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Jill Buck
Go Green Radio examines the most pressing environmental issues of the day.
Encore GO See the City: Using Technology To Create A Sustainable World
Our guest today is Aneshai Smith, the founder and CEO of GO See The City (GSTC), a platform and app dedicated to combatting food waste and food insecurity across the United States.
May 24
1 hr
Encore Boston Public Schools: Leader in the Green Schools Movement
Boston Public Schools (BPS) has a robust, comprehensive sustainability program that encompasses all aspects of a green, healthy school environment. Our guest today is Katherine Walsh, Sustainability, Energy, and Environment Program Director for BPS.
May 17
1 hr
Encore Phasing Out Unnecessary PFAS in California
SB 903 has been introduced to the California legislature and would provide a comprehensive approach to phasing out unnecessary uses of over 14,000 toxic, “forever” chemicals known as per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS).
May 10
1 hr
Encore PFAS in Your Water? You Have Rights.
Today we will be speaking with environmental attorney, Dave McCay, about some of the legal questions that are surfacing because of PFAS contamination in water supplies across the U.S.
Apr 26
1 hr
Encore Millions at Risk from Vinyl Chloride on American Railways
On February 3, 2023, five train cars containing 887,400 pounds (115,000 gallons) of vinyl chloride¹ ² ?, the key building block for polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic, derailed and were subsequently burned, setting off a major environmental health disaster that sickened area residents and first responders³, killed wildlife4, and contaminated East Palestine, Ohio and surrounding communities.5 A similar disaster struck Paulsboro, New Jersey in 2012. In both cases, the train cars carrying cancer-causing vinyl chloride were on their way to plastics manufacturing plants in New Jersey owned by OxyVinyls (a subsidiary of Occidental Petroleum)¹ 6, where factories make PVC plastic for flooring and other building materials sold at major retailers like The Home Depot. OxyVinyls is responsible for the transport of rail cars filled with vinyl chloride across an enormous distance and through a number of major and minor population centers, putting communities across the country at risk. A new report quantifies that risk, and today we will talk with one of the authors, Mike Schade, as well as Jess Conard, a resident of East Palestine turned activist after the disaster near her home.
Apr 12
1 hr
Encore Zero Waste in Boston Public Schools
Today’s guest is Ginny Leary, the Zero Waste and Sustainability Project Manager for Boston Public Schools (BPS).
Mar 29
1 hr
Encore Environmental Equity:Closing the Opportunity Gap in Urban Schools
Healthy learning environments and high-quality school buildings are the keys to environmental equity and academic achievement. By leveraging sustainability strategies, these outcomes are possible.
Mar 22
1 hr
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