Great Lives
Great Lives
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Rights activist Cesar Chavez nominated by Cori Crider
32 minutes Posted Jan 26, 2021 at 8:45 am.
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Show notes
In 1960s California, Mexican-American Civil Rights Leader, Cesar Chavez led the United Farmworkers union in a series of strikes, boycotts and semi-religious processions, which inspired farmworkers, students and celebrities to join him in what he called 'La Causa'
'The Cause' was his struggle to force the landowners and growers - and the system in which they operated - to recognise farmworkers as human beings who deserved dignity, respect and basic rights.
Senator Robert F Kennedy was a fan, describing him as a "heroic figure". Joan Baez sang at his rallies. Years later, President Obama stole his slogan and opened a national monument to his memory. And yet he is little known internationally or even outside latino communities in the US.
The lawyer and founder of Foxglove, Cori Crider, tells Mathew Parris why she is inspired by his legacy and why the lessons from his life are needed now more than ever.
Matthew and Cori are joined by Miriam Pawel, the author of The Crusades of Cesar Chavez.
Clips of Eliseo Medina were taken from an interview conducted by the producer.
Producer: Ellie Richold