GovLove - A Podcast About Local Government
GovLove - A Podcast About Local Government
Engaging Local Government Leaders (ELGL)
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Stop w/the long lightning rounds pls
Many of the topics have shared pertinent info, but I question why so much time is spent on the long winded multiple question lightning rounds. I believe the meat of the topics often times is a long wait, and the lightning rounds lead onto longer discussions that are often awkward and not pertinent.
Pretty good
I’ve been exposed to a lot of good information via this podcast. I’m a council member in a small city, and this is a great resource to expand the professionals, and their thinking, that I’m exposed to. That said, the interviewers could sometimes ask more critical questions. For example, a recent guest posited that adjoining use conflicts could be better resolved by one-on-one arbitration by planners, or civil litigation between the parties, rather than preemptive but sometimes-blunt traditional zoning. While there’s much to critique about zoning, the interviewer really should have called them out on that one. Sometimes a guest has something of relevance to me, sometimes not, but it is often enough I keep coming back.
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Way too WOKE
One guest mentioned “equity” about thirty times. He hit all the blue check marks: Climate Change (not global warming), Red lining, George Floyd, infrastructure funding, climate action, BLM, environmental justice, climate… If he had said “orange man bad” he would be a full fledged Woke-alist. Can’t you just discuss policy without the elitist slant?
OG dnb
Great, informative
As a new professional as a city administrator, I’ve found this podcast to be incredibly helpful, with great speakers. Perfect for my commute to work !
Empowering, insightful and actionable! 🙌
Whether you’re well established as someone innovating in local government, or just getting started as a catalyst for change - this is a must-listen podcast for you! Kirsten and the entire ELGL team do an incredible job leading conversations that cover a huge breadth of topics related to the ins and outs of building a thriving culture and organization - with local leaders who’ve actually experienced success themselves. Highly recommend listening and subscribing!
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Highlights the best of local gov peeps
I’m not sure what I love more, the in-depth discussions that provide real insights and useful, tangible actions or the breadth of topics that demonstrate the diversity of how local gov impacts lives. Or just that the format is so fun and accessible. Regardless, it is a valuable resource.
It just keeps improving
Seriously. I’ve been a subscriber for what feels like ages and all they do is get better. Better guests, better audio quality, better content. They are dedicated to giving insight into how all politics are local.
10/10 would recommend — even for non-government related people!
As someone who’s worked for government and is now on the side of helping governments work better, the information in these podcasts are extremely beneficial in finding ways to do just that — amazing quality and work for the time put in!
A great niche pod for people into local government
GovLove brings on guests who are doing some of the most creative and important work in government (at any level). The show exudes Leslie Knope-level enthusiasm about local government and the people who power it. I appreciate that episodes have no set length and that the interviews give insights about the guests' biography and career path. I wish the hosts would ask their goofy off-topic questions at the end of the interview, rather than at the beginning as a warm-up; as it is, I often skip ahead to get to the meat of conversation. Listeners should know upfront that the audio is sometimes subpar and the episodes appear to receive little to no editing (lots of uhs and ums), but you quickly get over those minor issues because the conversations are always thoughtful and the subject matter is hard to find anywhere else. It's also worth noting that these folks are prolific (new episodes every week!), so chances are you'll find at least a few relevant/interesting episodes each month. If you work in or with local government or cover it as a journalist, you ought to be subscribing to GovLove.
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An Oasis for Positive State and Local Gov Success Stories
As a State gov worker, it’s encouraging to hear talented and dedicated public servants discuss problems, solutions, and trends that anyone in gov, at any level, can relate to. The positivity is refreshing and much-needed.
David Siegler
Great podcast
This podcast is a reference library of trending government practices. It has become my go to for resourceful information. Not to mention the network of local governments experts you meet here.
EJ Dunston
It’s where LocalGov meets Love
GovLove asks all the right questions. Real LocalGov enthusiasts provide all the right questions. This podcast is perfect for anyone and everyone.
Savage Gorilla
The go to local gov podcast
GovLove consistently provides quality content. It’s my go to podcast when I need additional inspiration to challenge traditional government concepts.
A “Must Listen!”
If you’re an active or aspiring local government professional, you’ve got to get this in your rotation! A diverse set of hosts, guests, and topics. Thanks to ELGL for keeping this topical and really interesting!
Leslie would love it as much as waffles
Runs listening to GovLov fly-incredible opportunity to learn from and be inspired by LocalGov awesomeness.
Great Resource for Local Managers
This podcast provides a great way for me to learn about great things going on in local government while I am commuting to and from work. It’s like a conference in my car.
Ann Marie Townshend
Solid City Government Specific Content
I look forward to the content in each episode - the only podcast I’ve found that delivers this diverse of content focused on city government. Thanks for helping me learn!
True Love for this ELGL Podcast
I’m truly in love with this podcast. As a city government employee who cares about equity and the power of data, I’m inspired each time I have a chance to listen to this podcast. Whether the topic is directly related to my work (which is often) or not, these thoughtful interviews with high performing (and deeply caring) government leaders never fail to provide new insights and deepen my respect for others who do this work. Give it a listen sometime soon!
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A fun civics lesson for kids and adults alike
I’ve come to realize at the ripe old age of 27 that my dream job is to one day be Mayor. Of where? I’m not sure. Is 13 year old severely disappointed? Probably. Is the Gov Love Podcast both a great refresher in all things local politics and a palate cleanser for those of us who have given up on the idea that there are dedicated civil servants out there who just want to help their city and not cause international drama? Absolutely.
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Top notch
Love this show. This is my favorite multi city government podcast. Check it out!
Excellent Source for all things Local Government
Even if you don’t work in local governments (I work for a Nonprofit) this is a great podcast for the nuts and bolts, or the “blocking and tackling” for how our cities can get positive things done. There is a broad spectrum of topics covered. Anything from housing, public works, technology, healthcare, City council or the opioid epidemic, with the GovLov Podcast, you will find something that will make any policy-wonk or local gov’t nerd smile.
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Phenomenal podcast
I've been listening to GovLove for two years now and it's been a great part of my week. I even re-listen to my favorites from time to time. Aside from it being fun, the things I learn on this podcast from guests have actually helped me be a better councilmember in my own city (Pullman, WA).
So much love for GovLove
This podcast is a must listen for even non government folks. Engaging hosts. Interesting guests including Malcolm Gladwell and actor from Parks and Rec. Thank you, ELGL! ELGL membership has so much value!!!
Great Conversations with Local Government Leaders
I recently discovered this podcast and have become a quick fan. If you’re looking to learn from local government leaders around the country, look no farther.
Great Govt Insight
Usually I’m listening to this in the car, which is unfortunate, because I’m always trying to jot down a note or two from all the great guests. Good motivation to develop better public transportation 😀.
Great for Public Administrators
I recently discovered the GovLove podcast, and I’m glad I did. It’s refreshing to hear the perspectives from other public administrators across the country. The podcast does a great job humanizing the interviewees by having them share some fun tidbits about themselves, and it helps keep the podcast from sounding like a lecture. I like getting a taste of each of the personalities being interviewed. Would recommend this podcast for anyone in public administration!
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Real, Relevant, Funny!
The best podcast for anyone in government or wanting to be in government. Diverse topics, with great people, enjoyable for any listener!
Lucky for us, it’s what GovLove likes...(Bruno Mars style)
Lucky for us it’s what GovLove likes, talking to folks and asking questions on the mic. Microphone, check check, on the 1’s and 2’s; interviewing city leaders about their careers and what they do. GovLove podcasts are where it’s at, great conversations and points about this and that. It’s an awesome way to share the human side, of city leaders who lead, deliver and guide. You connect us in a meaningful way, so we can share ideas and solutions every day. Theme music at the end highlighting a favorite song, music always in the mix and you’ll never go wrong! Lucky for us it’s how you roll, engaging local government leaders as the ultimate goal. Thanks oh thanks for the GovLove podcasts; they are educational and an exciting blast!
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Great! Podcast for anyone in local government
This is a great podcast for anyone working in or around local government. It really gets you to thinking outside of the box.
Diverse and Inclusive
I love this pod because it so often inspires me to make changes in my own community! Thanks so much!
Council Member Elect
As a Council Member Elect, this pod keeps me informed, updated and inspired to do what good I can. Thank you
If you love government
If you love government and hearing from influencers and up and comers this is your podcast. A lot of fun episodes. I love to hop around and listen to the various episodes!
Christian W - AZ
Not just for nerds
Local government is truly the government of the people. It’s the level of government where we, the people, can have the most interaction with elected - and appointed - government officials...and the Gov Live podcast provides excellent insight into many of the brightest and best of these individuals. They share their ideas, insights, and fun help increase the effectiveness for cities and towns all over. If you’re interested in how to improve your own city, listen to Gov Love...and then bring the ideas you like back to your local leaders.
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Love the Gov
Gov Love may have changed my life. I reached out to the most rad lady I’ve ever talked to from one of the episodes. Got lots of new info, heard from cool people, and got excited about local gov!
This podcast makes local government fun!
Govlove is a terrific podcast for learning and understanding the most impactful level of government- your local government. It is great for anyone- citizens who would like to know more, MPA students, seasoned vets of the preofession, and elected leaders. I am excited to see how the innovations discussed in this podcast spread, and how this community impacts the next generation of leaders.
N. Wendele
Knope? Not just for local gov peeps!
Great podcast for anyone looking to solve problems, build great teams and move up in their career. If you have a passion for public service, you’ll hear from lots of awesome professionals who feel that way too!
Loving GovLove
I recently found the podcast and I have to say how impressed I am with the quality of the interviews. I especially enjoyed the recent podcast with Clarence Anthony from NLC, which led me to download some previous releases which were also excelent. It is really nice that you include both the personal stories from your guests as well as the professional and policy interview questions. I think it is easy to forget that public service professionals are people first - not just politicians, officials or public personalities. Great job, ELGL and keep up the good work!
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Roadtripping: Always Better with GovLove
GovLove is a fascinating trip into all things local government. Whether you are a local government wonk or a resident of a city, you will learn interesting tidbits about how your government works and can improve. My parents experienced ~8 hours of GovLove on an impromptu road trip and marveled at the breadth of topics covered and the depth of information and perspectives included on GovLove.
David Carnahan
I'm enthralled
I have a fairly long commute and listening to GovLove during it makes it so much more enjoyable! Working in a small local government, it really helps open my eyes to things that are going on in larger places that we don't have to deal with, but may in the future. It also encourages me to expand my knowledge base. I can't wait to see what else they have in store!
A must listen
This is a must listen pod for anyone currently in or considering entering the unceasingly rewarding local gov world.
FFL user
Love the GovLov
I discovered GovLov and ELGL 2 weeks ago and have almost listened to every episode available! It’s just what need at this point in my career! I joined ELGL and was delighted to receive mail from Ron Swanson!!! 😄
Good stuff has no expiration date!
People! This is ALL good stuff! I am binge-listening to this stuff! Now go listen, learn, do, AND share! And be awesome too! Jim Proce
Jim Proce
Great place to learn
Listening to impassioned local government employees talk about the places they live, work and play is a great way to learn from them and get inspiration on those days when the world doesn't seem so kind. Thanks GovLove for keeping it real and providing some knowledge mixed with the feels.
Sharing hearts and minds of city leaders
This is what I love about GovLove Podcast, they share the big hearts (and great minds) of local government leaders and their passion for serving others. Thanks for the extra time and effort it takes to do these podcasts, Ben, Kirsten, and Kent (and other guest podcasters). The profession is better because of it.
I love learning about local gov!
This podcast is so fun and informative. My favorite episodes were the interview with Giovanna Tiarachristie and Mayor Levar Stoney.
Kristen T. Kittels
Great professional development resource
As a newcomer to local government ELGL and GovLove have been a fantastic resource for me. The podcast offers a great range of experiences, challenges and solutions that are widely applicable in my career. It's a must listen!
Eric in Gadsden
Making Local Government Great Again
If you're looking to restore your faith in government and public servants, look no further. You've arrived! I am absolutely loving this fantastic podcast! The variety and content is intriguing and thought provoking. The mix of frivolity and philosophy are the perfect blend to keep the important topics light yet interesting. If you are interested in local government, work in local government or live in a community with a local government this podcast is for you. The discussions that the GovLove Team brings to life are the cutting edge in local government, and give a sneak peak into what to expect next in your neighborhood. Welcome to the next generation in public service...citizen engagement and good governance, with a slice of optimism!
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The Knope-esquest Podcast!
If Leslie Knope with all of her knowledge and passion for local gov made a podcast it would be this one. Way to put the FUN in FUNCTIONAL, ELGL team! This is as great of an informational tool as it is a joyful, supportive voice for the #localgov network. Well done.
Nicolette @InfoSysNic
Local gov at its best
Great pod cast - if you like or work in local gov it is a must!
This is LITERALLY the best podcast
I love this podcast more than Chris Traeger loves...everything! The topics are relevant to all fields of government and public administration and the interviewees are poised and amicable. Treat yo self to a few hours of GovLove!
Hannah Lebovits
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