Jon Nastor's Hack the Entrepreneur
Jon Nastor's Hack the Entrepreneur
Jon Nastor
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Very insightful and Inspiring
This podcast is complete with really quality content from a great selection of guests, provides you with valuable information but does so in a way that inspires and motivates, rather than overwhelms. Great stuff !
A Must Listen to Show!
If you are an entrepreneur, LISTEN! Jon is a wealth of knowledge and an awesome host!
Ima listener
Great interviews, great insights
A podcast for anyone looking for their next business idea. I enjoyed the episode with Marc Merrill and was thoroughly impressed by his story on how League of Legends came to be.
Awesome podcast!
I am loving this podcast! Jon Nastor packs every episode with tons of amazing content, guests, and interviews that will motivate, uplift and inspire you. I highly recommend!
Stacey Shapiro
Loving this show!!
Jon is an awesome host and he has he best guests!
Marisa J2
One of my favs!!
Hack the Entrepreneur is one of the very few podcasts of its kind. It basically takes the entreprenaurial podcasts you're used to listening to and then, well, hacks them! The end result are episodes that are filled with in-depth guidance on how to start, grow, and run your business in an even more efficient and modern way so that you can enjoy a successful business and life!
Jon is an excellent host!
I recommend any entrepreneur to listen to Hack The Entrepreneur if they want to imrpove their life!
Trevor Oldham
Podcast gold
I love these interviews and always get a takeaway I can immediately use. This podcast has become a go-to and I’m so glad it exists!
Awesome Podcast!!!
Jon, host of the Hack the Entrepreneur podcast, highlights all aspects of business, entrepreneurship and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Clarisse Gomez
Awesome Podcast!!
Jon, host of the Hack the Entrpreneur podcast, highlights all aspects of business, success and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Brooke Craven
Jon is one of the top podcasters out there!
I seriously love this podcast! I've been listening to Jon hack into the best practices of the worlds top entrepreneurs for several years now and I still look forward to each new episode. Keep it up Jon!
Thought provoking, great guests, great info!
Really glad I found HTE. Jon is astute and understands entrepreneurs, and he knows how to extract the real nuggest of wisdom from his guests that make the podcast not just entertaining, but incredibly informative. Highly recommended.
I’m in love with this podcast. I’m a beginning entrepreneur and can’t get enough of the hacks! Brilliant!
Exactly what I need
Thank you Jon for creating such good content for those of us in need of this help. For me, it's been so therapeutic listening to every episode. At first I started with those titles that I expected to be most relevent to me, but I often find the best gems in the unexpected episodes. So now I'm on mission to listen to them all!!!
Valuable podcast
I have been listening to this podcast for over a year and am continually impressed by the breadth of content covered by Jon Nastor and the empathy he deploys with each of his guests. Jon does an amazing job asking open ended tailored questions beyond checking the boxes- something many business related podcasters are guilty of.
An incredible learning experience
This podcast is filled with so many amazing tips and hacks! Jon is a clear expert with a ton of hard-won knowledge and experience, and his podcast is a must-listen for anyone wanting to grow their business, brand, and marketing prowess.
Autumn Shultz
Great interviews.
Really likes the way he interview. Highly recommended.
This is really good
Enjoy this podcast a lot.
Unlike any other business podcast
Not your average podcast about entrepreneurship. This podcast is unique and honest, and always seem to teach me something about myself and how I’ve been thinking about my business.
why ask why ?
And that’s the hack!
And that’s the hack! Dámn, I am really liking this show.
I can’t recommend this show enough.
Taylor Mc Cullough
Longtime listener
Ok, it’s time. I’ve been listening to Jon for almost two years now and I am finally deciding to leave a review … because HTE has helped me in so many ways. From getting my mindset right, to deciding which projects to work on next, this podcast always gets moving forward. Keep doing what you do because it’s awesome to watch!
Must listen
Jon’s podcast has jumped to the top of my must listens each week. I love the pace of the show and the fact that Jon doesn’t waste my time at all. This podcast is my motivation to keep going.
Great conversations
Great conversations and I love the ‘Hack’ at the end of each episode. Thanks!
Game Changer ALAN
This podcast made me start my business
Listening to Jon and his guests talk about how they work and stay productive has pushed me to want to start my own side hustle. My goal is to one day build my business and be one of Jon’s guests.
honest and open
I really like Jon’s honesty and willingness to push his guests to answer his questions as openly as possible. Please keep doing what you do.
Loving this podcast
Absolutely loving this podcast, so far. Keep them coming!
Great podcast
Great podcast. Many lessons to be learned on having the right mindset to be an entrepreneur.
One of my favorites
As a business owner, I love these interviews. They are so real and genuine. Jon is so great. I always listen to this in the car.
My new favorite in the genre
I've been listening to about half the episodes for the last year, and I almost always get something valuable out of each one. I love the authenticity, the willinness to challenge conventional wisdom, and the focus on the mental mindset of entrepreneurship. Great show!
Mark in SF
Awesome show, highly recommend!
Jon and his guests share inspiring and actionable lessons on how to succeed as an entrepreneur (and live your best life as a result). Highly recommend listening to Hack the Entrepreneur if you want the knowledge AND mindsets to start and grow your business, and ultimately reach all of your goals in life!
Great interviews, great insights
Jon's podcasts is one of my absolute "musts." Every episode is rich with value and insights. I'm really impressed by his interviewing skills. He asks good questions, and seems to get the best out of each interview. I enjoying trying to guess what he's going to choose as the hack at the end of the podcast.
Tony Dearing
Great show
Simple format, highly informative and helpful. Jonny's got a great demeanor, and he's great at getting back to you on Twitter. Highly recommend!
Great shows
Keep up good job! Love this show!
Great Show
Jon has been exciting to get to know through this podcast. First found Jon by listening to a podcast of a different user, but quickly sought out and began to catch up on this channel. I've got a lot to learn on my journey, but things become more clear as I listen and apply.
Get your butt kicked
This show is fantastic to keep you moving forward in your goals in businesses. Whether you are a solopreneur or an employee that has higher ambitions, this show will help you be more and expand your thoughts on how hard/easy it is. JUST GET STARTED BUILDING YOUR OWN BUSINESS by listening to this podcast. Chris Stanley
Energizing, Inspiring and Innovative Ideas Shared
Total props to Jon for creating a Podcast that delivers out of the box entrepreneurial ways. I was so thrilled to hear about Gret's Charity that actually inserts the money into where it belongs! He is another very inspiriational guests on Jon's show who brings innovation to the table. I loved hearing how Gret's company policy is: when you donate money to his charity for poor people, in return you receive a video that shows the tangible result of it being used, for example- a little girl being given hearing aids. Pure brilliance and humane! Thanks for the lessons and reminders to dive deep!
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FANTASTIC show for entrepreneurs!!
Thank you Jon for providing great shows for your audience with an insiteful view on entrpreneurship! Definately worth a listen!!
Much Appreciated
I almost never write reviews but today I decided to make an exception. I am interested in becoming an entrepreneur however I'm not sure where to start. Not because I don't have any ideas that can turn into a business but because I don't believe I've found the right idea for me yet; one that I can turn into a great business. This is my first day listening to the hacked podcast and I'm in love with it because I believe these conversations with CEOs, cofounders, business leaders and other individuals who are doing the very thing I'm trying to accomplish are very useful to me. I'm seriously thrilled that I get to listen to dialogue exchanged between two people and find value that may help me cultivate an idea that could make a positive change in my life. It's almost like I'm getting free consultation services on a daily basis. Thanks for doing what you do and don't forget that it's appreciated.
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One of my favorite podcasts
A fast paced and informative show that has helped me gain insight into the startup culture. Jon has a format, but isn't shy about breaking free to follow an unexpected parth in his interviews.
Get inspired with this podcast for aspiring entrepreneurs.
This is probably my favorite, no..this is my favorite podcast on entrepreneurship. What makes it stand out among the gazillion business podcasts is that Jon is so authentic about himself and his journey and brings that energy out with his guests opening up and sharing their entrepreneurial journeys. He asks spot on questions getting to the root of being or beaming an entrepreneur. What are you waiting for? Download HTE and get inspired to get out our your cubicle mindset and live on your own terms. Keep up the phenomenal podcast, Jon. By the way his book rocks too.
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Cast no shadow
Awesome! Inspiring!
Found this podcast on iHeartRadio two weeks ago and I must've listened to almost every episode you've made. I love the guests, the questions, the stories, and the lessons. Thanks John for keeping me motivated as I listen in and keep doing what you're doing because it's awesome and inspiring to watch.
Brandon Furey
Today is the Worst Your Business Will Ever Be
Great episode!
My best time of the week :)
Jon is one of the best hosts I have heard in a very long time. I have heard several podcasts on Entrepreneurship but fail to recall any series that leaves such a substantial impact on my thinking like Hack the Entrepreneur. Jon you are doing an amazing service to the community.. Keep doing what you are doing .. You are great to watch :)
Very insightful
I listen to this podcast religiously...Every HTE has me reaching for my pen to write down 'the hacks' - in my case it's usually two to three per podcast. Keep up the great work!
Interesting and useful
Jon interviews some unique guests and asks some good questions. He seems to have a good rapport with his guests and comes across as doing some research his guests before having them on. Jon has a good voice for podcasting, too.
Excellent advice for start-ups!
I manage a start-up company and we have been struggling a lot with creating an online appearance that sticks. So we use any advice we can get. This podcast is great for giving you that extra push, that extra motivation to build your business online the right way.
Jon Nastor is Nastay!
Jon has a great speaking voice. He asks entrepreneurs the questions they haven't been asked before so you're always getting new information from his podcast. Very inspiring podcast with many great entrepreneurs on the show!
New Listener
I just found your podcast recently Jon, great show. It is very informative on subjects I know just a little about but want to learn more. Keep it up.
Great tips in every episode
Great tips from people driving their business in every episode. Love listening to the podcast and learning new ways of thinking to drive our business forward. Keep on rocking it Johnny!
Great tips in every episode
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