God Awful Movies
God Awful Movies
Puzzle in a Thunderstorm, LLC
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Love it!!!
Long over due. Been listening forever. Have been a patron since before the show came out. I love you guys. It’s not an exaggeration to say you had a hand in keeping me alive through the worst parts of my life and I may not be where I am or alive at all without this family of podcasts. Thank you.
Great stomach exerciser
I laughed so much listening to this, my stomach acknowledged the workout. I now need to listen to the rest. I’ll be busy for a while.
takes me back to MST3K
effin' hysterical.
If this podcast didn’t exist, man would have to invent it…
I absolutely love the chemistry of the three hosts of this show. I had thought about doing a podcast on Christian movies and I’m glad these guys took the bullet so I don’t have to. They are doing a service to humanity. BOW DOWN BEFORE GOD AWFUL MOVIES.
Been listening for years
I’ve been listening to GAM for years. It was the first podcast I ever stuck with and I still come back to it weekly. Heath, Noah and Eli are the most naturally hilarious people, Eli somehow manages to keep the running gags fresh and funny even after years. This podcast feels like an old friend with a warm hug, never stop doing what you do guys ❤️
An hour of laughs every Tuesday!
Always funny and thought provoking, this is the perfect movie review podcast for anyone who is tired of religious people being mad that more people don’t believe in their imaginary friend too. Get ready for a barrel of laughs when Noah, Heath, Eli, and their occasional guest rip through religious propaganda movies with a white hot blade of Reality.
Too much cackling
Interesting shows. Would give 5 stars if it weren’t for all the annoying cackling.
c00kie crumb
The show is wearing pretty thin
This show was funny when it started, but it’s worn extremely stale. Every new episode is more or less interchangeable with one from a month before...
I can deal with them force laughing at the end of all of their unfunny skits, but the constant rape jokes really make me uncomfortable.
Elise Elaine
Seriously, enough.
A juggler, an idiot, and a philosophy major walk into a garbage dump. They have no idea how stupid they are. They are exactly what they raile against. They worship politicians.
The best
This is a personal favorite out of all the PIAT offerings. Protip: watch the trailer of the movie they are reviewing if you haven’t seen it, you’ll get a basis for a lot of the looks-based jokes. Hilarity ensues! Love love love
Finally a show for me.
A lot of atheist youtubers and podcasters pen themselves as hard nosed skeptics and critical thinkers. And that’s great, I listen to those too. But some of us just want dick jokes and that is why this podcast gets five stars.
Listen to this podcast.
Tuesday is my favorite day. This podcast is the reason. I’ll be grateful as long as I’m alive.
Heathen is adorable
Love these guys!
I’m just following instructions.
awsome show
Great show. great live to its awsome.
Hebrew Hooligan
Blasphemy can be fun
Some of these films are available on YouTube or other streaming services. Fun to watch before or as the guys are rightfully ranking on them. These criticisms will upset some people as they point out the absurdity of the beliefs held. The guys also discuss how dangerous and hurtful those beliefs can be. I look forward to each episode and was happy to sign up on Patreon to help them out, even a little bit.
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Too good!
Piat crew are a godsend (lol). I love the whole crew and keep laughing every episode. Every time Heath goes into his squeaky little laugh I lose it right along with him.
PIAT Crew are the best.
Listen to all the PIAT podcasts! I demand it.
Comatose Dave
Can’t miss
When I think about how many hours of my life have been spent listening to this podcast I get a little worried, but then I think about how much I know about Christian movie icons like David AR White without ever seeing one of his films(?) and it makes up for it.
One of the few shows I check daily to see if another episode has dropped
Best thing to come out of podcasting
I absolutely love this show. Hearing Heath, Eli, and Noah roast religious movies is something that needs to be heard. They know how to mix humor with criticism in a way that is extremely satisfying to listen to.
Athiest and am proud of it
June movie watching
I am an ex mormon and would really love for you guys to watch and do a show for the movie called Charlie. I’m sure you would have plenty to joke about and would find it to be totally the mormon brand of crazy. I know it’s still early for mormon movie month, but I would love love love for you to watch this movie and hear all you have to say about it. It’s so ridiculous that I know you will love/ hate it more than the others. Thank you thank you for making this show, it cheers me up no matter which movie you are reviewing, or how I’m feeling that day. You are truly doing a kindness to humanity in reviewing these movies and finding jokes out of them, and making it so the rest of us don’t have to watch them. Thank you.
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Favourite podcast
Its like if the Beastie Boys had a vendetta against religion and decided to start a podcast
Hilarious, irreverent and addictive!
This podcast sparked a tradition for my wife and I on date night. Now watching cheesy religious movies is something we look forward to. Well..... If you love irreverence, then you will love this podcast!
Genie of Death
It's what got me listening to Podcasts
I can't believe I never knew about these guys when they first started out on Scathing Atheist, this was my first exposure to listening to Podcasts and I've never looked back. Irreverent, hilarious and insightful, it's exactly what the growing progressive movement needs to help keep up motivated and learn to laugh at all the horrors in the world.
Best movie review site for movies you'll probably never watch.
I usually listen to this while doing yard work or walking and there have been many times that I had to stop and sit down from laughing so hard. My neighbors must think I'm crazy sometimes. Look forward to it every week.
Love this
Love this podcast. It’s brilliantly funny, the characters are top notch. Plenty of movie podcasts out there but this fits a perfect niche. Absolutely worth listening to
Butt stuff and Jesus
This podcast makes my Tuesday every Tuesday. Noah Heath and Eli are my best friends I’ve never met. I recommend this podcast.
Five stars.
The movies are terrible, but the jokes are fantastic. Almost gave it one star because I actually watched a few of these movies just to see what it was actually like. Stick to the podcasts - they’re much more tolerable. Also, none of these guys look like they sound. Noah has long hair? What?
Every one of their shows I absolutely love, thanks for all the smiles!
Dark humor, jokes, and roasting the crap out of people. How can one not smile???
Always a good time
Noah, Heath and Eli make a great comedic trio and I find myself listening to episodes over and over. If you’re new to the show, maybe try listening to The Fool, or any of the Psalty the Psalm Book episodes, where their dynamic shines.
Awesome ❤️
I saw the movie “Shark Exorcist” after listening to the GAM cast and it was amazing! It’s like a porno without the sex. A treat for fans of such classic films as “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes”.
Awesome show, great people
Love the show, got to meet these guys at their live show, they are awesome!
Pandora's Instigram
The BEST faith based movie review Podcast
Love the fact that they are doing Mormon month when I took my partner to see “The Book of Mormon” on Saturday. Highlight of my Tuesday!!!
Great stuff
Potty mouthed. 5 stars.
Kaleb Laakes
The R.I.O.T.
Dudes... this movie... I remember watching this as a kid in children’s church at my Assemblies of God church back when I living in Mississippi. When you are young, it messes you up! Love listening to these! Keep up the great work.
Nick Santamore
This Show is my Comfort Food
And no, I don't mean like those liars who say they "eat" air or some crap like that. My husband and I never miss a show, and this show is our go-to for any car drive over 15 minutes. We've probably listened to each episode about 25 times and it's still more entertaining than half the mess out there for free - and I pay for this podcast! Go patreon, you won't be disappointed. I can let this podcast run in my house all day while I work on my sewing, baking, and writing, etc. and not have to skip an episode at all.
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Ceci Une
Rated B&SH. Brains and a Sense of Humor
I was in the audience for episode 192, and yet I’m listening to the podcast of the event. Even though I can’t see Eli, I mean Ray Comfort, pulling bananas out of his backside, I’m still entertained. The show is *that* good.
This podcast keeps me from going on a road rage murder spree during rush hour. Thanks, I don’t think they’d let me listen to y’all in jail.
My favorite podcast at the moment
Christians insist on making movies in which they don’t know the basics of filmmaking, they don’t have a clue as to how to write a plot, and they cross the line into hateful misogyny and bigotry over and over. The crew at GAM really enjoy themselves while pointing out all the missteps, factual errors, and poor choices so that you the listener can share a good laugh with them.
Noah, Heath, and Eli are just hilarious taking down religious and ridiculous movies. This podcast is on my must-listen-to-immediately list. I’ve been known to skip meetings to hang out in the hallway to listen to the cast.
PLEASE review
“Behind the Curve” documentary.
Absolutely hilarious
These guys are ridiculously witty. I just discovered this podcast and I’ve been mainlining every episode like an addict. It’s really helping me get through a monotonous work day. Growing up fundamentalist southern Baptist and having to watch all these crappy movies as well, this is such an amazing mockery of them I can’t say enough great things about it.
Mailman’s dream
Title says it all! I listen to this and find it sooo entertaining! Irreverent and hilarious thanks guys!
almighty lou
Favorite podcast
Great show! Helps makes university in East TX more bearable. 10/10
It’s the best!
If MST3K and Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law had a live child, it would be this podcast. :)
Ron in YVR
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