Gnar Talk
Gnar Talk
Engine and Frame
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What the!!!!!!!!!
This is hands down the best dam motorcycles podcast on podcast land. If you’re not listening to engine and frame you have to punch yourself in the throat! You needs sit your pretty lil ass down and take some dam notes. Who needs MMI when you got Cory, Lory, and tripper tripper the house slipper!! (Tripper Is an electrical engineer and he won’t like pictures of your kids. It’s cause he has a mustache) you need get with the program and start listening. Kill your dealer! Get it together!! Listen now!
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Chubn grubn
Outstanding podcast!
These guys are great. Funny, knowledgeable, entertaining. What else do you need? If you want answers to challenging technical questions about Harleys, with a solid dose of cool, non-political bs, they’re what you’re looking for. Great music selections at the end of each podcast, usually local Richmond, VA bands. I’m nowhere near Richmond, but that doesn’t stop me from loving this podcast!
Like minded folks
Yo dawgs!!! I don’t even care if you talk about motorcycles.... these 3 have got it going down. It’s like hanging with 3 friends but not in real time. Keep on keeping on.
Awesome Motorcycle Podcast
This is probably the most informative and entertaining motorcycle podcast I’ve listened to. It’s down to earth and very entertaining. I’d recommend it to anyone interested in motorcycles. Thanks for the great show!
This will probably cause these folks to rethink their approach, but I’m 73 years old, I live in Minnesota, I ride BMW’s, and I love the show. Lots of smiles and I even like the rare tech stuff.
A Harley podcast done right!!!
Tech tips and questions answered quickly by people who do it every day. The crew is solid, people who you would ride with....
A real technical resource for Harleys. Group works well together.
Gnar talk!!!
Super good listening! Very informative and entertaining. Thank you Corey Lorey and titty sippa trippa
Best motorcycle podcast
Perfect blend of comedy, educational technical substance for true harley wrenchers without getting too in depth where it gets lost via audible format, real and honest. I listened to the first 11 episodes at work today and cant wait to catch up on the rest tomorrow!
Nate Beck
I don’t always know what they are taking about but I like listening. Perfect for anyone that likes motorcycles and fixing things. Always at the top of my playlist. If you are like me and can work with headphones then this is a great addition to your list. Corey and Laurie are awesome people in person too. Always smiling and always willing to teach anyone that wants to learn.
Heavy Candor
I like listening to the banter, calls and music. Cory actually makes the technical aspects of working on Harleys make sense. Tripper and Lori both add tons too.
Brent Stubblefield
Good times
Down to earth peeps talking about motorcycles. What else could you ask for?
Killer podcast
Came across them through danger dans talk shop. Went and listened to all of them in two days, can’t wait to hear more. They have so much knowledge between them and they seem really humble as well. Worth the listen!
Love listening to the podcast. Learning a lot about of Harley’s and some of the history on them.
Dig it!
Appreciate the real talk.