Harry Potter and the Sacred Text
Harry Potter and the Sacred Text
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Love it
Just discovered this podcast and I absolutely love it!
Warm & fuzzy
This podcast is inspiring, thought provoking, cozy, and hilarious. I love all of it.
Matt, you’re the best
I just began listening with the start of the second read-through. I have so enjoyed the way this podcast is not just something I listen and laugh to, but also an invitation to think and feel deeply for myself. I am a Japanese American who continues to wrestle with how that informs my identity, and I am a christian who got his BA in religious studies. Seeing much of myself reflected in Matt has been a new and uniquely empowering experience. Thank you all, so much, for what you do and for sharing your thoughts from a most fantastic book series. I can’t wait to find more to embrace, disagree with, and turn over and over in the rock tumbler of my mind. Cheers, Jacob
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Such a fantastic podcast
I was nervous when Casper was leaving, simply because change is hard and this show is such a comfort to me, however I shouldn’t have been nervous at all. All of the things I loved about this show have continued, it challenges me to reflect, it helps me organize my thoughts and understand my emotions, and it’s a comfort when I’m going through a hard time. Matt brings such wisdom and fun and helps to add even more new twists to a story I’ve heard a thousand times. My one recommendation would be fake it till you make it Matt! Gotta stop doubting yourself with the 30 second recap. Casper was also never very good at the recap so he just somewhat reinvented it to something he enjoyed. We get the recap from Vanessa and you can bring whatever you’d like to the table. No one will be upset with an even fuller table. Also just a reminder, I think about 98% of your listeners have read this story about 6 times, it’s not a big deal if you miss something lol
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A Light Within the Darkness
Thank you for such a magical/ mystical experience. Through the Harry Potter books, the hosts have made me reflect on who I am and where to continue my journey even within the darkness of the pandemic. Your voices have become my companions as I drive and reflect upon life.
India's Dream
More than I could have expected!
I am a 30 year old man who read the books through OoTP as a kid, and decided recently to re-read #1-5 and experience #6-7 for the first time (at last). After finishing Goblet this past week, I was looking for a podcast to help me digest and break down the intense ending to the fourth book. Reading those last handful of chapters was the most emotionally moved I have been so far in my re-read. I found another pod that satiated my thirst for end of Goblet discussion, but found the hosts too pretentious to continue listening into OoTP. That’s when I found Sacred Text, and I am so glad I did! Vanessa and Casper have gone above and beyond what I could have hoped for in regards to critical analysis of the books. They are thoughtful, funny (at the right times), and clearly well educated and experience in this sort of literary review. It’s been a pleasure listening so far, and I am so happy to have this new companion travel with me the rest of the way to the finish!
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Tha Process
A Comforting listen!
This podcast has brought me so much comfort during the pandemic. I loved it with Casper and Vanessa and am now enjoying all of Matt’s wonderful insights. I appreciate his perspective and contributions to the discussion. Thanks team for getting me back into close reading!
Wonderful Podcast
This podcast has brought me great comfort in the last few months. 💕
Nathalia Rose
Thank you!
I am a better person because of this podcast.
Great Podcast
Providers of nutritious brain food that our world needs! Great job!
good carpet
Loving Matt’s perspective 2nd time thru books
My college aged daughter and I both listen to the podcast and adore the new co-host Matt who previously was a guest host. He is wise and speaks from both the heart and the head.
This podcast brings me joy week after week and helps me think about new ways to be a kinder and more loving human. Thanks HPST Team!
HPST ruined me for all other podcasts
Thoughtful, well-produced, organized, and encouraging, this podcast engages a chapter a week through a theme. Now well into the 5th book, the deep well of content provides not only rich insight into the Harry Potter books, but also facilitates mindful reflection on how we choose to live in the world around us. I’ve personally found laughter, consolation, strength, and an ability to be more purposeful in being more kind and loving. That’s a lot to ask for from a podcast! But they do it, and make me smile, too. Thanks, HPST team!
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The Aunt
Episodes are creating great dinner conversations!
Thank you for this unique and thought provoking podcast! Our dinner conversation is full of the amazing things I’m learning from it. This is meant as positive feedback; is there a reason that you say the name of your new book with what seems like a grimace? I’m sure it’s awesome! ~ckjr
Love the Love
I have been a dedicated listener for several years now and I continue to love the show. I loved the dynamic between Casper and Vanessa, but have also really enjoyed the shift between Vanessa and Matt. Matt is supportive, kind, earnest. Matt brings a perspective that I recognize more in conversations about religion and spirituality, as someone who gives sermons- but it still feels fresh. It’s so valuable to me to hear his stories and the interaction he has with Vanessa. Vanessa and Matt continue to bring us all back to love. This show teaches the listeners how to have a conversation- how to disagree with kindness, how to respond with love. This show has made me a better communicator. This show shows me how to love better and for that I am truly grateful. Thank you all!
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My review removed
My review was because I called out Vanessa, in her ability to understand and apply rigor vs exegesis. I challenged her understanding of both rigor and theology, then boom my review was gone. Rigor is showing a precise and accurate solution to the problem being assessed. Being precise and accurate can oppose each other, as much as, support each other. Anyone who has studied higher forms of math and science understand rigor; in the same way a Theologian understands exegesis and eisogesis. Rigor is not feeling and/or emotional relation. Vanessa is using Eisogesis not rigor or exegesis, she’s reading into the text to find what she wishes or thinks. Eisogesis expresses the readers own subjective thoughts rather than the meaning (Exegesis). Exegesis is a legitimate interpretation right out of the text or as it reads out of text which conveys the writer(s) meaning. So what are you using to examine the text in relation to your ‘quasi-religious’ view of yourself and mankind? It’s a simple question, any first year theology or philosophy student will tear through your thoughts. Just as any first year math or science student will tear through your proofs to find the meaning or answer. I’m not a smart person, yes I have higher degrees in the various subjects above but I don’t have all the answers. However, I’m not sure what you’re trying to convey outside your own personal experience in relation to the text which I’m conflicts with the pod-commercials you do and episode 1 of the 2nd season where you try to define your method. It feels like a Sunday Sermon at a Fundamentalist Protestant church where the pastor tries to relate new ancient text to today’s society. Except Jung and Joseph Campbell proved this is not possible. Both of you being part of Christian religion, you might be headed in the right direction if you apply Campbell’s thought of every society developing their own myth to understand the world around them. I think that’s what you’re doing but don’t call it Rigor because it’s not. The incorrect use of language confuses really subjective people, meaning those who don’t learn to earn the knowledge- meaning, those people who are easily swayed to think one way or another based on a pundits biased position. Just see Fox News and MSNBC or hit up you local church, as they try to take a myth ‘religion’ from another culture and time to apply it today. All we end up with is confusion and calling the same God by how many different names which causes persecution. It does nothing but lead to wars, borders and more divide instead of uniting and working together towards a common ground in understanding one another. Although, the pod is easy to follow, critical thinking should be inspired not told. This is where you’ve missed the point- inspiring others to think for themselves. Confrontation done with diplomacy and out of respect achieves more than brainwashing millions with outdated ideas belonging to other times and cultures. Sadly, it just doesn’t make churches or countries wealthy and superpowers. The far eastern cultures are closer to the answers than those who come from the west. I should know a little, sadly I am an American who has studied all over the world from East/West Europe to Africa to the Middle East all the way through Asia and back to the US. What I’ve discovered Our arrogance will forever be our ignorance…
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love casper! and vanessa. so grateful to have a queer in this podcast it is my jam
clem marie
I love this
But there is so much adds Spot the difference 🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔 Got you hahahahahahahahahahah
My fav podcast.
They just know how to explain it. It just like makes me happy when they explain what I was thinking when I first read the book. It was very nice and awesome to have some other people who have the same thoughts. They explain every question I had, they put my thoughts in different words, they just make it much, much, much easier to understand what’s happening in the book, but it’s not just explaining, they make it fun with the thirty second retells, and just the way that they run their podcast. If you are seeing if you want to listen to it, just do it. You will like it.
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Leilani Mac
5 stars with Casper, 1 with Matt
The first few seasons were incredible. They had the magical, whimsical tone and feeling of the books themselves. Hearing Casper read the first few sentences with the music in the background was like a sweet lullaby and extremely comforting. Casper and Vanessa had clear chemistry as co-hosts and I loved all the different versions of sacred readings. Now, Casper and his beautiful voice and gentle way at looking at the world are gone. Matt speaks loudly, very quickly, and with a similar tone as all of the political podcasts I listen to. The show no longer has the sounds of fantasy in it that the books contain. The hosts’ love for the books isn’t apparent anymore. I’ll just relisten to the first seasons. I can’t get past the fourth episode with Matt. Makes me feel bummed. Harry lost its magic. 😢
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Truely Amazing
I don’t know what to say here
Stanly Shunpike
Equality v. Justice
I’d like to challenge Vanessa to do better exploring equality vs. justice. Equality wasn’t needed in the keeper of the keys episode, justice was. I know she’s struggling to be an racial ally, but she has a way to go.
Matt stop freaking about the recap!!!!
You are a sweet precious cinnamon roll. Please don’t stress about the recap. Watch, by the time you get to the middle of book 1, you’ll be a pro! Also I’m finally leaving a review. Hahaha this show has been so uplifting and therapeutic. These books got me through some of the hardest years of my life, and Vanessa, Casper, Matt, & Arianna have opened doors for helping me process some (unresolved) trauma through the deep dives during each episode. I especially enjoy the different perspectives each one of you contributes. You all have experienced some amazing (and crazy/sad) times in your lives. It’s a breath of fresh air listening to you as opposed to the incredibly closed-minded group of people I work with. The most memorable is the episode centered around the theme of loss. Matt asked a question about whose loss it is when someone dies. That hit me like a ton of bricks. My stepdad died right after I graduated high school, and his death completely wrecked my mother. I was left with taking care of her instead of trying to start my life (so it seemed). I never thought anything of it until recently: whose loss is it? She lost a husband, but I lost a father; a father lost his son; siblings a brother. So it really helped me process a little something i didn’t realize I’d been holding on to until I listened to that episode. Thank you guys for all you do! And Matt- for real- don’t overthink the recap. :)
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I really tried to like this...
...but these people see so much in the books that isn’t there and then present their opinions as facts. They also frequently incorrectly recall details from the books.
Pure magic 🪄
This podcast is always uplifting for me. I’m thankful for the hours of joy it brings me 💕
I love it.
I love the podcast and unfortunately I am not all caught up and I am still on the fifth book but the podcast so far is so good. I do not really belong to a culture but I still really enjoy it. I saw the title and description of the most recent episode and i am extremely exited for Matt Pots to be a host. Love the podcast Kipling up the good work.❤️😊
Thank you, Casper
I put off listening to the last episode with you as cohost because I just didn’t want it to happen. Alas, I listened because I know that transitions are a part of life, and I should roll with them. This podcast has meant so much to me. I discovered it in 2018 shortly after giving birth to my youngest child. The show has taught me to see things from a different view. It’s helped me grow stronger in my faith. And best of all - it’s something I was able to share with my fellow HP fan and mother-in-law. She died in August 2020 after a long, stoic battle with cancer, but I think of her when I listen to the show now because she loved to delve into the deeper side of the books. I look forward to seeing the direction Vanessa and Matt take the show. Blessings to you all.
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Love the concept but...
I really want to like this podcast. As both a Catholic and a Harry Potter fan this is completely up my alley. However after listening to the first season I can no longer stand to listen because of Vanessa. She constantly tells stories about herself and unfortunately she is one of the least interesting people I’ve ever listened to. She always finds a way to loop back the conversation to herself and every single time her story is basic ans I do not care. Just trying to seem deep but comes across so vapid. Just insufferable, so I unsubscribed and am happy for whomever this podcast works for.
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A Truly Magical Podcast
Once in a great while, something perfect comes along. Harry Potter. Thin Mints. This podcast. Listening to Harry Potter and the Sacred Text is like having a deep intellectual discussion with your best friends - if those friends had gone to Harvard Divinity School. Casper and Vanessa bring a wonderful combination of humor, wisdom, and perspective to the world of Harry Potter. As an agnostic, I really appreciate the reflection and compassion this podcast inspires, and it fills that spiritual niche that can be hard to satisfy without organized religion in your life. Plus, the community and the actions brought to life by Harry Potter and the Sacred Text have had a real impact for good in the world. I especially recommend this podcast if you’re disillusioned with J.K. Rowling’s recent transphobic comments. Vanessa and Casper don’t shy away from the tough topics and definitely help you move through them. If you grew up reading the Harry Potter books like I did, Harry Potter and the Sacred Text provides a new depth to an old favorite. If you’re new to the books, the podcast will allow you to gain so much more from the story. Try it - you won’t regret it. P.S. - I can’t believe it took Casper leaving the podcast to finally get me to write a glowing review. Best of luck in your future endeavors, and I’ll be listening to the Real Question!
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Fox Gloves
Thanks Casper
We will miss you!
Comfort and peace
I have been in the middle of a pretty serious faith transition and not knowing how to deal with all the implications of that. I have felt like I have lost my spiritual home and have been trying to figure out what I believe in moving forward. This podcast has been a great comfort to me during this transition art period. It brings me home to something familiar that I love that helps me connect with my spiritual side again (even as that side has many undefined parts currently) without bringing up all the trauma. So I just wanted to say thank you. 💛
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Smug and sweet & not in a good way
I used to be a Harry Potter Fan until I ran into these folks. These people are so smug and so sure that they know it all and have all the answers that listening to them is like fingers on a chalk board. If you are someone who loves to hear your own self righteous, egotistical world view reflected back at you and these folks are made for you just be sure that you drown in the simple syrup while singing Kumbaya!
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I don’t know why, but I had to keep listening to the end. I’m so glad it’s over, so I can say BYE! Why are you so negative? In the beginning, you cast a positive light on the negativity and now you do the exact opposite...
This podcast is my therapy
HPST is my all-time favorite podcast. If you love Harry Potter, have an interest in sacrality/spirituality, and want to think critically and carefully about the world and your place in it, this podcast is for you.
Elle Helmick
Pavlovian Feelings
This show is so consistently lovely and thought provoking that I have an immediate teary reaction to hearing the music. Casper and Vanessa illustrate beautifully different models of love and compassion, and uplift the sacred between the lines. Not just of these books, but of our lives. Kudos.
Used to be Better
I really enjoyed this podcast until they got to the later books. It has become increasingly harder to listen to with so much negativity! I can’t even finish Book 7. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if they even like the books.
Thoughtful and Timely
Thanks Casper, Vanessa, Ariana for your hard work and generosity in creating his enriching project that has become a community. I’ll miss you being on the pod, Casper but look forward to hearing about your other exploits and I’m excited to hear what Vanessa and Matt get into with the benevolent oversight of the supremely competent Ariana. You all rock!
Casper, I will miss you. 😭
And I’m so glad that you’re doing a new pod - and that one is great as well!!!!
You three have brought the most tiger-aliciousness to my life
Words cannot describe how amazing this podcast has been in my life. Your brilliant and kind voices got me though serious anxiety times. I’ve made friends around the podcast. I’ve made my own podcast inspired by y’all’s full-hearted expression. Someday I’d like to buy y’all a drink as proper thanks and send you a Hagrid cake. All my love.
Two parts of my soul
These two represent two very potent parts of my soul- the optimistic, smitten, queer, celebratory wood elf (Casper) and the wise, integrative, magical, mysterious and powerful mage (Vanessa). They gave me the tools to cultivate meaning and explore spiritual connection in a way that felt right and true for me. Their expertise has touched my mind and their vulnerability and growth touches my soul. I’ve only been with a podcast a short time but I am humbled and honored by their work. I want to give blessings for two of my new favorite people: A blessing for Casper and for anyone who allows for the humility of vulnerability, the affability of self forgiveness and the whole heartedness of honesty. A blessing for Vanessa and for anyone who had to integrate good into a haunted worldview. Anyone who allowed their values to lead their way through the world and let love and discernment define their truth and purpose. ALSO this podcast earned my trust when they addressed the political landscape. Please never change. Existing in this world and having a platform is political, addressing human affairs in a book that discusses humanity is powerful. I honor your authentic discussions and I am honored that you use your voices for a purpose. As a twenty-five year old, this podcast has given me role models I can believe in (in the healthiest way possible- I promise not to put you on a pedestal.) The values of my generation have changed so rapidly and seeing how both of you are willing to grow and learn from youth and admit where you need to learn has earned my respect and admiration. Thank you for that, I don’t take it lightly. It has been a blessing to bear witness to both of your stories. A blessing to you two and hey, I’ll see you on the next podcast ;) Much love, Mara Rothman
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A Perfect Podcast
This was the podcast that made me fall in love with podcasts. I have been listening since book 1. I love listening each week and finding beauty and wisdom in everything. Thank you both for all your hard work!
Woke Propaganda, Not Sacred Readings
Loved the first few seasons, which helped me get through a move to a new city, a new job and other life transitions. I loved perspectives on what to learn about how to improve life and be more kind. I particularly benefitted from a chapter in book 2 about learning to find I’m your own sanctuary in difficult times. But lately, wow. What a change. This no longer has much to do with Harry Potter, and certainly has nothing to do with being a better person. The new woke purpose of this podcast is to emphasize that all conservatives are terrible. Half of the country is racist, white supremacist, bigot nazis. And they can’t see past their weird Harvard woke bubble to even acknowledge that maybe *just maybe* half the country simply has a different point of view, and has a reason for that point of view. Instead they show their love and tolerance by insisting we all must share their point of view or else we’re terrible. This podcast sees everything through the theme of racism, and they’re so desperate to insist they they aren’t racist, that they miss virtually every other important lesson in Harry Potter. It’s tiring and insulting. It’s virtue signaling and limited. At this point it’s propaganda, not a sacred reading. Sorry to use a sports analogy, but y’all took a 50-point lead at halftime, and completely blew it, because you are so focused on the cheering crowd and celebrating your own perceived successes that you completely missed the second half. Remember: The Right thinks the Left has bad IDEAS. The Left thinks the Right is bad PEOPLE. This crucial difference is the new woke propaganda of this podcast, which I am sorry to say I can no longer support.
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It’s a Wonderful Podcast
I have been listening to this podcast since it’s inception and the best way I can say it is to make an It’s A Wonderful Life reference. If I were Bedford Falls, this podcast is my George Bailey. It has touched every part of my life for the better and I would be a different person without it. It has given me tools that helped me navigate countless situations in my life. It has taught me language that helps me make meaning of my thoughts. It has given me a firm understanding of my spiritual identity, when I couldn’t find it anywhere else. And, maybe most of all, it has given me and anchor to hold on to when loving Harry Potter has become so complicated and difficult. You have created something big and beautiful. Thank you.
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This is for Casper!
I’ve been meaning to write this review for years now, but I couldn’t figure out how to articulate just what this podcast means to me. I’ve always loved Harry Potter, and this podcast has given me a way to meaningfully engage with the books and world I love. But now that Casper is leaving, I can’t procrastinate any more. The sacred reading practices are exactly the close reading that I never knew I needed. Vanessa and Casper’s conversations add even more layers of meaning to something I’ve loved for so long. I adore their live events, classes, and opportunities for listeners to engage with the texts. Casper, Vanessa, Ariana, and the entire team are so wonderful! They make me laugh, cry, and have built such a beautiful community of listeners. I also appreciate the care they took to address the author’s problematic rhetoric. I’m looking forward to rereading the books again in the new read through. I’ll miss you, Casper! I also know that Matt will be an excellent addition to the team! Bottom line: if you love Harry Potter and want to engage with it in a meaningful way, you’ll love this podcast!
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ms. newcomb
A review through the theme of obsession
This podcast has made me laugh, cry, gasp, and more than once shout “I know, right?!” while alone in my car. Since listening (and re-listening while forcing others to love the pod too), I’ve found myself becoming a more thoughtful, mindful person. I can truly say this podcast has improved my life, and not just because it’s delightful and insightful. I’d like to give a blessing to Vanessa especially, because at least once an episode I find myself smiling in recognition of a kindred spirit, and she makes me feel less alone while addressing (what the poor souls who gave this glorious podcast one-star reviews call being a SJW) extremely valid concerns. I’ve come to love Harry Potter on an even deeper level, and my Atheist heart bursts with joy during each episode. Thank you Vanessa and Ariana, cheers Casper! I adore you!
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Cannot Recommend Enough
Vanessa and Casper are thoughtful, kind and generous teachers of reading sacredly and being wonderful humans in these difficult times. Harry Potter will never be the same after listening to this podcast. Casper and his fabulous laugh and love of chocolate will deeply missed.
The best way to re-enjoy HP
I love Harry Potter and I’m not super religious or have any experience with sacred text and I LOVE this podcast. It’s fun to learn more about sacred practice and shine a modern light on a story I love from childhood.
Hi Casper!
Can’t believe how close we are to the end of this reading. Missing you already! You’re the best! ❤️❤️
Katy Myers
My favorite podcast
Harry Potter and the Sacred Text is the best podcast out there. Even my boyfriend, who hasn’t read the Harry Potter books in years, will listen in while I’m listening to it. The sacred practices are amazing, and the way that Casper and Vanessa talk about things makes me have an appreciation for religion and spirituality that I’ve never been capable of before. It also provides me an appreciation for the Harry Potter series that I can hold onto every time I read the books now. I’m going to miss Casper so much when he leaves. Can’t wait for the new podcast!
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Thank You
Thank you, Vanessa and Casper, for years of thoughtful reflection and delightful conversation. Listening to HPST anchors my week, and helps me process what's going on around me. The exploration of how to love Harry Potter without supporting the author was a huge relief, and the centering of community and compassion is beautiful. I am so grateful for your grace, and will be sad to see Casper leave the show. Thank you both for doing this work, it has been a true blessing to be guided through Harry Potter as a sacred text. P.S. You are both hilarious, true tigers of comedy.
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