Godsfall  | A Dungeons and Dragons Podcast
Godsfall | A Dungeons and Dragons Podcast
Aram Vartian
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Good overall
Great story and characters, lots of editing (if you like that), and still lots of good times. You can see that the players are having a genuinely good time and has the perfect combination of comedy and role playing. There are some small issues like the dings that the dm does and gets political once in a blue moon but despite this it is still so good
Catching up to a great show!
It has been over a year since I listend to Godsfall, but I got back into it after stumbling across Aram's new podcast: Kill Every Monster. I am so glad I did! The poduction is amazing and the story has gone in so many directions. Sigma is super scary! I wonder how it all comes together?
Jacob C Wheeler
Excellent, just excellent.
One of the best D&D podcasts out there.
Literally a Fox
Fantastic imaginations. Really decent story telling and major work by the DM. Lost me when they start talking about gender issues in a fantasy world. Could do with less of the liberal politics stuff, real world political stuff (in gen), and sociology class mindsets. Other than that, you might like it
Any mouse pot amid
Brilliant Homebrew
This is one of my favorite podcasts. The world building is absolutely amazing and intricate. The players are hilarious and are so much fun. This is one of the good ones. Listen to it all.
Good but...
I like this podcast I do but I find that- A) The episodes are a little short. B) There are to many characters like way to many. C) The upload schedule seems erratic at best.
Butter pigs.
Top Notch
Enjoy the long running story within Vartian’s universe. And omg the Tomb of Annihilation is fantastic. That crew is hysterical. After five episodes, I want to hear more! Do they solve the death curse?
Spot. On. Best. DND. Podcast. You. Can. Find.
This. Is. The. Best. DND. Podcast. I. Have. Ever. Found. I. Discovered. This. Podcast. Last. Month. And. The. First. Episode. I. Heard. Was. About. A. Girl. Being. In. A Guys. Head. Sorry. But. I. Can’t. Remember. The. Character. Names. Anyway. The. First. Time. I. Heard. That. Episode. I. Felt. Emotional. Like. Really. Really. Emotional. I’ve. Never. Heard. A. Emotional. DND. Podcast. Before. You. Guys. Are. Amazing. Keep. Going. With. The. Adventure. Don’t. Give. Up. Just. Yet. I’m. Interested. To. See. Where. You. Guys. Go. With. The. Story. Yet. To Mention. The. Game. Master. Is. Awesome. In. This. Podcast. I. Would. Love. To. See. More. Podcasts.
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I love it
The story is amazing
Love this podcast. Was lucky to be able to bing listen to the whole thing. Just finished. It’s awesome thank you!!!!
Super cute puppy lover 2
A fantastic D&D podcast
The Dungeon Master has crafted a fun an interesting world for his players to inhabit, the cast is full of humorous and wonderful characters and not to mention the audio and production quality are top notch give them a listen
Best produced 5e actual play
Turbo well produced actual play D&D podcast. Aram is a great story teller. The series focuses and RP, story telling, and world building. Aram has created a compelling world and his player do an amazing job of bringing it to life. Combat and mechanics take a back seat to the story though they are difinitely there. THe editting really helps Godsfall shine. With the music, soundscape, and acting it frequently feels more like an audiodrama than a game session. I am super stoked it is back from hiatus. I have missed the world of the seven kingdoms.
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Unsubscribed after 2nd character introduced. D&D players are already very accepting people. Don’t need a 5 minute rant about gender roles when being asked what your character is wearing. It’s theater of the mind over podcast. You should be describing what you look like and what you’re wearing.
I have loved this podcast since I started listening to it
I am so happy that this podcast has started up again. One of these days, probably Gamehole Con, gonna buy Aram a cup of coffee/sandwich. The story he weaves for this show is magnificent. The players are fantastically creative too.
My new favorite D&D Podcast!
Yes, there is excellent production quality to this podcast, and yes, the battle bards audio is a great addition, but mostly this podcast is my favorite one because both the DM and players seem like 'normal' real people playing D&D, and the episodes sound like they could be from any of the D&D sessions I play. :-) It is lots of fun to listen to, and I have already plowed through the first dozen or so episodes. I look forward to many more!
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Everything in and about this podcast: the world, the cast, the story, all makes me want to create my own world. This is an excellent podcast that has brought me hours of enjoyment and then hours of wonder and creativity.
Unique Exemplar
An unfortunate waste of time
I started listening to this podcast about 2 1/2 years ago and absolutely fell in love with it. The world Is well-built, the players keep your attention, and the storytelling was always on point. Something happened about a year ago, I don’t know what, and I don’t think the podcast is been the same sense. I tried looking into what happened and when new episodes are going to come out but there hasn’t been any new episodes since about mid February of this year. It also feels like The episodes that were being released or not being released very regularly. I feel like I would go three, four, sometimes even five weeks of the time before an episode would come out. I hope I’m wrong on this but I highly doubt any new content is going to come out anytime soon. The creator of the podcast has moved on to different campaigns and different projects and I think this one will just be left on the cliffhanger permanently.
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Simply excellent
I stumbled upon this podcast rather by accident a few months back. It is, put simply, marvelous. The world building is deep and immersive, the characters unique, and both the IC and OOC interactions are great. As a DM for the last four years across multiple groups, the amount of effort that has gone into these sessions is enormous. Having built a custom world for similar reasons as inspired Khalgun (and that has a surprising amount of similarities to the Godsfall universe), but being unable to actually use it due to the mindset of my players, this podcast provided the inspiration to keep looking for that right group. This group is the type I would kill to be in, and it’s the type from which the greatest stories are told.
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Revanchist Industries
I was searching around for a new AP to listen to, as I am caught up with the others I listen to, and saw Godsfall. Always a fan of Homebrew or Custom games. Aram is brilliant! I just finished season 1 and have told everyone I know about this show. Well written and the production is superb! Characters are very fun! Please listen and I know you will enjoy!! Can’t wait to catch up!
Unique world and PC’s; great foley work
Your world is familiar but unique and could stand on its own under any other system. Engaging characters with agency in a world brought to life. uperb editing keeps the story flowing. Comedic without being silly. Sound effects and ambient music bring the story to life. I’ll never forget the cheers for Doro’s song at Turtle fest.
A fun, imaginative ride
Godsfall is a home brew style DND game and the world that has been created is fantastic. As each episode unfolds you begin to learn more and more about this world and fall in love with the characters with each episode. It’s definitely worth a listen for any DND fan even for someone that hasn’t played (like me)
SJW nonsense
This started off so amazing, then by episode 3 they bring in the liberal girl. Who just keeps shoving in SJW crap, and liberal nonsense. I would prefer to just hear about D&D. Not the liberal nonsense. It is really sad, they can not just play, and keep politics out of it.
Fun, super enthusiastic cast and also super fun plot! On an unrelated note, the girl playing Ariska has an UNBELIEVABLY attractive voice, you’ve been warned!
I love the world and the story. It’s really made me want to get into D&D, when I always thought it would be too much of a pain to learn all the rules. Looking forward to more!!
Politics, yo!
I got enough political podcasts in my library. I really enjoy getting deep into that stuff. But when I want gaming style entertainment, I don’t want to hear politics. Especially when it hits me like a freight train and it’s the same recycled garbage I’ve heard a hundred times before that can easily be reasoned away. Facts not feelings. So after the patriarchy fighter complains about a totally normal d&d question, I stop and follow up. The forums showed an attitude I hoped wouldn’t be present because I really did want to like this podcast. Introduction HOOKED me, but I’ve read other reviews and I can tell this is definitely not a podcast for me. I feel sorry for The Republican (which I’m pretty sure SHE referred to him as) because I can’t imagine he’s well able to be himself. In conclusion, about 50 years from now, straight white men will be locked in deathcamps while the POC feminazi gestapo patrol the streets to find and execute wrongthinkers. The West has fallen, lads and lasses. Get ready to look like Europe, America.
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I think the DM ruined my favorite real play podcast.
One of the worst podcasts that I’ve ever listened to and the merchandise they offer they never deliver. They take your money and give nothing back in return.
Huzzah to the Five Kingdoms
Finally got around to writing a review... sorry for the delay. Great show! Have as of writing this have listened to every episode and love them all. Secretly wishing I lived in the DC area so I could stalk my... I mean... find my way into the show. Would love to join you guys for a game if your ever looking for a guest player! You guys make tabletop gaming and podcasting an art form. You have created an amazing and immersive world that will only get better as time goes on. I can’t imagine that the 5 Kingdoms will not eventually become a Wizards of the Coast approves/official game world. Maybe we need to start a petition?!? -D
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By far one of the most well done D&D podcasts. The production quality is unmatched.
the walking dictionary
Also great new icon for the channel
The battle bard stuff is really loud, but I always enjoy listening to Kay bully everyone
I absolutely love it. I am a casual player of D and D and I love your podcast. We played a campaign and our Druid had a donkey version of Oinkers named Albert and we loved him. You guys make my morning and evening drive so much more enjoyable... and my job. I just started and I’m still on season one so I hope it’s not over yet. Keep it up. Love you guys but Pera I love you more.
The Buff Tiefling
Awesome podcast, heavily edited!
Good podcast, and I know this might sound like a weird complaint, but I feel like it's a bit....too edited? I know that's the whole point, as the DM stated that very early on, but sometimes I feel like the sound effects and breaks and all that take away from the....realness of the actual play. Which I guess is the point, but it can be a bit over-edited at times, sometimes distracting from the chemistry of the group. I just started listening, but still, great podcast! Very thorough, well thought out, nicely filled out characters!
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The Gold Standard
For me, Godsfall is the gold standard in its storytelling niche. No other live gameplay podcast comes close to the world building, character depth and fun of these stories. Listen to all of this!
Really well done
If you are looking for a podcast that takes the ideas of dnd and builds off them please listen to this podcast. I love the way everyone gets there powers in this podcast. Highly recommend this podcast the story is so wonderfully done. The podcast is very original as well!
Godsfallen for this podcase
This is one of my favorite podcasts. I binged it so fast to catch up. Aram is a a superb DM and the production value is amazing. I can't wait for my worldbook to get here so I can have some adventures!
One of the best real play podcasts
Ever since I started listening over the summer, I just kept binging each episode from the beginning, which took me a week traveling and times when I just listened. I recently got the world book and I can’t wait to let my players know that we’re going to be running this after we finish curse Of Strahd! You guys inspired my story driven style of dming, which adds a lot more suspense and surprise moments that everyone enjoys.
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Falling in Love
I knew that Aram Vartian was a dream to listen to from listening to The Dungeon Rats. I wasn’t sure about giving this a try since I was so behind, but trust me, it’s so hard to press pause once you start. You can tell that this is full of love, wit, and a deep understanding of good storytelling. I’m doing my best to catch up all the way, but already I know that I’ll be caught up and only hungry for more.
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D&D for Nerds, by Nerds
I love me some lighthearted D&D, but Godsfall captures me in a whole separate way. It’s nice to see a podcast that leans into the format as a way of telling epic stories, rather than just cracking jokes.
Best Game On Here!
Can't recommend enough!
This is hands down the best produced actual play podcast I have ever heard. Aram brings audio drama level production values to his show. His players are great. They enjoy not only the game but enjoy each other. Aram has built a fully realized world that should be the envy of every GM. You MUST listen to this show to believe it
DeWayne Feenstra
Great show!
Keep it up.
A truly amazing show
Godsfall is one of the best D&D live play shows I've listened too, with its diverse group of characters and the well thought out world they live in, make it an amazing show to listen to. Even though The newest episodes if the show have a great level of polish and professionalism to them, I find that the older episodes still hold up and I find myself listening to them over again.
Trevor Sell
Amazing show
The storytelling on this podcast is amazing and gets better with every episode.
Cards against humanity lover
Godsfall is AWESOME Actual Play
D&D 5e / superhero mashup with fantastic character development and modern social awareness. SO well produced and edited. If I put my thumb up any further I’d be giving the man in the moon a prostate exam!
DM Matthew @ProudNerdery
#1 D&D podcast
By far my favorite podcast, the sound effects, the players, the characters personalities, the story, and not to forget the DM. I’ve been binge listening for a week now and almost all caught up, this is the best produced and thought of story line for a d&d game. Great job Aram!
I haven't caught up, but I'm already loving all the elements. the story is obviously very carefully constructed to have a real deep-running plot while still leaving plenty of room for the players to explore their characters, everyone is funny and thoughtful, and even if the sound effects get a little bit hammy, it adds to the high-fantasy feel of the whole thing. I can't wait to catch up!!
I love D&D?
Godsfall was the first D&D podcast (and podcast in general) that I started listening to and I have to say it pulled me into the world of podcasts and tabletop RPG's so quickly that I've gone back and relistened to old episodes just because I've wanted inspiration for my own games and just to revisit an absolutely wonderful story.
Can’t get enough
This is one of the few podcast that I’m always waiting to hear the next episode of. I don’t think I’ve ever waited so impatiently for a new episode to come out. Aram is an amazing DM and his crew of brilliant players get better every time!
Top tier show!
Godsfall is a fantastically written and produced podcast! Because of these guys I’ve branched our and started listening to a TON of d&d podcasts. It’s probably unhealthy. Likely even! But I don’t care, because this is an awesome show! Keep em coming!
A Joy To Listen To, Every Time
The world Aram, the DM, has lovingly crafted comes through in every episode of Godsfall. There is the sense that no matter where the players choose to go, there will always be something happening and pieces moving on the chessboard of the world. The world is well-done enough to have warranted a worldbook, which at the time of the writing of this review is being finalized for printing after being funded on Kickstarter. The effort put into the production elements of the show are also clear. At the beginning there's a fair bit of cross-talk and the audio quality is good but not great, but it improves steadily as the show goes on. The addition of music cues also helps define the epic feel of the show. In the early episodes especially, buzzer and bell sounds indicate incorrect and correct rules or lore statements made in the episodes, which took a little bit of getting used to, but became one of my favorite parts of the earlier seasons. The cast is great, and can be relied upon to drive things forward and make things more complicated for themselves when it fits their characters. Each of the characters have a unique personality and bring different things to the table. One last thing. This show takes a stand on the kind of world it wants to present. Aram and the players around the table are unapologetic in their vision of a diverse world and a table where anyone except a bigot would feel welcome. I especially appreciate that when Aram received feedback about an issue on the show about representation of nonbinary people, he took the time to 1) educate himself and work toward avoiding similar problems in the future, and 2) directly address the audience and accept personal responsibility for it. If nothing else, and it is much more than this, it's an example of the kind of people I want to create the media I consume. There is so much to love about this show. Give it a listen. You won't regret it.
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Richard KL
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