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We are hopeless animal lovers, who want to share our experience and knowledge with you, for the betterment of your animals’ lives. We focus on health, nutrition, behavior, and ideas for overall well-being and happiness. Twice a month, we bring you guest experts, advice, and commentary, and a lot of fun and laughter!
120: Is a Miniature Horse Right for You, Doggie Diarrhea, by Biostar US
We discuss the pros and cons of adding a miniature horse to your life, Tigger offers some advice for helping dogs with diarrhea, Critter Nutrition focuses on stress busting for humans, and in coffee klatch we ask which Harry Potter character best...
Oct 25
55 min
119: Underestimated Mares, Ragdoll Cats, and Overweight Dogs
On today's show we ask why mares are often underestimated, breed of the show is the rag doll cat, in critter nutrition we offer tips for the overweight dog and in coffee klatch we ask If Your Horse or Dog was a Human, What Would be His or Her Favorite...
Oct 10
52 min
118: Harvest Clean Good for the Soul, Which Calming Formula and When, Kids and Dogs by Biostar US
We chat with Tawana Weicker from Harvest Clean soaps and shampoos, we learn how to introduce dogs to infants and small children, in Critter nutrition we review which equine calmer to use when, in coffee klatch we ask: if your dog or cat could read a...
Sep 25
56 min
117: Tips for Training and Riding, Hamsters, New Probiotics, and Fashionistas by Biostar US
We share our favorite training and riding tips, the breed of the show is the hamster, critter nutrition focuses is the next generation of probiotics, and in coffee klatch we ask if your dog or horse was a fashionista what would he she or wear? Listen...
Sep 10
46 min
116: Don't Annoy Your Farrier, Man O' War Fun Facts, Dog Food Review, by Biostar US
We share tips on how not to irritate or annoy your farrier, in our new Critter Corner we share fun facts about the great Thoroughbred Man O War, in Critter Nutrition we review 3 new dog foods, and in Coffee Klatch we share our favorite cartoon animal...
Aug 25
59 min
115:  Ayurveda to Help Animals & Humans, Dogs Who Are Afraid of Thunder, Soil Micro-Organisms, by Biostar US
We talk with Lizzy Meyer, an intuitive health consultant for dogs and horses, about using various Ayurvedic oil combinations, we have some suggestions for helping dogs who are afraid of Thunderstorms, in Critter Nutrition we focus on soil...
Aug 9
1 hr 10 min
114:  Should Horses Wear Shoes, Electrolyte Sources for Horses, Lyme Disease, Canine Advice
We discuss when to shoe and when not to shoe a horse, Tigipedia focuses on differences between electrolyte supplements, table salt and sea salt.  In Critter Nutrition we look at Lymes disease, and in Coffee Klatch we ask: if your dog could give you...
Jul 25
43 min
113: Tips for Staying Cool in Summer, Hedgehogs, New Equine Ulcer Formula by Biostar US
We share tips for staying cool this summer, the critter of the show is hedgehog, in Critter Nutrition we focus on Biostar's new ulcer formulas, and in Coffee Klatch we ask if your dog was a professional athlete who would he or she be?Co-Hosts:  Tigger...
Jul 10
59 min
Healthy Critters112:  Creating a More Diverse Equestrian Community, Astaxanthin, Bygone Trends, by Biostar US
We share ideas on how to increase diversity in the equestrian community, in critter nutrition we focus on the super antioxidant Astaxanthin, and in coffee klatch we share the trends, equestrian and otherwise, we are glad are over.Co-Hosts:  Tigger...
Jun 24
49 min
Healthy Critters 111:  Barn Tasks Made Easier, Hot Weather Recovery, Tendon Boots vs. Polo Wraps, by Biostar US
We share tips on common barn tasks, we discuss polo wraps and tendon boots, in Critter Nutrition we address Summertime Recovery for horses and in coffee klatch we ask: which Disney character does your dog remind you of?Link to Sound File for Sight...
Jun 10
52 min
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