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In Talks With... we aim to break down the world’s most pressing problems in a way that is interesting, exciting, and easy to understand. Our podcast hosts, Emil Ekvardt and Spirit Rosenberg, talk with organizations and experts dedicated to doing good in the world. Together, they shed light on some incredible work being done globally.
#301 Talks With... POAC Autism Services
We all deserve connections that matter. But for the one New Jersey child in thirty-two who is diagnosed with autism, communication can sometimes be a difficult challenge. POAC Autism Services aims to improve the quality of life of autistic people in New Jersey. Find out how investing in training and recreational enrichment can uplift children with autism, their families and the whole community.  Want to support POAC Autism Service?
Oct 11
43 min
#299 Talks With... Reach Out and Read GNY
Many factors shape our odds of success. Some come into play almost from the moment we are born. When a child is encouraged to engage with books from a very young age, their chance of success in later life skyrockets. Reach Out And Read GNY provides children and parents or carers with books during pediatric care. Find out how you can help level the educational playing field for disadvantaged children. Want to support Reach Out And Read GNY?
Oct 3
36 min
#298 Talks With... Love Justice International
There are a shocking 40 to 45 million slaves in the world today. That equates to around 1 in 200 people living on our planet. And it’s a problem that affects every country in the world, even the most developed. Love Justice International intercepts and prevents human trafficking. They have so far stopped 24 thousand instances. Find out how you can help ensure vulnerable communities don’t fall victim to traffickers. Want to support Love Justice International?
Sep 30
23 min
#297 Talks With... Heifer International
A huge proportion of the food that sustains the world is produced by smallholder farmers - independent, often family-run operations. These smallholders feed over 2 billion people. Heifer International is helping farmers in 21 countries produce food sustainably to help end global hunger and poverty. Find out how you can help galvanize farming communities and support long-term economic growth across the developing world. Want to support Heifer International?
Sep 27
24 min
#296 Talks With... Project for Public Spaces
Many of us see the big city as an alienating place, where busy people rush past each other, never stopping to catch their breath and appreciate their surroundings. The Project For Public Spaces is reimagining the way we interact with our towns and cities, focusing on community, health and wellbeing. Find out how enhancing public spaces could improve the health and prosperity of a district near you. Want to support the Project for Public Spaces?
Sep 26
31 min
#295 Talks With... PCRM
Many of us are aware of the potential health benefits of a plant-based diet. But fewer people know that there are several proven ways of testing new medical treatments that don’t involve animals. The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) promotes the ethical treatment of animals as well as plant-based diet plans to help tackle health epidemics. Find out how you could benefit from going vegan. Want to support PCRM?
Sep 21
22 min
#294 Talks With... Family House
If your child were diagnosed with a serious illness, the last thing you’d want to think about is the logistics of caring for them. Family House provides a broad range of services to ease the burden on families whose child has a life-threatening condition such as cancer. Find out how providing accommodation next to a world class hospital can make the world of difference to underprivileged families. Want to support Family House?
Sep 20
20 min
#293 Talks With... Nebraska AIDS Project
The UN targets an AIDS-free world by 2030. To get there, we need to step up education, testing and treatment throughout the world. Nebraska Aids Project fights to overcome the stigma surrounding HIV and AIDS through education, supportive services and advocacy.  Find out how your donation can help make HIV an epidemic of the past by funding awareness and treatment programmes. Want to support the Nebraska Aids Project?
Sep 19
22 min
#292 Talks With... Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide
Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide (ELAW) levels the playing field by presenting legal and scientific challenges against environmentally unsound projects. Find out how you can help campaign for and encourage more eco-friendly development throughout the world. Want to support ELAW? Find the episode on
Sep 15
22 min
#291 Talks With... Judi's House
One in fourteen children in the USA will experience bereavement before the age of eighteen. It’s important that these kids receive compassion and empathy, as the loss of a parent or carer can greatly affect their development. Judi’s House in Denver, Colorado serves children and families who are grieving a loss. Want to support Judi’s House?  Find the episode on
Sep 15
23 min
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