Grow My Salon Business Podcast
Grow My Salon Business Podcast
Antony Whitaker
I know that being in business isn’t always easy. Along with the many highs and ‘a ha’ moments it can sometimes be soul destroying, frustrating and a very lonely place to be. Being a business owner is one of life’s greatest educations and it gives you two clear choices, either you continually learn, adapt and grow, or you resist change, stagnate and perish. We live in ever changing and sometimes challenging times, so being informed and constantly inspired is more important than ever. Join Antony Whitaker talking to thought leaders on the business side of the hairdressing industry discussing insightful, provocative and inspiring ideas that matter. Get ready to learn, get ready to be challenged, get ready to be inspired and most importantly get ready to grow your salon business!
065 Sonya Gettinger & Ally Deering
20% Retail and 20% Profit, How Do You Measure Up?
Nov 24
56 min
064 Tony Walmsley
Even in This Time of COVID, Some Salons Are Growing. What Are They Doing That You Aren’t?
Nov 17
59 min
063 Antony Whitaker
Is Buying an Existing Business a Bad Idea?
Nov 10
38 min
062 Paul Dare
The Key to Maintaining Your Passion After 30+ Years Behind The Chair.
Nov 3
1 hr 2 min
061 Fry Taylor
“There Is No Planet B” We Are All In This Together!
Oct 27
1 hr 3 min
060 Michaeline DeJoria
With Good Fortune Comes Great Responsibility.
Oct 20
1 hr 1 min
059 Nick Arrojo
This Is What Leadership and Optimism Look Like!
Oct 13
1 hr 14 min
058 Tracey Ftacek
The lessons to Learn From The Dreaded Staff Walkout!
Oct 6
47 min
057 Antony Whitaker - Business Booster
Marketing Isn’t Just About Getting New Clients
Sep 29
22 min
056 John Harms
Your front desk point of sale software system should be your best friend and silent business partner.
Sep 22
54 min
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