G.U.T.S.  Podcast
G.U.T.S. Podcast
G.U.T.S. Podcast
G.U.T.S. (getting under the skin) explores every thing Horror. from horror movies to games. From big budget classics to hard to find low budget gems. We dive in to the genre head first. To us horror is our live. WE are G.U.T.S !
53: G.U.T.S. -53- Pumpkin Head
This week we break down the 1988 classic Pumpkin Head. S.O. to Dread Central
Nov 18
46 min
52: G.U.T.S. 52- Live with Caroline Williams
G.U.T.S. is coming to you live from the Texas Theater. At the Ten Minutes to Midnight Premier. With the Queen herself Caroline Williams.
Nov 10
36 min
51: G.U.T.S. 51- Phobia Haunted House
When we got the invite to tour the Phobia Haunted House we were thrilled. Definitely one for the books. We think you'll this view of horror from a very different angle.
Oct 26
1 hr 7 min
50: G.U.T.S. 50-Halloween
On this special 50th episide we dive into the Rob Zombie new age classic Halloween. Thank you all for the support. It means the world to us.
Oct 12
42 min
49: G.U.T.S. 49- Silent Hill
On this episode we breakdown the 2006 sleeper Silent Hill.
Oct 1
45 min
48: G.U.T.S. 48 From Dusk till Dawn
This week on G.U.T.S. we breakdown the Vamp Classic From Dusk till Dawn. Long live Cheech!!!
Sep 23
48 min
47: G.U.T.S. 47 - Spree (  Eugene Kotlyarenko )
So great choppin it up with Eugene Kotlyarenko. The writer/director of Spree.
Sep 16
1 hr 1 min
46: G.U.T.S. - 46 - HOST
Jed Sheperd & Radina Drandova of Host
Sep 2
1 hr 2 min
45: G.U.T.S. 45- Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 with Caroline Williams
We got the pleasure to chat with the one and only Caroline Williams aka Stretch of Texas chainsaw massacre. She lets us know about all her upcoming ventures. Mainly we get the details on the upcoming, and long-awaited Ten Minutes to Midnight. Its gonna be a bloodbath!!
Aug 19
54 min
44: House of 1000 corpses / Fried Barry (Ryan Kruger)
All the way from South Africa Ryan Kruger drops knowledge about the international indy scene. How blending styles is becoming common practice. Plus we break down one of the greatest horror films ever made. House of 1000 corpses.
Aug 14
1 hr 5 min
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