GovLove - A Podcast About Local Government
GovLove - A Podcast About Local Government
Engaging Local Government Leaders (ELGL)
GovLove is a podcast about the people, policies and profession of local government. From Mayors and City Managers to interns and everyone in between, we interview the people making a difference in their communities to learn about the great work being done at the local level. GovLove is brought to you by Engaging Local Government Leaders (ELGL).
#435 Civil Rights & Racial Equity with Joshua Barr, Des Moines, IA
Breaking bread, building bridges. Joshua Barr, Director of Civil & Human Rights at the City of Des Moines, Iowa, joined the podcast to discuss his work with the City, including his Emmy Award-winning documentary. He talked about the engagement and policy work the City has done around equity, including their Bridging the Gap initiative and a cultural competency training for employees. Joshua also gave a sneak preview of his #ELGLPopUps keynote session. Host: Ben Kittelson
May 14
1 hr 10 min
#434 Land Use & Sprawl in Houston with William Fulton, Rice University
Building better cities. William Fulton, the Director of the Kinder Institute for Urban Research at Rice University, joined the podcast for a wide ranging conversation about development, planning, and land use in Houston, Texas. He talked about the market forces in an environment with low regulation and sprawl, plus how gentrification is occurring in Houston. He also discussed how the City is planning for resilience, what other cities can learn from Houston, and his new book about the Texas Triangle. Host: Ben Kittelson
May 11
57 min
#433 Investing in Infrastructure with Kip Eideberg, Association of Equipment Manufacturers
Rebuild with purpose. Kip Eideberg, Sr. Vice President at the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM), joined the podcast to talk about infrastructure and manufacturing. He shared results from AEM's recent Infrastructure Vision 2050 report and the need for federal infrastructure investments to be targeted at States and local governments. He also discussed rural broadband and building the manufacturing workforce. Host: Kirsten Wyatt 
May 7
49 min
#432 Sustainability & Energy Management with John Morrill, Fairfax County, VA
Audacious goals and clean energy. John Morrill, Division Manager for Innovation & Sustainability at Fairfax County, Virginia, joined the podcast to talk about sustainability and energy efficiency. He discussed the strategies needed to implement local government sustainability plans and the goals associated with them. John also talked about the energy grid, the need for electrification to meet energy goals, and power purchase agreements. Host: Toney Thompson
May 4
1 hr 13 min
#431 Student-Led Sustainability Action Planning with Victoria Castor & Steve Russell
Students helping cities. Victoria Caster, Water Conservation and Sustainability Coordinator at the City of Peoria, AZ, and Steve Russell, Program Manager of Project Cities at Arizona State University, joined the podcast to talk about student-led sustainability plans. They discussed projects that students with Project Cities have completed, like in the City of Peoria, and the impact of those projects on the communities they worked with. They shared how communities in Arizona could partner with Project Cities and how cities across the nation can partner with EPIC-N to bring students into their organization. Host: Javon Davis
Apr 30
49 min
#430 COVID-19 Relief Spending with Michael Hotard and Kevin Kearney
How relief funds are being spent. Michael Hotard, Director of Operations at CivicPulse, and Kevin Kearney, City Manager of the City of Bradbury, California, joined the podcast to talk about COVID-19 relief funding for local government. They discussed the key findings of CivicPulse's survey on past and future COVID-19 relief spending. They also shared how local governments can use these results in their own community. Host: Lauren Palmer
Apr 27
45 min
#429 Expanding Housing Options for the Unhoused Community with Brian Platt, Kansas City, MO
The Land Bank Dollar Sale. Brian Platt, City Manager for the City of Kansas City, Missouri, joined the podcast to talk about the Land Bank Dollar Sale. He shared other creative things the City is doing to expand housing options for the unhoused community. Brian discussed starting a new Housing Department within the City. He also shared lessons learned while working with the unhoused community and the next steps for others looking to start this work. Host: Kirsten Wyatt
Apr 23
42 min
#428 Restorative Housing Reparations with Nicholas Cummings, Evanston, IL
Redressing institutional racism and redlining. Nicholas Cummings, Corporation Counsel for the City of Evanston, Illinois, joined the podcast to talk about the new program approved last month to address the historic impacts of housing discrimination. He shared the details of the program and the City's Local Reparations Fund. Nicholas also discussed the legal limits of reparations programs in local government and how the program fits into the broader racial equity conversation. Host: Alyssa Dinberg
Apr 20
38 min
#427 American Rescue Plan Act FAQs with Ryan Gallant, SLATE Research & Consulting
The impacts of the Federal funding. Ryan Gallant, CEO & Founder of SLATE Research & Consulting, joined the podcast to dive deep on the American Rescue Plan Act and answer questions about how it will impact local government. He discussed what the funding could be used for and how it differs from the CARES Act funding. He also makes the case for using ARPA funding for IT needs and digitizing services. Host: Alyssa Dinberg
Apr 16
33 min
#426 The Promise of Public Interest Technology with Tara Dawson McGuinness & Hana Schank
Power to the people. Two guests join the podcast to talk about their new book, Power to the Public: The Promise of Public Interest Technology. Tara Dawson McGuinness, Fellow at New America and Founder of the New Practice Lab, and Hana Schank, Director of Strategy for Public Interest Technology at New America, explain the process of writing their book and explain public interest technology. They shared the importance of data, design, and delivery to public services and in implementing policies in government. They also discuss what must happen for successful change to occur as well as the role of technology. Host: Ben Kittelson
Apr 13
57 min
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