Grammar Girl Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing

Grammar Girl Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing
Five-time winner of Best Education Podcast in the Podcast Awards. Grammar Girl provides short, friendly tips to improve your writing and feed your love of the English language. Whether English is your first language or your second language, these grammar, punctuation, style, and business tips will make you a better and more successful writer. Grammar Girl is a Quick and Dirty Tips podcast.
How to write about zero. Are your emails accidentally rude? PAPST.
1003. This week, we look at zero — what a weird number! It has two plurals, sometimes you use the word and sometimes you use the numeral, and it gave rise to a bunch of idioms in the World War II era. Then we turn our attention to email. Generational differences can lead to misunderstandings. We explain why and how to avoid them.
Jul 16
17 min
AI: Friend or foe? A conversation with Martha Brockenbrough
1002. This week, Mignon talks with author Martha Brockenbrough about the good and bad sides of using artificial intelligence for writing and education, including ethical concerns about using AI-generated content, strategies for teaching writing in the age of AI, and the potential effects on teachers' jobs.
Jul 11
22 min
The unspoken rules of adjectives. The rise of 'yeah-nah.' Sundies
1001. This week, we explore the often-overlooked rules for ordering adjectives in English and when to use commas between them. Then, spurred by a recent shout-out at a Taylor Swift concert in Australia, we look at the rise of the phrase "yeah-nah" (and its American cousin "yeah-no").
Jul 9
17 min
Grammar Girl at 1000: Words, wisdom, and a dash of whimsy
1000. In this special 1000th episode, I take the hot seat to answer your questions. Hear what made the first year of the podcast so wild, what I wish I had done differently, what mistakes I still make, how I still find topics after all these episodes, and the title of my secret dream show (hint: it involves penguins!). It's a celebration of language, learning, and the loyal listeners who made it all possible.
Jul 4
25 min
The birth of American English. How to recognize a phrasal verb. Cucka-nucka.
999. This week, we look at what shaped early American English, from Native American words to Noah Webster's spelling reforms. Then, we explore phrasal verbs, looking at their grammatical peculiarities and some tips to distinguish them from other types of verbs.
Jul 2
19 min
Buying your hometown newspaper, with Samantha & Greg Enslen
998. This week, I talked with Samantha and Greg Enslen, who recently purchased their hometown newspaper, the "Tippecanoe Gazette" in Tipp City, Ohio. Sam and Greg shared how they are making it work, from updating antiquated systems to expanding news coverage and readership. We also discussed balancing print and digital content, the challenges of ad sales and subscriptions, their commitment to hyper-local reporting, their thoughts on AI in journalism, and the colorful stories that make small-town news so much fun. Whether you're an aspiring journalist or are simply curious about the future of local news, you'll be inspired by the Enslens' dedication to keeping community journalism alive.
Jun 27
46 min
'Which' versus 'that.' Words for walking. Bottleadammit.
997. This week, I help you learn (and remember!) the difference between "which" and "that" with practical tips and examples about cupcakes. Then, we take a linguistic stroll through walking-related terms, including "perambulate," "sashay," and "traipse."
Jun 25
16 min
The Hidden Stories of African American English with Dr. Sonja Lanehart
994. This week, you'll learn about the rich linguistic history of African American English with Dr. Sonja Lanehart, an advisor to the Oxford Dictionary of African American English. We talked about what goes into making an entirely new dictionary and about some of the first entries, including "kitchen," "Aunt Hagar's  Children," and "do rag."
Jun 20
39 min
The art of punctuation and the charm of 'kerfuffle.' Nicing.
995. This week, we look at when to use parentheses, dashes, and commas and how the choice can change the tone of your writing. Then, we dive into the history of words for describing a big fuss — "kerfuffle," "hullabaloo," "hoopla," and more.
Jun 18
18 min
Exploring the Language of 'Dune': An Interview with Kevin J. Anderson and Scott Brick
994. This week, I sat down with the prolific "Dune" author Kevin J. Anderson and the famed "Dune" narrator Scott Brick to explore the language challenges in the "Dune" series. Learn how Kevin and Scott navigated Frank Herbert's original vocabulary, stayed true to the cultural influences of the names and terms, and created an extensive pronunciation guide. Whether you're a longtime fan or are new to the series, you'll love Kevin and Scott's stories about the language of "Dune" and its quirky history.
Jun 13
44 min
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