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Dr. Gorana Kuka Epstein
Podcast 002 with Dr. Parsa Mohebi: Modern Hair Transplantation
43 minutes Posted May 30, 2021 at 6:53 am.
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Dr. Parsa Mohebi in an internationally recognized hair transplant surgeon located in Beverly Hills and San Francisco.  His has a surgical background and he completed a fellowship in hair restoration at New Hair Institute. He is one of the leaders in hair restoration field and hair transplant surgeon of celebrities. Dr.Mohebi is a surgeon, author and inventors.

Dr. Gorana talked with him about the evolution of hair transplantation and what modern hair transplantation is. Dr.Mohebi explained how he achieves natural results of hair restoration. He presented his signature celebrity hair transplantation procedure. Power hairline is something that many patients would like to have and Dr. Mohebi revealed his secret how to achieve it.

Host and author: Dr.Gorana Kuka Epstein, plastic and hair transplantation surgeon

Video: Nikola Pazarski

Audio: Luka Jocic

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