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Hangtime is a round-table podcast hosted by New York Liberty center Kiah Stokes and comedians Will Poznan and Eagle Witt. Every episode they discuss the news of the week in basketball and in pop culture. Sometimes the discussion takes a tangent but it's always interesting and occasionally hilarious.
Hangtime Jr: 4 and 2
Will gives his take on the second round. He made some calls that were prescient and at least one that was stupidly wrong. To keep it real. But rather than gloat about correctly predicting both serieses out West and the Miami series (and he ultimately went 4 for 4 with first round predictions, he instead chose to gloat about correctly predicting that Crystal Dangerfield will be the ROY (he may be wrong but he is prematurely gloating). Will also gives his take on Lakers / Clippers (also possibly premature).
Sep 10, 2020
32 min
Hangtime Jr: Crazy Crazy Playoffs
Will breaks down the first two rounds of the playoffs and talks about which NBA series are up for grabs and which ones are in the bag. He discusses the long term implications of the first round on the NBA moving forward. Will also looks at the MVP race and ROY race for the WNBA and talks about who's been impressive.
Sep 3, 2020
39 min
The Hangtime Podcast: Live from the Wubble
Kiah explains the process of entering the wubble, her role in the protests in support of Breonna Taylor, and the start of the WNBA season! If you are curious about what life is like for WNBA players in the wubble, or want to hear a detailed description of how the Liberty and Storm came to the decision to leave the court before the National Anthem, or if you just love the WNBA this episode is a must-listen.
Aug 2, 2020
46 min
The Hangtime Podcast: Kiah is in Minnesota with Bria Hartley
Bria Hartley joins the show. She and Kiah went to the protests in Minneapolis. We talk about the protests, and the start of the WNBA season. And if you listen until the end we have a discussion of where Drake ranks in his generation.
Jun 7, 2020
49 min
The Hangtime Podcast: The Chelsea Gray Episode
Kiah and Will are joined by LA Sparks PG Chelsea Gray! She talks about her zero tolerance policy for Tar Heel blue, her friendship with Kobe Bryant, appearing on The Detail, coping with injury, her love of Beyonce, and even more than just that. Chelsea is one of the best five players in the WNBA, but does she care more about how she ranks compared to her contemporaries, or how she ranks on the all time point guard list? She answers that question among others.
May 17, 2020
49 min
The Hangtime Podcast: Yoga and Basketball
Kiah and Will talk about the abrupt end to Turkish League, share their Covid stories, the WNBA draft, and more. Keep reaching out with stuff that you want us to talk about on the podcast. You can always send us questions on instagram @kstokes41 @willpoznan. Let us know if you are an essential worker and this podcast is helping you with your daily grind. Or if you are bored at home and the podcast helps you be unbored sometimes, let us know too. And if you want to do yoga with Kiah she posts her workouts to Instagram. Her yogis (who she mentions on the podcast) are @kwellsfitness and @katevictoriawells
May 3, 2020
1 hr
The Hangtime Podcast: All Star Weekend and 2 Chainz
Kiah and Will are joined by Chris Babb of Promitheas Patras B.C. and the Boston Celtics. Chris talks about playing against Anthony Davis in the NCAA tournament, playing for the Celtics, and playing basketball all around the world. We talk about All Star Weekend and Kiah talks about which moves she likes from the trade deadline! We also talk about Westbrook and Harden's "iconic" Outkast themed GQ cover and the music of 2 Chainz!
Feb 25, 2020
1 hr 11 min
The Hangtime Podcast: A Lot of Love for Kobe
We actually recorded this podcast a few days before Kobe died since he said those nice things about the 3 WNBA stars. We talked about the validity of his statements, and how we were both jealous of the tutelage that his daughters received from him. We talked about how Gigi was going to inevitably play for UConn and how a lot of young women in the NCAA are mimicking James Harden's game (and to some extent Kobe's) and how Kiah feels about that. We also talk a little about the new CBA for the WNBA. It's crazy that we recorded this episode before everything happened. I recorded the first eight minutes yesterday though. I hope you like the podcast.
Jan 30, 2020
45 min
Hangtime Jr- Series, Season, or Bench
Will and Max break down the east. Will compares three young guards to each other. Max predicts the Eastern standings. Will hates on people that are treating Marquelle Fultz's game against the Lakers as though it means something. Will continues to doubt on the Celtics but gives props to basically everyone else in the East, especially one team. That team is the Miami Heat. Here's the thing: Jimmy Butler thinks that the best player in the NBA is Jimmy Butler. What if he's right?
Jan 17, 2020
53 min
The Hangtime Podcast- Who's Real and Who's Not
Kiah and Will talk about which playoff teams can truly contend. They talk about the Jazz's winning streak and the Nuggets recent impressive showings. Out East it's a little less clear who's for real. Also Andre Drummond is on the trade block, Kiah talks about where he would fit in. Lastly but certainly not leastly (not a word) Kiah predicts how much she is going to enjoy Bad Boys 3, and the new albums from Drake and Rihanna (a lot).
Jan 15, 2020
57 min
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