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Love the show. Jennifer and Jack are always intentional with their guests and use them to provide historical context for a variety of topics. Great work!
Thoughtful & Entertaining
Always impressed with the rigor with with Jennifer and Jack approach topics. The scholars they have on the show are some of the best experts we have. Also, they often (actually) make me laugh.
Understanding the Politics of Public Education
Education and the politics of public education are big issues for me so it won’t surprise you that I’m recommending the podcast Have You Heard? Journalist Jennifer Berkshire (formerly EduShyster) and education historian Jack Schneider discuss the hot button topics of market based education solutions and the real world effects they have on students and communities. Episodes are short and released infrequently but pack a powerful punch. While waiting for the next episode, make sure to read Berkshire’s blog, also called Have You Heard? Berkshire and Schneider have also recently published a book called Wolf at the Schoolhouse Door which is worth reading if you're interested in more. (My only nitpick is that I really dislike the theme music).
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Wonderfully Thought-Provoking
This show explores educational philosophy and policy with unrivaled depth and perspective. Every episode fully explores a topic and will get you thinking, perhaps challenging some of your most deeply-held beliefs about schools. It aligns perfectly with my political beliefs, but if you’re in the “education as a marketplace” ideology, this will not be your cup of tea.
Must listen for parents and educators
Shocking and important. Education is under attack in ways we are not aware of - until Jennifer and Jack bring awareness. We need to wake up, organize and save public education.
Love this show
Smart and engaging. One of the best podcasts I’ve come across & I’m not even interested in education!
Context & Quality Content
This is an excellent podcast. Jennifer and Jack do a fantastic job contextualizing the most prescient educational issues facing modern American education. I have recommended this podcast to friends, family, and colleagues, and not all are educators; however, all are impacted by the systems of education that this show digs into. Give it a listen!
Wide-ranging yet Specific!
I’m always surprised by the wide range of issues and topics covered each week, yet the thoroughness of their research and understanding. They don’t simply regurgitate headlines or points you’d see elsewhere, they bring unique insights which I’m not otherwise exposed to. I’m not a big fan of the banter between Jack and Jennifer, but this podcast is so educational I have to keep listening!
Nuanced and accessible!
As a education researcher, I am continuously impressed with how nuanced and accessible Jack and Jennifer’s explanations and interviews are.
Helping A Parent Make Sense Of It All
Have You Heard has been a tremendous resource for this curious parent who has a kindergartner entering Denver Public Schools next year. These podcasts have made a tremendous impact in my ability to get understand the current state of Education! Highly recommend for all parents. Thanks Jack and Jennifer!! (Notice Jack names first, because, you know, #Equity)
The best Ed podcast out there
I always learn so much by listening to Jennifer Berkshire & Jack Schneider as they apply a skeptics guide to US education reform. They tackle serious topics with warmth and a sense of humor. One of my favorite moments was after they interviewed Michelle Rhee and then gave their interview a performance evaluation. Highly recommend!
Future PhD student
Have You Heard is exactly the Education podcast I was looking for when I went searching over a year ago. It’s a great way to broaden my understanding of what research is currently being conducted in Ed and provides a look into different school systems across the state. I’m about to go for my PhD to conduct research of my own on teacher education and I have dreamt of challenging the traditional standards for academic research by presenting research through a more accessible platform such as a podcast. Listening to Jennifer and Jack has been truly inspiring. If I have one complaint it’s that my reading list is getting overwhelmingly long but I suppose that’s a good problem to have.
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As a teacher and someone who researches education, I LOVE this podcast. Both intellectual and fun, this podcast covers the right education issues.
Educational and Entertaining!
As an educator, I am thrilled to have this podcast to help me understand educational policy and history. As a citizen, I urge every human to listen to every episode. This is a guide for why things are the way they are, and how we might be able to make them better!
Kiki Rickson
Great for scholars and the public
Really engaging with just the right amount of research vs opinion/anecdotes. Don’t know of anything else like it out there for people interested in improving education policy.
Education phd student
So Thought-Provoking!
This series is extremely diverse in its range of topics in education policy! All the episodes open your mind to something new, and they always have awesome guests that continue to bring fresh, expert perspectives.
Critical listening
Quick, information dense, and a pleasure to listen to. I always learn something. Great for political scientists, social scientists, historians, educators, and anyone interested in these fields.
Love it
Smart. Entertaining. Banter, with love. Recognition of context and history. Wit. Informative. Fairly humble. Self-aware. Timely. Morally motivated. What's not to like? I wish I'd discovered it long ago. But now that I've binged, I am sorry that they can only produce so many of them a month.
PhD Student
This is great podcast which actually talks about issues in education in a sophisticated way, unlike much of the other reformy nonsense out there. Plus Jennifer is hilarious, and Jack Schneider has been a great addition! Keep up the good work!
Ajay Srikanth
Smart, fun, and most importantly, needed
I discovered the Have You Heard podcast this past year, and man, is it ever the best thing I regularly listen to about education (I put it even above Educate, APM's longstanding ed documentary podcast). I have an PhD in education myself, and I learn something new and useful every week. The hosts not only have deep knowledge of the American education system, they also have clear critiques of how it’s been alternately coopted and systematically dismantled by capital. Their eyes are open about what “reform” is about in this country. I hope going into this next season we hear more about what it means to fight back against the corporate agenda and actually move the needle with and for disinvested and marginalized communities.
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Great podcast for educators or anyone interested in education
Consistently high-quality, engaging takes on the big issues in education. Charming, intelligent hosts and knowledgeable guests.
I Need More
I binge listened to all the episodes. I need more Have You Heard. Great podcast. Knowledgeable hosts. They always provide lots of historical context to modern debates. They try to understand opposing views and see through the eyes of others.
Truth teller in a sea of alternative facts
I rely on this podcast to cut through the enormity of propaganda BS out there, from corporate agendas to pro-authoritarian government to partisan politics to K-Street lobbyists. So grateful I managed to find it.
Indispensable for understanding what THEY want to do to our schools.
This is a great podcast if you want more information about the current threat to public education in America.
Awesome podcast!
This podcast gives an insight structure on policy that impact schools and organizations today. These are often things about systems and structures that every day people don't understand. Knowledge is power! Thank you for this podcast and being such strong advocates for public education.
Mary Field
Great podcast!
Thank you for sharing relevant topics for both educators and community members to be in the know about what is impacting our schools today.
Not Just for Educators
This is the best pod on education that exists. I would recommend this not just to educators, but to everyone interested in education.
Excellent podcast! Jennifer and Jack do an incredible job of making the most complex issues in education policy accessible to the average citizen. They are true public servants. Please listen and help to spread the word!
Loving this podcast as my interest in education inequality is growing. I love all the subtopics that they’ve included and look forward to future topics. I think the historical perspective is critical in understanding today’s issues. Awesome podcast!
A "Must" for Any American to Listen to
Have You Heard is a podcast that educates and enlightens its listeners. Host Jennifer Berkshire brings in historians, researchers, and scholars to present their work in an accessible way. Every episode has given me a new realization about what is really going on in education--and some episodes upended my own understandings of history, like the one with historian Richard Rothstein, author of the The Color of Law. Whether you are a teacher, a parent, or a citizen who cares about preserving American democracy, you must listen.
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Joel T. Patterson
If you are an education policy nerd, this is for you!
Extremely informative and balanced reporting of the major education policies (and their complex histories) confronting our nation today.
Pamela Kopsiaftis
Concise, Wide-Reaching and Engoyable
A very good podcast to listen to if you want to stay on top of current American educational news and trends. The hosts are engaging and they always have great guests. They do a very good job pulling topics and guests from all over the country and the educational system.
Great podcast
This is such an excellent and informative podcast that offers an alternative reform voice. Great topics, great hosts, and great guests! Sometimes the skepticism can verge on the cynical but it's worth 45m of my life every week, for sure.
History, Current Events, and so much more
Have You Heard is a podcast I look forward to. The current status of education is discussed in a multitude of ways. I find that Jennifer Berkshire and Jack Schneider do a great job of discussing facts that are relevant to our current climate, but also the historical events that took place to get us here. I find Scheider's "Time Machine" segment to be information, but also eye opening - there was so much I didn't know. Current climates in education make topics like "Edvertising", "What Have All the Black Teachers Gone", and the like become the forefront of conversations. I have found myself challenged by the conversations, enlightened by the guests, and a nerd. This is a great motivator to improve your education practice, understand the history behind some practices, and discusses topics that are in the present and future of education.
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Smart people talking about essential issues
Exactly what's needed in this age of spin and alternative facts. Definitely takes a liberal bent to all issues, but they don't shy away from having people on who disagree with them. Great stuff.
Now Hear This: Have You Heard Is Great.
I have heard 'Have You Heard' and hear me now: it's terrific. Informative and entertaining, the conversations are useful for education professionals and laypeople (like me) alike.
Thought-provoking and really entertaining
Podcast was recommended to me by a friend in education. It's only an area of interest for me but this podcast has hooked me. Super funny, really insightful and totally topical. Really like the hosts' dynamic. Makes for a fun listen - mostly in layman terms - even while tackling difficult topics.
Approachable and informative
I'm a teacher who doesn't know much about the big picture of education and education history, and I appreciate the way these two make it approachable and engaging. I do want a Time Machine sound effect, though.
Best Podcast I've Ever Co-Hosted
I've never co-hosted any other podcast. That said, this is the best podcast -- by far -- that I have ever co-hosted. Each time I listen to this podcast, I think: "wow...that sounds a lot more professional than it did when we recorded it." And then I realize that Jennifer and our producer are putting in lots of hours to make me sound smarter than I actually am. The episodes turn out so well, that I actually forget I'm listening to myself.
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Jack Schneider
Must listen edu podcast
If you care about the major education issues, policies, and debates of our time then you need to listen to this podcast. Though there are many edu-podcasts out there, none of them come close to matching the level of insight (or wit) of 'Have You Heard'. Give it a listen and you won't be disappointed.
Essential for understanding Ed politics
Probably the best podcast on education that I've listened to and that's out there.
Kombiz Lavasany
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