Happy Mother's Love
Happy Mother's Love
Nina Uche
Sharing your pain
13 minutes Posted Aug 5, 2019 at 6:42 pm.
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Show notes
As a mother it's vital for us to learn to share with those around us, it does not have to be with just your partner, it can be with a friend, a pen pal, your siblings or your own mother as well. I know it's not easy as we fear been judged for our vulnerability but we cannot let our fear hinder us. There is strength in been vulnerable and opening yourself to another .. sharing is caring, only when do we share , do we really care about ourselves. Share your happiness, share your pain, share those moments you want to be alone and have someone take the baby for 5 mins while you have a breather . There is absolutely nothing wrong with that . You will not be judge , do not judge yourself . Be a happy mother because happy mothers give the clinic at love 🙂