Hairstylist Empowerment Podcast
Hairstylist Empowerment Podcast
B Rad Celebrity Hairstylist
Empower others by your spoken word. Be the change. Create the change. Make a difference. Share your story.n Let Your VOICE be Heard Hairstylists Help Hairstylists around the Globe Get on the VIP List Here Join Our Text Community Shop Hairstylists of Hope Merchandise Behind The Mask Mastermind - Only the Top Beauty Professionals! Apply Here Be Sure to subscribe, Rate & Leave a Review Peace!! with Tracey Napotnik
Tracey Napotnik is the founder and CEO of, a new innovative, interactive, live platform connecting beauty professionals with salon industry trainers. Tracey has spent 28 passionate years in the salon industry, 18 of those as a salon owner. She is always willing to share her professional and personal highs and lows of the business, to help inspire others to not give up, and learn different ways from those who succeeded. In her early years, Tracey worked 80 hours a week, and experienced the stress of barely making payroll at times. She remembers picking up 3 other jobs even after standing behind the chair 15 hours a day, to help cover expenses. There was a time she was without heat in her home to make sure her team was paid and to keep the business going. It was at some of her darkest days that Tracey saw the light. She knew she was not going to give up on her dreams, so she decided to get serious about learning to “run a business” by taking business courses. To grow, evolve and help others, one must never stop learning,” says Tracey. She constantly seeks the advice and lessons of brilliant leaders and motivators. Tracey studied under Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, John Maxwell, Inspiring Champions, and many well-known beauty industry leaders. Coaches, live trainings, listening, and taking action on what she learned, combined with an unmatched determination to help those around her, have brought Tracey to where she is today. The road to personal and professional success is never easy, but it is always worth it. Tracey hopes that by creating a platform with some of the best trainers that it will help inspire, lead, and encourage others seeking ongoing education to never stop growing and learning. Website: Facebook: Instagram: --- Send in a voice message:
Apr 11
32 min
Janet Teres Larick Part 2 I Olaplex Holiday I Guy Tang
In this second part of a two part series with Janet Teres Larick she continues the conversation with Blend, Olaplex Holiday & Guy Tang. Listen all the way to the end and have your Kleenex handy. Mentioned in this episode Start With Why ~ Simon Sinek Olaplex Guy Tang Naked Join us on the Hairstylist Empowerment Cruise Oct 12-19, 2019 Like Page Follow B Rad Celebrity Hairstylist IG FB --- Send in a voice message:
Apr 8
1 hr 16 min
Spilling the Tea (Part One) with Janet Teres Larick
Join my guest Janet Teres Larick as she spills the tea on some topics we have all thought. This is Part One of a Two Part series since we have so much to talk about. In part two coming next Janet shares her experience while on an Olaplex Holiday & also Getting Naked. Coming Next!! Stay tuned for an emotionally packed episode with @janetlarickhair Show: Event: Host: IG: Guest: --- Send in a voice message:
Apr 1
33 min
David Kinigson The Most Famous Hairdresser you Never Heard Of
David Kinigson The Most Famous Hairdresser you Never Heard Of The Haircutter's Handbook  "The most famous hairdresser you've never heard of" About the Author David Kinigson built his career on the quest for the perfect haircut dedicated to providing a transformational learning experience. He is recognized throughout the industry for his commitment to excellence, original haircutting theories, conceptual stage presentations, and his wet and dry haircutting techniques (because there are benefits of both) Kinigson received his foundation education during the 'silver era' of New York City precision haircutting. Recognized as a pioneer of dry haircutting, David is an award winning national educator, international editorial, runway and celebrity hairstyist, author, featured stage artist, career coach, keynote speaker, spokesperson and mentor.  In addition to The Haircutter's Handbook, Kinigson has written The Physical Hair Papers, Licenced to Touch (These are Confessions of a Hetrosexual Male Hairdresser), Reflections (A Children's Story Adults will like to read), Gridlock, many magazine articles, tons of restaurant reviews and a plethora of poems, prose and songs.  Kinigson's career clientele includes a multitute of supermodels, celebrities, fashion designers, actors, photographers, artists, musicians and atheletes. His hairstyles and fashion forcast have appeared in every major magazine, including: Vogue, Bazaar, Allure, Elle, Glamour, GQ, Esquire, Vanity Fair, and other prominent art, photography and culture publications.  Kinigson is the inspirational voice and technical mentor behind Authentic Cutting Education, The Musified Group of Artists, mode iQ education for the thinking Hairdresser, the david K space salon &academy and Salon Dada. David loves travelling from salon to salon inspiring, educating, and sharing hair history, lineage, culture and other anedotes from his one-of-a-kind whirlwind career. His passion is designing couture haircuts for each individual woman and hearing her say, "This is the haircut I always wanted, but didn't know how to ask for it."  A native New Yorker, David likes to say, "New York is closer than you think... because New York is wherever I am." As the Palm Beach Proper likes to say, " David is the most famous hairdresser you've never heard of." Watch conversation on Youtube --- Send in a voice message:
Mar 25
1 hr 27 min
Guest Janice Ross Entrepeneur of Janice Carol Cosmetics
New Podcast with Janice Ross Entrepreneur & Founder of Janice Carol Cosmetics will be posted shortly. Listen on Anchor. FM Radio or 10 other Platforms Like and comment on Facebook Hairstylist Empowerment Podcast "Hi, I am Janice, the founder of JANICE CAROL COSMETICS. In 1981, I started my career as the manager of the cosmetics department in Toronto. Regional account manager for Orlane cosmetics. Responsible for such clients as Holt Renfrew &Eatons, Hired by Clarins to do some cosmetics training and then they asked if I would be their regional training manager. I was at a crossroads in my career and in my LIFE. Years later, I was motivated by my entrepreneurial spirit, my continued passion, work and experience in the cosmetics industry, coupled with the high incidence of cancer in my own family. “Look like you, just the best possible you!” Brad Poirier's Links --- Send in a voice message:
Mar 18
54 min
Venica Tschoepe ~ Studio Venica
Venica has almost 30 years of experience. Originally from Washington State, she joined the team at an amazing salon for more than 11 years, becoming an educator and mentor. The highlight of Venica's early training was attending the acclaimed Sassoon Academy, recognized wordwide as the ultimate in modern hair education. For the past 15 years Venica has lived in Knoxville, TN, where she has worked as a stylist while raising her three children. In 2015 Venica opened her own salon, Studio Venica. Continuing education is the foundation of a great stylist, and Venica attends classes, workshops & hair shows. Studio Venica is a Certified Olaplex Salon and a Certified SHE by So Cap Hair Extensions Salon. Venica herself is the head of Brand Education for California Glam, a Brand Ambassador for AntidotPro by Scalfix and part of the CALIGLAMSQUAD for California Glam. --- Send in a voice message:
Mar 18
55 min
Wanna Get Knocked Up I Cassandra Bach
Cassandra Bach the fertility visionary and founder of Wanna Get Knocked Up has been right where you are now. She did every alternative therapy she could think of and after 2 years of unexplained infertility she got pregnant for the first time ever! After a great pregnancy she gave birth to a healthy baby girl and she was 45 years old at the time and she even gave birth at home! Through her research and work with fertility clients just like you she has identified where you need to focus your energy, time and money to make your dream of having a family come true. 416-489-8854  Like Share Subscribe Please leave a comment. --- Send in a voice message:
Mar 11
59 min
Yolanda Johnson ǀ Braider ǀ Natural Hair Stylist ǀ Student Yolanda  Johnson is a full-time student at LeGrand Institute of Cosmetology  (LINC) in Camden, South Carolina and full-time single parent to two  amazing boys ages 9 and 3. With 20 years of experience in the beauty  industry, Yolanda humorously describes her dedication to developing her  craft as “an hourly commitment”. Johnson is  a certified Braider and Natural Hair stylist recognized by the state of  South Carolina and student member of Association of Cosmetology Salon  Professionals (ACSP). Her most recent accomplishments include Winner of 2019 Pintwist Vintage Modern Updo Contest, ACSP School  of the Year Award and ACSP 1st place team Total Look category. While  studying at LINC Yolanda has taken a leadership role as a member of  student council and is discovering new talents including updo styling and haircuts. “It is an honor and a privilege to brighten someone’s day or to make their special event even more  special by adding your signature touch,” says Johnson. Well on track to  completion of her Cosmetology training in February 2020, she also participates in auxiliary trainings and seminars such as MPulse Summit 2019, Indigo Salons and Day Spa Lunch and Learns and Let’s Talk: Natural Styles and Biz. Yolanda’s innovation as a stylist is rooted  in braiding dating back to her years in college at Coastal Carolina  University. Her braiding truly began to flourish after college during  her time in her native state of Colorado. While enthusiastic to be building a career as a Nonprofit Professional, Yolanda continued to braid. She traveled by bus throughout Boulder community and surrounding towns to offer private styling.  Word spread quickly about the traveling Braider and by 2012 she would  become an expert Braider and Consultant for the transracial adoptive and  foster care families throughout the Front Range area. By 2014, she  would add natural hair coaching to her portfolio, offering private  consultations and workshops for agencies such as the African-Caribbean Heritage Camp and Adoption Exchange. Links --- Send in a voice message:
Mar 4
43 min
Candi Russell ~ Leap of Faith
@bradcelebrityhairstylist ~ Host Candi Russell @cosmowithcandi  Licensed cosmetologist/hairstylist Candi Russell is one to watch. Former  Disneyland Resort character wig stylist/ makeup artist, Candi received  her education from Riverside Community College Cosmetology school.   Currently a stylist and freelance artist, Candi has worked with clients  ranging from all areas of the entertainment industry including;  celebrity personal trainer Melissa Alcatrez, recording artist Dondria,  Fashion designer Michael Costello and many more. Russell has also  worked on shows such as Love and Hip Hip season 5, The Politician and 7  signs pilot as a key hairstylist as well as worked with Dancing with the  Stars jr promo, fashion designers and a multitude of editorial  photo shoots.  Only two short years after graduating cosmetology school,  Candi is making waves in the industry. As a professional eager to  advance in the industry she has also received advanced training from  celebrity stylist Tokyo Stylez on wig making as well as training from  esteemed celebrity stylist Kim Kimble’s Extension Academy and celebrity makeup artist AJ Crimson’s makeup course.  Russell knows the importance  in not only investing in her craft but also not limiting herself. The  sky is the limit for this incredible stylist who is only just now  getting started. "I walk by faith and not sight and I knew my dream was to be a  hairstylist so I took the leap. Since then I've worked with celebrities,  world renowned hairstylist and everyone in between at fashion shows,  television sets,  and photo shoots. As you can imagine the road has not been easy but  I've been able to accomplish some of my goals in a short period of time  with alot of hard work, sacrifice and dedication. I would like to share  my story because I've gained a lot of motivation  listening to others stories and if I can help encourage someone to take  the leap of faith and follow their dreams then I could give back what  I've gotten so many times just from tuning in to your show. " Join us Monday March 11 for a Special Hairstylist Empowerment Podcast on with over 13,000 listens. How to wash a lace wig Be a guest on the Hairstylist Empowerment Podcast Join us on a Cruise October 12-19, 2019 --- Send in a voice message:
Feb 25
55 min
Kristin Rankin I Fuss Hair I Dress Code Project
Kristin Rankin has been a hairstylist in Toronto for 13 years. Kristin is the owner of Fuss Hair Studio, a boutique hair salon in the east end neighbourhood of Leslieville. Fuss Hair Studio was one of the first salons in Toronto to implement haircuts priced by length not gender. Kristin founded DCP and is a committee member for the East Side Pride Festival, on the screening committee for the Inside Out Film Festival and a panel member of change the Narrative. Kristin is working to eradicate homophobia, transphobia and discrimination according to race, sex and gender in salons worldwide. Listen as I share a wonderful enlightening conversation with Kristin Rankin Be a guest and share your story to empower others around the globe. --- Send in a voice message:
Feb 25
53 min
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