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James McVey - 'Crying is something I have got a lot more used to doing'
36 minutes Posted Nov 8, 2023 at 5:46 am.
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Show notes

Season 10 Episode 2: James McVey.

James was made famous through the enormous heights of The Vamps. During his time in The Vamps, as well as in his younger years, he struggled with his identity and notably with what he was eating. James discusses his mental health and experiences from the beginning as well as his tough time this year where he might never have sung again. We chatted about therapy, crying, support networks and lots more.

James has written a fantastic EP titled 'Manabi' which translates as “learning through study” and that’s an apt summary of James’ journey throughout its creation - a process of self-discovery which, in turn, led to previously uncharted angles to his songwriting.

The EP is raw and emotional, something that has been truly captured in both the music and lyrics.


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