Got it Memorized? A NEO: The Worlds Ends With You Recap Podcast
Got it Memorized? A NEO: The Worlds Ends With You Recap Podcast
Wheels & Jo
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Just got into the games, good podcast!
Try cussing less! It is a children’s game after all, so the occasional GD or other such curses make me cringe. It’s surprisingly hard to find a wholesome podcast about an E rated game series 😂
Oh my gah let me pick a name
*Xehanort Voice*
One of the best shows ive ever had the pleasure of listening to! If youre looking to get into kingdom hearts and cant afford to buy every game (or are intimidated by the vast size of this series) this is the perfect place to start. Both cohosts are an absolute joy and genuinely care about Kingdom Hearts. While there is still a lot to make sense of, im sure that all will become clear before Kingdom Hearts 4
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Kingdom Hearts is Light
Wheels and Jo are two wonderful people who put on a very entertaining show! While this is primarily a Kingdom Hearts podcast, it delves into other properties of Square Enix and it’s a great way to learn about them! It’s worth mentioning that this is a comedy podcast, so this may not be for you if you are looking for super serious discussion. That said, I think the comedy approach is perfect for a show about Kingdom Hearts. It really is a delight!
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Riku, they bugs in him, smh
Still catching up
My brother suggested I listen to y’all forever ago, but I’m just now listening to him after starting “champs in the making” then hearing y’all on it. Also listing to and loving “Interstitial” and “”We Are! (Watching One Price)
Are you guys not going to mention that Aqua Had a PTSD Meltdown seeing a tornado of dark her
Sonikku Hearts
i can't stop laughing listening to this podcast. and also help ive started incorporating your speech patterns in my own life
Anti-nerd AND anti-dad
The most stinging indictment of my character came in the form of being called a “nerd” by a Kingdom Hearts podcast. Jokes aside, Wheels and Jo are very knowledgeable about the series and incredibly funny. Listening to their recaps has been such an enjoyable experience.
Tangy Captain
This looks like a good spot to find some lore
I still don't play Kingdom Hearts, but I actually genuinely care about it and understand it thanks to all teh incredible work Wheels and Jo do. Bless up.
Fun and enjoyable podcast
I really love Xehanort voice, “it’s gotta budge”, sandwich, Xiggy-Bardust, and Luxord
Noah Seus
Advanced Silence
A charming podcast. They are good at explaining AND making you laugh until your sides hurt. If you like Kingdom Hearts and you like laughing, this podcast is perfect! These episodes always make my day. I love their detailed descriptions of guacing characters who look like snacks.
Can't get enough
This super-duo hits the mark with every episode. The jokes, the explosive laughter, the thorough analysis, the disney voices: it's everything I need to make sense of the KH franchise. This podcast also does a great recap of the smaller games that I didn’t [want to] play. I'm 100% sure Nomura listens.
Long time KH fan, still learning along the way.
Wheels and Jo make a great pair. The podcast is informative and hilarious. The hosts love Kingdom Hearts while appreciating its absurdity at the same time. Would definitely recommend to anyone interested in KH, whether you’ve played the games or not.
So fun!!!
I was a little trepidatious when jumping in on the 3D episode, because any game (even if it operates on the kind of moon logic that’ll make your head explode if you think about it for two seconds) in this franchise that can be summed up as ‘Sora and Riku have an unnecessarily cute gaydventure with Pokemon’ is going to be near and dear to my heart. Thankfully, the hosts ripped it apart with the gleeful joy of the true fan, and I loved it. I continued, and found myself enjoying the other episodes even MORE! If you’re looking for a funny KH recap show with hosts who do their honest, absolute, level best to put the absolute absurdity that is KH into some semblance of context, look no further!
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Only Kingdom Heart Podcast worthy of your earholes
Quality content right here
The best hour of my week
I started listening to this podcast over a year ago and boy has it just kept getting better and better. Wheels and Jo are incredible and hilarious hosts and I do genuinely feel that I understand the plot beats of the series pretty well now. Obviously there are things that will never make sense (boats traveling through darkness???) but I’m very impressed with how well they mix actual discussion with ridiculous humor. I listen to podcasts for my whole work day and when I listen to this one, I really struggle to hold back from cracking up. Got it Memorized is easily my favorite podcast out there and Wheels and Jo seriously make it feel like I’m laughing with friends I’ve had for years. This show gets an extremely strong recommendation from me. Once they get through Kh3 I would love to get some more personal episodes about their actual experiences with the gameplay of the series and some commentary on themes and stuff.
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Great Supplement
I’m playing back through the series before starting KH3, and I stumbled upon this podcast about the time I was getting started. These guys have a great sense of humor, and their discussions make a great supplement if you’re also playing along, especially for the more convoluted stuff.
This recap is solid at points but boy does it get obnoxious at points. The Toy Box Part 1 was by far the worst where they’re doing nothing but laughing while recalling a scene. I don’t mind their jokes but it would be nice if they knew when they went from funny to annoying. Also, quit trashing the game so much you claim to like. I understand the plot can be a little silly at times and you poke fun but you guys claim to like the series but every episode you guys trash it. Edit: Okay, you guys convinced me. You guys are freaking hilarious. Screw the story. Keep doing what your doing. Also, please sing Sanctuary with a Mickey/Goofy duo. At least the first verse. Thanks!
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KH3 #6: Kingodm of Corona (Part 1) deserves a grammy for spoken word. True art.
Exactly what I was looking for
Found this podcast by accident in January, I was bored at work and couldn’t stop thinking about KH3. This ended up being exactly what I was looking for! And I did manage to catch up with the entire show right before the new game was released. Jo and Wheels are super fun to listen to. The most recent episode (about Tangled) was extremely funny. I’m excited to see where the show goes and I recommend it!
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This show ROX(as)
Been listening to this non stop since I beat KH3 so I could finally understand this series and im so glad I chose this show. Jo and wheels bring you through each game in a wonderful and hilarious manner. If you wanna brush up your knowledge of the series or if you wanna learn about the series for the first time, this show is the best choice!
Thank Naminè
I love this podcast, the guys are hilarious and they do a really good job explains things as they come up, but then also have special episodes where they talk about how it all connects. I don’t know if anyone ever really “figures out” kingdom hearts but they put their best foot forward and this podcast is an excellent listen!
Ice cream truck
Garbage truck
Great Podcast!
Really funny and informative, love all the references.
Gateway Drug
This isn’t the first podcast I ever listened to, but it’s probably the most significant one, as the cohosts do an exceptional job covering Kingdom Hearts materials thoroughly, but also, and mostly because Wheels & Jo do so many podcasts, and are associated with many other podcasters. This podcast was like my Gateway Drug to lots of other awesome podcasts, and I rarely YouTube anymore! Let this podcast be your Gateway Drug, too!
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Kingdom hearts with a bit of spice
Like kingdom hearts but also see it’s funny and often cringing lines? This podcast is perfect for you! Two amazing hosts who love the game with all its pros and cons.
Goofy lent them the brain cell
You can tell how much a labor of love this podcast is! Considering how convoluted the KH universe is and how detailed the episodes are, I'm so thankful so these peeps doing their best to help themselves and listeners be caught up for and understand KH3! The Story So Far episode saved my life. This podcast is hilarious and really does what it says on the tin. :)
Rachael Metallo
Great recap show!
This show is great. It’s a good way to remember what happened since I played the games so long ago. Thumbs up
so much fun to listen to!
I knew I needed to brush up on the KH timeline in preparation for KH3 and finding this podcast was a godsend. definitely helped that I was moving when I started listening which meant long drives to and fro and I swear without these podcasts I would have lost my sanity. y’all pass the time so well while making me laugh with your retelling of KH games. I actually love how y’all pretty much read the actual lines instead of summarizing, and the voices are 👌 especially nortnort voice, y’all both got it down! I really love this podcast a lot and plan to listen to every single episode!
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Best Xehanort Voice
This podcast is like a two in one for my queer heart: Kingdom Hearts and two NB folks. Didn’t get how much I needed a podcast normalizing the queer nerd experience via trash talking a beloved childhood conspiracy theory of a franchise. Please listen to these two dorks and their good good voice acting of villains and their bad bad voice acting of Donald Duck. Can’t wait for KH3 to break y’all brains so I can listen and cry along with yinz.
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Great pod definitely worth a listen
Just stumbled on to this pod on day been looking 4 good kingdom hearts pod that doesn’t take itself to seriously and this show does that hosts are both fairly whitty and funny since I started listening about 2weeks ago I started replaying every kingdom hearts game and asking myself does this make sense so good job guys Only complaint would be occasional both hosts will joke about not remembering what their subject for the day is or where they may or may not have left off in previous episodes I would only be slightly irritated if I was a pateron supporter but I’m not so can’t complain
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j lillie
It’s too late for me
I’ve listened to every single episode of the podcast. I’ve played every game in the series, some multiple times. I’ve watched every cutscene, all the secret movies, and done all the reading I can. I’m still not sure I could tell you what a Kingdom Hearts is My wife laughs as I replay KH2 in her presence. Get out before it’s too late
Austin Troth
Awesome Podcast
Seems like a fantastic podcast so far, I can’t wait to listen to these!
I love this podcast so much, the hosts are so funny and while I basically knew what was going on with Kingdom Hearts, it's helped put together some of the things I didn't know or realize about the series.
Barry R. (they/them)
It only took me 3 weeks to catch up and is seriously one of the best parts of my morning drive to work
Super fun!
As someone who has never played the games this is definitely a weird way to catch up before 3 but Travis and Jo are fun to listen to as they both ramble on about whatever. They are both super dorks and it really shows. Give it a listen or a random Organization 13 member will find you. Which one? Not sure.
Xiggy Stardust
This podcast rocks my socks! Wheels and Jo analyze the Kingdom Hearts franchise with the seriousness and respect it deserves. I'm definitely not regularly writhing on the floor in pain from intense laughter caused by hilarious jokes made about how nonsensical and confusing the games are, and they definitely never make fun of the stupid character names. I was so glad to find a podcast that approaches Kingdom Hearts with respect and dignity.
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What game are they playing?
These guys (mainly Jo) have no idea what is going on ever despite “being experts” in Kingdom Hearts. They couldn’t even remember what Zexion learned too much about (it was Axel & Saixs plan btw) & constantly trash the games & plot. The plot literally only gets confusing in 3D otherwise it makes sense. They seem to have no fondness to any characters in the entire game. I get loving something so much you can poke fun at it but trashing the entire series is just annoying. Guys do your homework if you plan on doing a kingdom hearts podcast & be positive, the world has enough negative things in it. For these reasons I won’t be listening but I really do hope you guys make some course corrections as I can tell you both enjoy podcasting so I really do hope for the best with you both. Cheers.
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Can you Plz go over the 7 lights and 13 darknesses
Also go over where Larxene Marluxia Vexen and Zexion are also ideas on who will be the final 13 darknesses
A Viewer who has some comments
Praise be to Dogstreet
Been enjoying listening to Jo and Wheels reflect and discuss how we got to this point going into KH3, story is very Nostalgic at this point and this podcasts Silly/informative look back is a nice way to get acquainted or re-acquainted with the absurd story that is Kingdom Hearts. Rated 5 stars for hosts appreciation of that which is Dogstreet.
jetmonkey hd gaming will save us all
the hero we need, the hero we deserve. may the ss monkeycheese or whatever fly its way to the safety of all humankind. also this is a great podcast and im rly glad theres been the wealth of GiM canon that we've seen develop, including the likes of Billy Zane's dead career, and the afformentioned jetmonkeyhdgaming. also i was on an episode i guess, which i mention only to maintain ethics in itunes review culture
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This podcast smells like darkness
As a fan of the Kingdom Hearts series since its beginning, I've always loved hearing others' opinions on it. The two hosts are great at attempting the impossible task of unraveling the insanity, and each episode makes me laugh. I can't wait until the get to my favorite title in the series, Kingdom Hearts: 358.0.2/2 Unchained Chains by Days of Sleep II.8 3D HD Final ReMIX x[chi] II+.
No, I don’t have it memorized...
But Wheels and Jo are just as baffled by the source material as I am! I followed Wheels here because I loved listening to them talk Pokémon and play RPGs and found another great content created in Jo. I highly recommend that any Kingdom Hearts fan give this a listen.
Great listen for a fan of KH
This show is great. Loved Kingdom Hearts series and all of its weird story. It's nice to know that other people feel the same way.
Just what I was looking for
I've always loved the Kingdom Hearts main games, but I gotta say, keeping up with the lore was way tougher then I expected. Thank the stars for this podcast. The show walks you through the vast wells of storylines and try to piece everything together, which just reminds me why I still enjoy these games. The hosts are fantastic and have a terrific rapport. Hop on board their gummy ship and get ready for a great break down of a loved (yet complicated) series!
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Love to hear about just how crazy these games really are and the hosts are not afraid to speak the truth
Brings back great memories
Only first episode is out and I'm already hooked. Kingdom hearts was such a big part of my preteen years and it's great to hear someone else's take on it. Looking forward to more episodes!
I hope I'll understand the game after they finish the recap
please god I want to have some idea of whats going on in the series
im jort
Falling down the Rabbit Hole
Garbage Truck is my favorite host, can't wait to hear what doors he busts threw in the future! Plus I'm excited to hear these recaps of Kingdom Hearts.
I still don't understand Kingdom Hearts Lore...
But at least the onus is no longer on me! Good luck, gang! Favorite guest so far is garbage truck!
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