Good Job with Beth Roars
Good Job with Beth Roars
Beth Roars
Hosted by vocal coach Beth Roars, each inspiring guest discusses their journey from their very worst job to present day. This can include their musical influences, challenges, accomplishments and anything that makes them, them. See for privacy and opt-out information.
Ramin Karimloo - Fate & Endeavour
Today Beth speaks to singer and actor Ramin Karimloo. Ramin set out as a teenager to follow his dream of playing the title role in Phantom of the Opera. On his way, he’s earned himself a place among the top Musical Theatre performers in the West End. Ramin speaks about his journey - from experiencing different countries as a child to teaching himself to act, embracing his own style and staying hungry to learn. Podcast Episode Highlights:01.27 - What was Ramin Karimloo’s worst ever job?02.11 - What was Ramin’s journey to Canada? 04.25 - Journey into music/theatre06.23 - Ramin talks about the school trip where he first saw Phantom of the Opera07.59 - Fate vs Hard work09.11 - Ramin speaks about his learning journey14.39 - Ramin’s career progression and journey into Phantom21.33 - Olivier nomination and attitude towards awards23.16 - Quickfire Round24.11 - Fun fact25.36 - What is success and are there qualities that unite successful people?26.47 - What makes a great singer?30.42 - Self doubt31.52 - What has been Ramin’s greatest challenge?34.32 - Greatest accomplishment35.25 - What one quality or ability would Ramin choose to pick up? 36.58 - Ramin’s unique journey contributing towards his unique voice40.00 - Advice for people entering the entertainment industryResources Mentioned:Beth Roars: Website  YouTube  Instagram  Twitter  Facebook  Patreon Ramin Karimloo: Website YouTube  Instagram Twitter Facebook Podcast - The Hang Public Enemy, The Tragically Hip (Gordon Downie), Tracy Chapman, Johnny CashShah’s Imperial GuardMiss Saigon, Les Mis, Phantom of the Opera, Love Never DiesUta Hagen, Lee StrasbergColm Wilkinson (The Phantom Ramin originally saw)Tom Hanks, Earl CarpenterCameron Mackintosh, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Gaston Leroux The Avett Brothers (Seth Avett)Mandy Karimloo (Ramin’s wife) Dee Cannon (Acting Coach)Benedict Cumberbatch, Regents Park Open Air TheatreAlexander McKenzie SchoolOlivier nomination for Love Never DiesJoe Cocker - You are so beautiful See for privacy and opt-out information.
Nov 16
41 min
Aryana Sayeed - Cause & Courage
This week’s Good Job podcast guest is Aryana Sayeed. Aryana is one of Afghanistan’s biggest stars, a judge on both The Voice Afghanistan and The Afgan Star and an inspiring woman who uses her profile to campaign for Women’s Rights. She continues to perform music in Afghanistan a country in which music was banned until 2001 and has won many awards for her activism such as an Atlantic Council Freedom Award and a Bravery Award from the Government of Afghanistan. Aryana has made it her life mission to fight inequality in her home country and across the world, she speaks about how music impacts people and how she deals with some of the abuse she gets as a result of speaking out.Podcast Episode Highlights:01.55 - What is Aryana Sayeed’s worst ever job?02.32 - Was it always Aryana’s dream to be a singer?04.54 - Beth asks about Aryana’s work championing women and working for equal human rights 07.40 - What was it like for Aryana during the Taliban regime in Afghanistan, during which time music was banned?10.11 - Have the different countries and cultural influences Aryana has experienced affected her music, and does she feel these things stemmed from childhood?13.36 - Did Aryana find it difficult having childhood experiences of war and moving to a country where other children couldn’t relate to them? 14.50 - How does Aryana deal with abuse and trolls? 16.34 - Does Aryana doubt her ability to make an impact?17.30 - Quickfire round18.29 - Fun fact20.45 - How does Aryana Sayeed approach her creative process?21.57 - What changes for Aryana in how her music is received in different countries?24.15 - What is the difference between singing in the three languages Aryana performs in? Would she ever sing in English?25.42 - Why is singing live important for Aryana?27.31 - Does Aryana ever get performance anxiety?28.30 - Greatest challenge and greatest accomplishment32.04 - If Aryana could wake up with one quality or ability, what would it be?Resources Mentioned:Beth Roars: Website  YouTube  Instagram  Twitter  Facebook  Patreon Aryana Sayeed:  Website YouTube   Instagram  Twitter   Facebook  TalibanMusic being banned in AfghanistanJ-Lo, Destiny's Child, Beyonce, Shakira Farsi, Hindi See for privacy and opt-out information.
Nov 2
34 min
Natalie Weiss - Riffing and Learning
Today’s guest is Musical Theatre singer, vocal coach, former American Idol Contestant and queen of riffing Natalie Weiss.  Natalie opens up about her recent experience with a vocal haemorrhage while working on an off-broadway show. She also chats with Beth about what she thinks makes a great voice and how she deals with the insecurity of working in the musical theatre industry. Podcast Episode Highlights:01.26 - What is Natalie’s worst ever job?02.03 - What was Natalie Weiss’ journey into the arts?04.22 - How have nodules affected Natalie?05.41 - Why does Natalie prefer coaching to singing now? 06.26 - What was Natalie’s American Idol experience?07.16 - Breaking down the riffs08.30 - Can anyone learn to riff?10.02 - What makes a great singer?10.21 - Natalie opens up about having a vocal haemorrhage 11.31 - Quickfire round12.20 - Fun fact on Melisma14.13 - What is success to Natalie Weiss? Does she ever doubt herself?15.30 - Does Natalie read her Youtube comments?16.38 - What personality traits does Natalie think have been helpful to her in her coaching/singing?17.47 - What advice does Natalie have for anyone dealing with anxiety?19.48 - What type of voice or personality make the ideal student?21.20 - What does Natalie consider her greatest accomplishment?21.55 - Biggest challenge?23.00 - Can Natalie switch off her coaching brain when she goes to shows?23.30 - If Natalie could have a new quality or ability, what would it be?24.00 - Advice for people in the entertainment industryResources Mentioned:Beth Roars: Website  YouTube  Instagram  Twitter  Facebook  Patreon Natalie Weiss:  Website  YouTube   Instagram  Facebook  Twitter  Madonna, Billy Joel, Janet Jackson, Tori KellyPennstate UniversityGreatest love of all - Whitney HoustonNodulesPeter Pan, Les Mis, DreamgirlsAmerican IdolMyMentor See for privacy and opt-out information.
Oct 5
25 min
Harish Sivaramakrishnan - Focus & Balance
Today's guest is Harish Sivaramakrishnan of Agam. Agam are an intriguing fusion of Prog Rock and South Indian Classical Music. Beth asks Harish how this came about and he reveals his western influences including Dream Theater and Tool. Beth and Harish also discuss the balance between viability and creativity when working on your music and how Harish has maintained a second career throughout his musical journey, working as an engineer. Podcast Episode Highlights:01.28 - What is Harish’s worst-ever job and at what point in his life was that?02.52 - How did Harish’s interest in music start?04.15 - Beth asks Harish what happens within an Indian singing lesson07.00 - Harish explains how he combines South Indian Classical Music with Prog Rock with his band Agam10.37 - How has Harish found having another career being an engineer?12.52 - Has Harish pursued engineering out of choice or necessity?14.31 - The importance of multi-tasking16.54 - Has Harish found a cross-over in skills required for engineering and being a musician?19.46 - Quickfire Round20.48 - Fun fact22.00 - Does Harish believe more in fate or choice?23.57 - What has been Harish’s biggest challenge?26.18 - How do you achieve a balance between being confident in what you’re producing artistically and making sure the art you produce is viable30.19 - What does Harish consider his greatest accomplishment?32.29 - If he could choose, what quality or ability would Harish wake up with tomorrow?33.18 - How important has introspection been to Harish’s music and also his overall life?34.57 - Advice for people wanting to enter the music industryResources Mentioned:Beth Roars: Website  YouTube  Instagram  Twitter  Facebook  Patreon Harish Sivaramakrishnan: YouTube  Instagram  Facebook Agam: Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Spotify WikipediaMembers of Agam mentioned: T Praveen Kumar, Swamy Seetharaman Harish’s Inspirations - Dream Theater, Rush, Iron Maiden, Snarky Puppy, Opeth, ToolPolyrhythm, Mixed Meter (see Time Signature), Pitch & Modal Shifts (see mode)Carnatic Music, Hindustani MusicBollywood, Cinemas of India Harmonium See for privacy and opt-out information.
Sep 6
39 min
Oli Peters - Fun & Frenzy
Beth Roars talks to Oli Peters from technical death metal band Archspire. Oli is well known for his fast-paced machine gun like distortion style. Beth asks Oli what it was like to teach Jason Momoa to war cry, how he finds touring, the pros and cons of specialisation as opposed to versatility and the reasons you should pursue music professionally.Podcast Episode Highlights: 01.02 - What has been Oli’s worst ever job? 03.33 - At what point did Oli know he wanted a career in music? What was Oli’s first music industry experience?05.06 - Beth Roars asks Oli Peters how he came to his unique sound and fast phrases? Do they take notice about what is popular?08.12 - What is circle breathing and how has Oli incorporated it?10.09 - Beth Roars and Oli Peters discuss the pros and cons of being good at just one style of singing, or different styles but not necessarily mastering them12.15 - Where did the name Archspire come from and why do people connect with Archspire music? 14.08 How Archspire seek to create the same sound live as on their recorded album15.48 - Quickfire19.12 - Fun Fact20.31 - What was it like to be asked to teach Jason Momoa a war cry for the Apple TV show ‘See’? Would Oli consider teaching other people?25.11 - How does Oli memorise his fast phrases for Archspire songs?25.50 - Beth asks Oli how Archspire finds touring. How is it different touring in Europe compared to America?28.30 - What does Oli Peters perceive has been Archspire’s greatest challenge?31.06 - What are Archspire’s goals going forward? What has been Archspire’s biggest achievement? 31.57 - What is the one quality Oli Peters would choose to gain overnight if he could?Resources Mentioned:Beth Roars: Website YouTube Instagram Twitter  Facebook Patreon Archspire: Website  YouTube   Instagram Twitter Facebook  Members of Archspire: Spencer Prewett, Tobi Morelli (mentioned), Dean Lamb (mentioned), Oli Peters (a.k.a Oliver Rae Aleron, Jared SmithSeason of MistVancouver, Campbell RiverSlam (genre)Tech n9ne, Busta Rhymes, TwistaShane MacGowan, The PoguesJason MomoaCircle BreathingSee - the TV Show that Oli worked on with Jason MomoaComic-ConThe Faceless (band)Calumnus Will AnimateCanadian Juno Award Gumby See for privacy and opt-out information.
Jul 26
34 min
Mae Martin - Authenticity & Addiction
This week, Beth's guest is comedian Mae Martin. Mae is has accolades across different comedy genres, radio shows, a book and musical comedy. Most recently, Mae starred in 'Feel Good' a semi-autobiographical show about her life that she also wrote for Channel 4/Netflix.Beth and Mae discuss her battle with addiction, why honesty is important in comedy, how society perceives sex and gender and what it was like acting for the first time.Episode Highlights:01.01 - What is Mae’s worst ever job?02.32 - How did Mae Martin get into comedy?03.22 - What journey has Mae had with Musical Comedy? 04.48 - Is feeling comfortable in the job you do learned or something you’re naturally born with?05.27 - Mae speaks about her semi-autobiographical TV show Feel Good and how did she approach acting in it?07.47 - How did Mae find it performing in a show that was based on events in her real life?08.39 - How much does addiction apply to everyone and where do they stem from12.00 - What does Mae hope people take away from Feel Good? Does she think it’s important for art to have a wider societal point?14.00 - Quickfire Round15.07 - Fun Fact15.53 - Mae speaks about her book ‘Can Everyone Please Calm Down? A guide to 21st Century Sexuality’ 18.35 - How much has the public perception on sexuality changed in recent years?20.41 - Does Mae doubt her direction or her work?22.12 - If Mae could wake up tomorrow having gained one quality or ability, what would it be?22.52 - Does Mae Martin feel successful? What defines success?25.24 - What has been Mae’s biggest challenge?26.15 - What does Mae want to do next? 27.07 - Does Mae believe in fate or choice?Resources Mentioned:Beth Roars: Website YouTube  Instagram Twitter  Facebook Patreon Mae Martin: Website  YouTube Instagram Twitter Facebook  Ace Ventura, Jim CarreyFeel Good, Charlotte Ritchie (actress), Joe Hampson (co-writer of Feel Good) Dope (Mae’s Stand Up Show)French & Saunders, Mighty BooshThe Second City - Tina Fey, Mike Myers, Steve Carell Mae's Book: Can Everyone Please Calm Down? A 21st Century Guide to Sexuality See for privacy and opt-out information.
Jul 19
30 min
Eluveitie - Folklore & Unity
In this episode of Good Job, Beth Roars talks to Fabienne Erni and Chrigel Glanzmann from Eluveitie. Eluveitie combines an intriguing mix of Celtic folk and metal, soaring clean vocal and screams. Beth chats to Fabi and Chrigel about Celtic culture, how history writes music and how Eluveitie has evolved into its current lineup.Podcast Episode Highlights:01.12 - What were Fabienne Erni and Chrigel Glanzmann’s worst jobs?02.09 - Did Fabi and Chrigel always know they would be in the music industry?03.54 - How did Chrigel learn to scream? 04.40 - How did Fabi feel about joining Eluveitie when they were already an established band? Did she try to emulate the previous Eluveitie singer? 06.32 - How has Chrigel found going through lots of iterations of the band? From both his perspective and the perspective of his fans. 08.06 - Why did Chrigel start the band as a recording project?11.05 - Chrigel speaks about Celtic culture in Switzerland12.13 - Where did the name ‘Eluveitie’ come from and what does it mean?13.14 - How does the use of Gaulish affect Fabi when she sings? 15.26 - Quickfire16.36 - Fun Fact 17.31 - Do Eluveitie define themselves as successful?18.24 - Why do fans connect with Eluveitie’s music?20.26 - What are the best and worst parts of touring?23.17 - Who writes Eluveitie’s music? What is the music-making process?26.19 - If Fabi and Chrigel could wake up with one quality or ability tomorrow, what would it be?26.47 - Advice for people entering the music industryResources Mentioned:Beth Roars: Website YouTube  Instagram  Twitter  Facebook Patreon Eluveitie: Website  YouTube   Instagram Twitter    Facebook  Fabienne ErniChrigel GlanzmannHelvetica (Celtic tribe) - Swiss websiteAlbert Schweizer, Francois HollandeLanguages: Gaulish, Swiss-German, Welsh, Cornish, Manx, Scottish Gaelic, Irish Nuclear Blast (Label) - Black Water Dawn (Song Eluveitie mention recording)Illumishade: Website  YouTube   Instagram Facebook See for privacy and opt-out information.
Jul 12
28 min
Sinéad O'Connor - Faith & Pain
Today our guest is the outspoken and iconic Irish folk singer/songwriter Sinead O’Connor. Beth chats to Sinead about how music impacts society, overcoming her challenges and insecurities, why she reverted to Islam and how young people today are influencing the world. Podcast Episode Highlights: 01.58 - What is Sinead O’Connor’s worst ever job?03.40 - What has driven Sinead? Why does she write?04.38 - Does Sinead agree with an article that says she has a voice of ‘pain and faith’?05.12 - Sinead speaks about the influence of John Lennon’s Death on music07.28 - Heroes appear when the world needs them. Greta Thunberg and how young people find a way to be part of a revolution, even if it’s not through music09.12 - Does Sinead O’Connor care about what other people think about her? And how has that changed as she’s got older?09.49 - Beth Roars asks Sinead if she has advice for young people wanting to enter the music industry12.05 - Does Sinead think certain personality types are attracted to the music industry? 12.45 - Quickfire Round13.48 - Fun Fact14.38 - Beth speaks with Sinead about her decision to revert to Islam16.58 - What does Sinead consider to be her biggest achievement and her greatest challenge18.34 - Has Sinead ever doubted herself? Does she think she’s talented?Resources Mentioned:Beth Roars: Website YouTube Instagram Twitter  Facebook Patreon Sinead O’Connor: Website  YouTube   Instagram Twitter    Facebook  The Last Waltz Jimi HendrixKilling Joke, NMEPiers MorganDuran DuranGreta Thunberg, Ayakha MalithafaThat’s Life! with Esther RansenSinead Reverting to IslamLou ReedIsrael Vibration - Brixton Academy - Benjamin ZephaniahA Series of Unfortunate Events - Meryl StreepChicken LickenThis Episode was recorded in December 2019 See for privacy and opt-out information.
Jul 5
22 min
Jonas Lorentzen (Nebala) - Healing & Desire
Beth chats to Norse music composer Jonas Lorentzen, who is now working on a project known as Nebala. Previously, Jonas was part of the break-through traditional Nordic music act Heilung. Jonas discusses the benefits of putting limitations on yourself, overcoming the fear of success as well as failure, learning how to throat sing and why Jonas has moved on to new projects.Highlights:1.05 - What was Jonas’ worst ever job?1.53 - Could he imagine where he is today when he was a teenager?2.16 - Did Jonas always imagine his musical work being based on norse culture?3.34 - When did Jonas’ musical journey begin and what were his influences?5.35 - How did Jonas get into throat singing from pop-rock style?6.30 - How was it for Jonas joining Heilung? 10.32 - Jonas talks about being thrown in the deep end when it came to throat singing and how he approached learning 13.38 - How much does Jonas think his vocal development (particularly distortion and throat singing) has been mentally letting go and how much has been in the physical learning of it16.40 - Why did Jonas Lorentzen leave Heilung?20.17 - Quickfire Round21.34 - Fun Fact22.54 - Jonas talks about his new work - what is the difference doing music for a film compared to a live project?25.07 - Jonas speaks about Sebastien (Vessel) who he is collaborating with on his new project26.26 - What advice would Jonas have for someone entering the industry?27.27 - What has been Jonas’ greatest challenge?30.09 - Does Jonas worry about other people’s opinions of him? 34.01 - If Jonas could wake up with one quality or ability, what would it be?Resources Mentioned:Beth Roars: Website YouTube Instagram Twitter  Facebook PatreonJonas Lorentzen: YouTube Facebook Instagram  Nebala, ByNorseSebastien Gainsborough (Vessel), Red Sex, The HandmaidenRakhi SinghHeilung - Youtube Channel, Members - Maria Franz, Kai Uwe Faust, Christopher JuulSeasons of MistKurt Cobain, Eddie VedderValhalla Jeff Buckley - ‘Grace’When the Saints Go Machine STOIVipassana MMA, BoxingThis episode was recorded at One Fine Play in January 2020 See for privacy and opt-out information.
Jun 28
36 min
Morgan James - Soul & Success
Our guest today is the incredibly talented and versatile singer/songwriter Morgan James, who has branched across many genres including Soul, Opera and Broadway.In this candid episode, Morgan opens up about her fears, challenges and desires for herself and for the music industry. We discover how she has navigated the music industry, championed women artists and is ultimately striving to become the best version of herself she can be.  Podcast Episode Highlights:01.30 - What is Morgan James’ worst ever job?02.53 - Was Morgan aiming for where she is now? 03.30 - How did Morgan start her career as a solo artist after a career in Musical Theatre04.30 - Has Morgan always sung the way she has and does she feel authentic in her sound?05.17 - Morgan James talks about her training at Juilliard and embracing her classical voice06.11 - The importance of growing your skills but being selective with them07.43 - What does Morgan think makes a great singer?08.28 - What are the similarities/differences in the range of genres Morgan James sings in?09.25 - Has Morgan been down the path of imitation?11.34 - Why does Morgan James continue to train classically? Would she return to performing Opera?13.09 - Why is Morgan an independent artist and what are the differences to being with a label?16.06 - Quickfire Round17.00 - Fun Fact 17.54 - What has been Morgan’s greatest career challenge?19.48 - How to handle rejection20.09 - What is success and does Morgan feel successful?22.23 - Does Morgan James doubt her ability?23.07 - How much or Morgan’s journey does she think is talent and how much is hard work?24.04 - Beth Roars asks Morgan James about ‘She is Risen’26.11 - Morgan speaks about the importance of diversity across the music industry28.42 - What quality would Morgan James take tomorrow, what would it be?29.24 - Advice for entering the music industry30.40 - How influential has the internet been in Morgan’s career?31.45 - If Morgan could do one thing in the future, what would it be?32.53 - Who or what inspires Morgan James?Resources Mentioned:Beth Roars: Website YouTube Instagram Twitter  Facebook Patreon Morgan James: Website  YouTube  Instagram Twitter Facebook StageItSingers mentioned: James Taylor, Paul Simon, Nancy Wilson, Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone, Ethel Merman, Barbara Cook, Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Joni Mitchell, Sarah Vaughan, Willie NelsonJuilliardTeddy (Who wrote a song cycle)She is Risen Volume One, Jesus Christ Superstar, Shoshana Bean, Cynthia ErivoPostmodern Jukebox (PMJ), Scott Bradlee, Morgan James’ Dream OnMemphis MagneticDoug Wamble (Guitarist and Morgan’s Husband)Beastie Boys StoryPledge Music going BankruptThis episode was recorded May 1st 2020 See for privacy and opt-out information.
Jun 21
35 min
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