Growth Chronicles with Jas
Growth Chronicles with Jas
Jasmine Scales
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This is a safe space for women on a common journey! We will share our pits and peaks and enjoy a good glass of wine as we dig deep to reveal the moments of growth we all experience. No secret is too deep and no topic is off limits. Transparency is freeing and necessary in a world that strives for perfection. No matter our story, we all have one thing in common for sure... I'M EVERY WOMAN! Support this podcast:
Success ins't Loud!
With Bidens new roll out proposal to invade our financial privacy I have some shit to get off my chest! New money is too damn loud and I'm siccud!!!! --- Support this podcast:
Sep 15, 2021
45 min
Parenting Hiccups...
I dive deep into new issues that my husband and I face when it comes to disciplining our 5 year old. No one told us that co parenting in marriage is also a thing if not harder because you have to truly respond and handle with care when it comes to your reactions because it's actually your partner. Join me as I discuss and unpack our new journey and highlight my moment of growth.  --- Support this podcast:
Aug 23, 2021
39 min
IKYFL Porsha!
In the land of ghetto ass Bravo mess!  --- Support this podcast:
May 11, 2021
31 min
Wait a min, Sis!
People spend way too much time looking for more, instead of appreciating what they have. I chime in on the murder of Duane Wright and more.  --- Support this podcast:
Apr 14, 2021
55 min
Meet the Product of a Teen Mom.
I have Disaya as a guest where I share our story and unpack our dynamic.  --- Support this podcast:
Mar 17, 2021
54 min
Is Marriage Different?
Marriage is most definitely different than I could've ever imagined. In a good way, to feel chosen with intention to commit and grow as a union. Join me as I discuss my experience and thoughts of 1 year down in marriage. I love it here.  --- Support this podcast:
Mar 8, 2021
42 min
Turn the lights ON, sis : Intimacy in Marriage
Join me as I unpack the hard truth in our roles often played that leads to lack of intimacy in our marriage. I share a personal story and revelation that I had that has elevated my marriage to new heights. Thank God for the continued growth I experience that continues to pour into my journey in a positive way. Turn the lights ON, sis.... let the man see you, love you, embrace you and more. Barriers shouldn't exist in marriage when it comes to allowing him to show you his admiration in spite of you not seeing it yourself.  --- Support this podcast:
Feb 17, 2021
43 min
Who TF is Kevin?
I touch on a few hot topics and dive into the FOOL that is Kevin Samuels. Like who is this dude for real and better yet how many clowns are really apart of his circus?  --- Support this podcast:
Jan 25, 2021
52 min
Is Black Love Dead?
In this episode I dive into the importance of Black Love and celebrating it out loud. I feel as though the representation is becoming more and more slim on mainstream media. It's either problematic or unhealthy. Hear my thoughts and be sure to check out my IG @nlovewithjasmine for an announcement to unpack this on Clubhouse!  --- Support this podcast:
Jan 13, 2021
43 min
The Ghetto of Co-Parenting!
I dive into m y experience with co parenting and what all I've learned and grew through over the years. This is a good one and I'm hopeful that it can help someone out there. We all we got! --- Support this podcast:
Dec 16, 2020
53 min
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