HDBuzzCast is the official podcast of HDBuzz. HDBuzzCast brings you the hottest news about Huntington's disease research from around the world. Presented by Dr Ed Wild in the UK and Dr Jeff Carroll in the USA, each episode focuses on a research paper, press release, interview or highlights from a scientific conference. No specialist knowledge is required - we explain everything from scratch, and then help you understand what the science really means for families impacted by Huntington's disease. HDBuzz is a registered non-profit charity (UK Charity Commission No. 1142040).
A Freedom Tower on Chromosome Five
Exclusive HDBuzz interview with Prof Lesley Jones (Cardiff University) and Prof Sarah Tabrizi (University College London) about their new paper describing a 'genetic modifier' for Huntington's disease.
Jun 28, 2017
27 min
Ask the scientists anything! Live from the HDSA convention 2016
Jeff and Ed present a live recording of their 'ask the scientists anything' session from the 2016 HDSA Convention. Apologies for the less-than-perfect audio quality - we hope you agree the science Q&A makes up for it!
Jun 28, 2016
1 hr 1 min
The best time to plant a tree - live from the 2016 HDSA Convention
Jeff and Ed present a live recording of their 2016 research update at the 2016 Huntington's Disease Society of America Convention in Baltimore, entitled "The Best Time to Plant a Tree", including updates on the Teva Pride-HD and Legato studies, Pfizer's Amaryllis study, and Ionis Pharmaceuticals' HTTRx 'gene silencing' trial.
Jun 11, 2016
57 min
Get Behind the Bus - Jeff & Ed at the HDSA Convention 2015
A special edition presenting the audio recording of Jeff Carroll and Ed Wild's Research Forum presentation at the Huntington's Disease Society of America Annual Convention in Dallas in June 2015 - entitled 'Get Behind the Bus'. Big reasons to have hope, and the latest from drug research and clinical trials across the world.
Jul 4, 2015
55 min
2015 Huntington's Disease Therapeutics Conference and taking part in trials
Dr Jeff Carroll and Dr Ed Wild select their personal highlights from the 2015 HD Therapeutics Conference in February, including encouraging updates on several 'flavors' of gene silencing drug, and new ways of sharing hot-off-the-press data. Plus, we highlight some ways of finding out what trials you can volunteer for, and suggestions of what to do if you're keen but not suitable for any trials right now. Websites we mention: http://chdifoundation.org (CHDI Foundation) - https://www.hdinhd.org (HD in HD) - http://hdsa.org (HD Society of America) - http://enroll-hd.org (ENROLL-HD).
May 12, 2015
21 min
Creatine and coenzyme Q10, trials that finish early, supplements, and getting involved
Dr Jeff Carroll and Dr Ed Wild discuss the two large clinical trials (CREST-E and 2CARE) that were both recently halted early after 'futility' analyses. What does this mean for nutritional supplements in HD, and what hope is left for future clinical trials? (Spoiler alert: it's lots!) Plus, we discuss how to volunteer for trials, and lift the lid on the secret of our bespoke HDBuzzCast music (shout out to Philip Venables - http://philipvenables.com).
Nov 26, 2014
30 min
Huntington's disease clinical trials news, including the first 'huntingtin lowering' trial
Welcome to HDBuzzCast, the official podcast of HDBuzz! In this inaugural episode, Dr Ed Wild and Dr Jeff Carroll introduce HDBuzzCast and talk about the five new clinical trials enrolling now or starting soon for Huntington's disease. Plus, a detailed discussion of the eagerly-awaited clinical trial of the first 'huntingtin lowering' drug to be tested in Huntington's diease. Called HTT-Rx, the drug is an antisense oligonucleotide developed by Isis Pharmaceuticals Inc. If you have questions about any aspect of HD research, send them to podcast@hdbuzz.net.
Oct 26, 2014
26 min
Announcing HDBuzzCast... Coming soon!
Introducing HDBuzzCast, the official podcast of HDBuzz. Huntington’s disease research news, in plain language. The first full episode will be released in a couple of weeks! Subscribe at http://hdbuzz.net/podcast
Sep 29, 2014
1 min