Golf Smarter Mulligans
Golf Smarter Mulligans
Fred Greene
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Golf on a deep level, a must-listen for enthusiasts
Live, breathe gold. Fred delivers content day to day for anyone from noobs like myself to the seasoned golfer- content is everGREEN!
Priceless Golf Content
Golf Smarter Mulligans is the best way to spend your time when you’re not on the golf course or listening to the Golf Smarter podcast. Fred Greene has interviewed many of golf’s most influential teachers, equipment makers, and thinkers during his long podcast career. The best of these interviews are preserved on the Golf Smarter Mulligans podcast. The information presented is timeless and can change your game. Do yourself and your golf game a favor, listen to the Golf Smarter Mulligans podcast. Jonas from San Diego
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Game altering material
Fred Greene has produced some of the most relevant Golf content in the history of podcasts. This is a great review of some of the best evergreen content anywhere and has significantly changed my golf game forever. The golf mental game 101.
Love having access to great content
Thank you Fred for creating the mulligan podcast. You have had awesome guests and I have been really enjoying the useful information on improving the mental side of the game. I look forward to more!
Golf Smarter Mulligans
A blast from the past with the best episodes that are no longer availabe. These are timeless classics tha are as relevant today as when they came out over 10 years ago!
rick petryk
Great Info that never gets old.
Glad to see Fred bringing back some of the evergreen content! This stuff just never gets old!