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Episode 1 - Introductions & UR Mindset
57 minutes Posted Jul 13, 2021 at 6:49 am.
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Show notes

In the pilot episode Lanie, Olivier, and Sébastien talk a bit about their backgrounds and how they ended up in GUR. They also begin discussing one of their favorite topics – the all-important and highly sought after User Research Mindset™   

Who are we? 

Lanie Dixon User Research Team Lead @ Ubisoft Montreal All-around GUR evangelist. 6 years in GUR with experience working on games in everything from VR, educational, indie, and AAA. Former indie game studio owner. Getting fun out of watching my siblings play games growing up trained me for this.    

Olivier De Maeyer User Research Manager @ Ubisoft Montreal UR Veteran. 19+ years of studying human interaction with everything that has screens and buttons, including 6 years in games. Obsessed with methods. My appeal to UX started at 8 years old when I discovered how painful “ergonomic” scissors were for left-handed people like me.  

Sébastien Lourties User Research Team Lead @ Ubisoft Montreal Fascinated by end-user power. 4 years in the finance industry before joining Ubisoft. I chose UR & UX when I discovered most digital projects failed due to the lack of customers involvement in the creation process. Special expertise with large UX research roadmap and biometrics involvement.   Logo & assets contributed by Marie Roy