Good Night
Good Night
Dick Summer
Sometimes it's hard to get to sleep.You just can't seem to say goodnight to yourself. Booze helps sometimes...or pills. But that's a big step down a bad street. "Good Night" puts a smile on your face, tells you a bedtime story, helps you chuck the day's problems, gives you a verbal back rub, and tucks you in for a safe, sound, sleep. Dick Summer's voice puts a strong and friendly arm around your shoulder. You hear him on television commercials all day. But when it's getting late, and you want to "take the day and shove it," but you can't seem to say good night to yourself... Dick's Podcast is a quiet place to rest your head...a safe place to hide a hurting heart...a gentle place to fall. It's a comfortable way to tell yourself, "Good Night."
The Klunker
I drive a klunker. You can hear me coming for blocks. Klunk, klunk, bang bang klunk. I love that sound. It's a guy sound. I says I'm a guy, I don't care that I have to drive through a nasty neighborhood by myself at midnight. I'm a guy. I can take care of myself. Klunk, klunk, klunker, bang, bang. My buddy Mike has a brand new Chevvy Corvette. It goes vroom, vroom. But Mike hardly goes anywhere in it because he doesn't trust parking it on the street. Vroom, vroom attracts the bad guys. But who gets to go first when we come to a four way stop sign? To find out, give a listen to this podcast.
May 5
18 min
One of the Best
If you're new to our "Good Night" podcast, you've picked one of the two I've most enjoyed doing . And as of now I've done more than 800 of them. And if you've been with us for a while, you may be able to figure out what the "Topper" was. Either way, thanks for tuning in. I really like having your
Apr 28
16 min
A Guy's Plans Are Written In The Sands
A new car was definitely not written in my plans just now, but look in our garage...there one sits. Expensive? Yes. About as much as most of one retirement year will probably cost. Of course, you never can tell. My life hasn't usually run according to plan. On the whole, it's been a little like buying a box of chocolates, and eating the first goodie, and finding another layer under the one on top. Of course sometimes the second layer turns out to have 6 legs, and scurries away as soon as light hits it. I wonder what kind of "Second Layer" will this car turn out to be. Give a listen to this podcast please. That would represent a bit of that second layer...picking up your
Apr 21
16 min
Baseball Babe
All my "Little income tax write-offs,"played baseball. And not just the guys either,. My pretty, talented daughter not only played baseball very well, she did something her brothers and I backed away from. She took a jump off a 40 foot New England cliff and calmly went for a swim...every Summer. It was a very emphatic answer to a very clear gender question. Give a listen. It'll clear up any questions instantly.
Apr 14
16 min
Don't Do Day
You're too busy for your life. You need to take part in this podcast which gives you...DON'DO WHAT YOU DON'T WANT TO DO DAY, DO WAHA, DO WAH. Don't want to do your diet today, don't make up your usual excuse..."I've been dieting too long...if I lose any more weight, I may disappear." Just tell somebody giving you a hard time that it's your "Don't do what you don't want to do day." Listen to this podcast and you'll understand. will lead a happier life.
Apr 7
19 min
Wonder Wench Turns On Me When I Drive
She screams at me just because one or two wheels come off the ground when I turn around a corner. She yells "WATCH OUT" if I so much as bump into a sidewalk to avoid a red light. One wrong turn getting off a highway, just because it's an on ramp, you wouldn't believe the language. When I swerve back onto the road, as a safety measure, nothing but criticism. She's so nice other times, but it's getting so as this podcast admits that I really hate driving when she's in the car, with me.
Mar 24
16 min
Dick Summer, the Pseudo Super Hero
SHAZAM! is the word that turned an ordinary kid by the name Billy Batson into Capt. Marvel! A genuine MAGIC WORD. SHAZAM! is a combination of magic words that you'll hear in this Podcast. But you'll hear an even more powerful magic word "Bespake unto me" by my Lady Wonder Wench.
Mar 17
13 min
Getting Ready To Spring
I think if you listen carefully enough you'll hear a strange rooting around sound. And you may feel something new under your feet.. if you believe hard enough, this podcast claims you'll "see" lots of lively flowers getting ready to SPRING out of the earth, making things super pretty.
Mar 10
12 min
Lovely Lady Sounds
Lovely ladies make certain sounds. They're different from the sounds that guys make. Although when those ladies are lovely, the sounds that guys make tend to be not only different, but...loud. Give a listen to, this podcast, and I think you'll understand what I mean right away.
Feb 25
14 min
Good Ideas
This podcast is full of good questions. See if you can answer... ANY.
Feb 18
15 min
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