’s first appearance for context. You should bring some Kleenex with you. http://scottcjones.com/blog/?page_id=3473

How do S. & D. work from home, and tend to their two kids, and play video games all in the same day? Sarah offers parenting PRO TIPS for people like herself and Dave who are in the same (often poop-filled) boat.

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Yes, this is DAVE, Sarah’s husband, standing next to the tombstone that Sarah left for him on their island in Animal Crossing. (Just look at the WHAAAAA? look on Dave’s face.) (It’s official: You’ve been pranked again, Dave!) (Sick burn, right?)

Sarah D. has been “buying” all of K.K. Slider’s albums in Animal Crossing, hoping the large-headed hound will eventually perform a live show in her village. No autographs, please!

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