Hack or Slash - A Horror Movie Review Podcast
Hack or Slash - A Horror Movie Review Podcast
Hack or Slash
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So glad you guys covered Rob Zombie- I love his perspective. Great work
Megan Bren
Love this podcast
I’m a big horror fan and this group has really interesting, nuanced takes. I like that they explore gore, add horror canon context and range in their experience with the genre.
Yoga Cyclist
A Smart Listen
Longtime listener, since 2017. Kris — awesome host. I appreciate Mack’s thoughtful contributions. They’re a mature and funny panel, and they don’t just talk about these movies on a surface level. They dig into themes and motifs, and they really deconstruct the films in a way that goes beyond satisfying the average modern horror flick lover. They analyze with a critical eye and tie into the historical and social contexts of the movies, too. Love the way they do comparisons of remakes and delve into so many factors that combine to make each movie distinct. I appreciate that the episodes have different, clearly laid out segments that are organized and feel structured and reasoned, yet they also sound like a fluid conversation. Hack or Slash feels and sounds like a professional listening experience. Love the hilarious, thematically-linked mock advertisements to lighten the atmosphere, too. It’s these extra touches, like their own theme song, that make HoS my favorite horror review podcast. Creative, thoughtful, and entertaining. Keep up the good work, guys.
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Hack or Slash has quickly become my favorite horror movie podcast! I’ve been catching up on the back catalog and I’m addicted. Keep up the good work, guys!
MJ 20202
love it
hosts keep it fun and bring up good points. been listening since last halloween. great reviews on movies i’ve seen and movies i want to see. i think y’all are doing great!
Good podcast but uneducated
Good mix of hosts. I do suggest but don’t expect highly knowledgeable on horror. But still 5 stars
Pretty Good Pod
I was looking for some podcasts to supplement my listening to Dead and Lovely, and found this one. I like that the selection of horror movies is different than other pods I have listened to...most of the discussion is well thought out and is interesting for the most part. My main feedback is that the hack or slash ratings are often inconsistent and aren’t super helpful in determining the watchability or rating of a particular movie. In addition, while Kris is a very good host, I find that she often takes stances that contradict arguments she made for other movies that leave me with a feeling of hypocrisy. While other members seem to listen and take into account different perspectives, Kris seems determined to keep arguing her point without much objectivity. She’s much more likely to be harsh on movies with “hype” and less harsh on movies that are typically viewed as more busts. And this only arose as a problem after hearing of multiple movie discussions and finding the common threads. It’s less about her movie taste and more about how the discussion ensues and I find that kinda offputting...Although rating the babadook a hack and the perfection/new pet sematary a slash is UNFORGIVEABLE (Semi jokes😬). I appreciate your time and work on this pod and will continue to tune in for the movies that interest me.
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R Quebe'd
Kris = killer host! Nice job. Nice pace 😊
Rob Bejusca
Absolute legends!
Amazing and different takes on your favorite horror movies. Definitely worth a listen!
Great pod!
I listen to a TON of horror movie podcasts, but I just discovered this one and it’s my fav! It’s such a perfect mix of funny people having a good time, spoiler-free reviews in the first half, spoiler-heavy commentary in the second, deep dives into all the good stuff... I just really like the balance of different “segments” and I feel they’re doing something new and different here. It’s more than just a scene-by-scene recap of a horror movie- which I do like, but I think the specific questions these guys ask about each film really leads itself to much more interesting discussions. Love it!
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I love it!
I really enjoy hearing people that are not stoners talking about horror. They really dive into the movies. But, and this is a big but, I cannot stand Leah. I’m sorry girl but come on. You are contrary just to be different, and don’t even grasp the concepts they are discussing. It’d be fine if she was stupid and funny but nope. Other than her it’s great.
T-bone 2121
Awesome Pod!
Hack or Slash is such a great podcast. It's genuine, well thought out and overall a good time! There are so many different personalities so I promise you, there's something there for everyone! I also appreciate that the first half of the podcast doesn't contain any spoilers so if you haven't watched a movie no problem! They give you the option to tune out at a certain point if you don't want to ruin everything for yourself. It's such a great mix between comedic relief and thought provoking conversation. Well done, Hack or Slash! You're one of very few that's a go-to for me.
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Don’t expect intelligent commentary
Bored monotone reviews that have no insight into film craft. Not a good critical podcast nor a fun hang out show.
Horror movie obsessed
Look, I have been obsessed with horror films since the original Texas chainsaw; nightmare on elm street; Halloween. This podcast is a good listen and I just subscribed.
love this
i binged this show looking for recommendations for horror movies and i love it. dan, kris, leah, and friends are hilarious while providing great commentary. i really love this approach to horror movies, and that there not being overly goofy all the time or just being gross old guys. keep it up guys!
This is a slash
Editing review - I genuinely feel that the group takes reviews into consideration and makes necessary changes. Refreshing to see a podcast who is willing to accept feedback! Glad I kept listening!
Hack or Slash is a well done podcast that doesn't limit itself in the conversation of horror movies. The crew each has a specific approach to discussing the films, which allows for each opinion to be challenged but all in good fun. Outside of the podcast realm, the hosts are very interactive with the listeners in Twitter, which adds to the experience. I recommend this to any horror fan.
refreshing, new, and looking forward to more
I don't really like writing reviews but this podcast was a pleasant surprise so I just have to . I caught wind of this show on Twitter and decided to give it a listen. I was hooked! They only have a handful of episodes so far but they talk about some great movies. I think it's best enjoyed by listeinig to each episode after you've watched the movie. That way it feels like you've watched a movie and then chatted with your friends about it. So, first the good... This crew has a unique perspective in that they're clearly all very different and have different levels of knowledge/love for horror flicks. I've listened to a lot of horror podcasts, and most of them are either people pretending to be something they're not (MOVIE EXPERTS), or they're just suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper negative and bash the movie and all the choices the chracaters make. This group seems to be be pretty well balanced in that if one person hates it, someone else probably loves it. I also got the vibe that they all have different preferences for horror types, so it's interesting to see how each person feels about a movie even if it's not their favorite subgenera. I also like that they don't describe every little thing that happens in the movie like a play-by-play, and instead they seem to answer mostly similar, kinda high level questions about each movie. If I wanna listen to a pdocast, I don't wanna feel like I'm watching the whole daggum movie! Now the bad... It's not a perfect show, but it seems like they're progressively getting better so they still get a five star score in my book. It's kinda annoying when Leah doesn't have an opinion about anything that isn't either her sayin somethings stupid, someone or something their wearing is ugly, or blindly agreeing with whtever Dan says. Maybe I should try that with my wife?? LOL Sometimes it seems like she has an opinion she'll stick to, but then someone else will say something and she just flops over to agreeing with them. The only episode that feels like she has her own opinons in is IT, and its cause she read the book. Give us more of that!!!!!!! Dan, Kris, and Ashley all tend to have thoughtful feedback and care abotu what they're doing, so that keeps me going. Overall, not a huge ding on the show, but defiinitely something that gets a little annoying. Other than that the chemistry is great and entertaining. All in all, this is a great show with great potential and great people behind it. Seems like they're all real horror fans (I think Leah has it down in there somewhere) and best of all they're doing it without trying to make money off of it by slamming ads in and asking people to donate $$$ to them. Horror fans loving horror movies and sharing it with the world is a good thing for everyone! Looking forward to hearing how they keep getting better.
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My favorite podcast ever!
I absolutely love this podcast. After interacting with you all on twitter, It was really cool being able to hear all of your voices! If you enjoy an intelligent discussion with a variety of opinions on (my favorite subject in the world) HORROR! Give this a listen. It will not disappoint! Sending mad love to you guys!
This is definitely one of my new FAVORITE podcasts! I've always been drawn to horror movies and this podcast is my weekly fix of horror review! The banter between Kris, Dan, Leah, and Ashley makes me feel at home! I love that they can have a difference of opinion and respect one another. Don't get me wrong, there are still debates but they are all in good fun. This is such a fun and informative podcast if you want to learn more about horror films; whether you've seen them or not. -Heather (Nature vs Narcissism Podcast)
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this one's a slash
Entertaining content and conversation. The comments are funny, and there’s a good balance of everybody; you get a good feel for all their personality types. Kris is the horror movie enthusiast who can feel emotions from the movie (like all emotions, not like just sad or scared) but can also withstand a lot of horror stuff. Dan is the logical one who sees some things that people might not notice if they're emotional during a movie. Ashley is like the comic relief.. the one who likes to watch horror but is also scared to.. and is random af. Leah is super critical and challenges the rest of the group’s opinions. Fun to listen to and get so many viewpoints and funny/random takes on movies.
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