Haute Takes
Haute Takes
Julia Seelig & Madison Kahn
Haute Takes Pod is a weekly fashion podcast co-hosted by Jules Seelig and Madi Kahn, two New York natives trying to navigate the fashion industry’s twists and turns. As recent college grads, with impressive resumes, the gals thought they had it all figured out when they landed positions at Macy’s Corporate. Little did they know 2020 was #canceled, the fashion industry would go through upheaval, and, well, they were F*&#$%. Used to turning to fashion as a way to deal with their emotions--I mean what heals better than a new pair of heels--the two took to...podcasting? But seriously, the coworkers turned bffs hope #HauteTakesPod will be a place they can talk candidly about their experiences, connect with those going through similar struggles, and learn from and inspire their listeners. Follow them on Instagram @hautetakespod, and get involved by DMing your #HauteTakes. Email them at julesandmadi@hautetakespod.com. Also, shout out to @_bdesigns for designing their graphics and @keyonmusic for their intro tune.
When Your Job Is Your Passion With Ingrid Milman Cordy
The girls are talking digital this week with e-commerce expert Ingrid Milman Cordy. From Goldman Sachs to Esteè Lauder, Ingrid has developed digital platforms across industries. She's held positions high and low and has worked for agencies as well as...
Sep 3
1 hr 2 min
From Sneaking Into Shows to Shooting the Stars with Nick DeLeito
This week on Haute Takes, Fashion Photographer Nick DeLeito talks to Jules and Madi about his work and gossips with the girls about major career moments--think Givenchy photoshoots in France. Nick got his "breakthrough" start after sneaking into runway...
Aug 18
1 hr 8 min
Going After It with Mariko Ichikawa
On this week's episode, Jules and Madi chat with the fabulous Mariko Ichikawa, buyer-turned-designer. Mariko graduated from Penn and began her career in product development at Macy's (sound familiar?), soon becoming a buyer in the home department at...
Aug 4
58 min
Social Media Savvy with Zoe Nochlin
On this week’s episode, Jules and Madi chat with Zoe Nochlin, social media associate manager at rag & bone. Zoe has always used fashion as a way to express herself. After college, she extended her bold choices from her closet to her career, using...
Jul 21
53 min
New (old) jobs, who dis?
On this week’s episode, Jules and Madi get real about organization, communication, and activism. Having both gotten their jobs back at Macy’s, they chat about how to manage a corporate job with a side hustle, and most importantly, how to make time for...
Jul 14
31 min
Editorial to Entrepreneur--a conversation with Cary Leitzes
In this episode, Jules and Madi chat with Cary Leitzes, founder and president of LEITZES&CO. At just 27, Cary became the Director of Photography at Harper’s Bazaar before going on to start her own creative agency, LEITZES&CO, that bridges the...
Jul 7
45 min
Let's Talk College Influencers with Janie Smukler
In this episode, Jules and Madi get real with 28 Row Founder Janie Smukler about what it’s like to start an influencer marketing company and work with college influencers. Janie worked as an assistant for Cindy Krupp, the founder and president of Krupp...
Jun 30
42 min
How to Succeed in #Bossness with Lauren Della Porta
In this episode, Jules and Madi chat with Senior Manager of Partnerships and Business Development at Saks Fifth Avenue, Lauren Della Porta. Lauren got her first job out of college at the now-cult-favorite Rent the Runway when it was just a startup. Now,...
Jun 23
40 min
How to Turn Your Blog Into a Business with Lifestyle Blogger, Caitlyn Chase
In this episode, Jules and Madi sit down with internationally awarded blogger and businesswoman Caitlyn Chase. Since starting her fashion blog Caviar & Cashmere in 2011, Caitlyn has monetized its success, launching multiple entrepreneurial pursuits...
Jun 16
35 min
Bonding with Gen Z Tech Entrepreneur, Madison Semarjian
In this episode, Jules and Madi talk to Madison Semarjian, the 22-year-old founder of Mada: a new smartphone app harnessing AI, machine learning, and a special human touch to offer a highly personalized shopping experience. She came up with the idea...
Jun 11
37 min
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