Gmail Podcast
Gmail Podcast
Chuck Tomasi
Be more effective with your Gmail account using this series of short hints, tips, and tricks.
Special: Dragon*Con session – Webmail Security
This special episode of the Gmail Podcast is a recording of a webmail security presentation I did at DragonCon in Atlanta Georgia on September 3, 2011. I co-presented for the EFF track with my Technorama co-host Kreg Steppe. It’s a little longer than my usual Gmail Podcast. And at times it starts to become a […]
Nov 13, 2011
1 hr 1 min
Mobile Labels
Just a short one today… Some of you may already know this. If you use Gmail from the web browser on your iPad, iPhone, Android, or other mobile device, you might find it a bit annoying to label your messages. When reading a message, use the drop down chevrons on the upper right, select Label, […]
Aug 18, 2011
1 min
DragonCon Announcement
I’m headed to DragonCon again this year and this time they’ve asked me to do a Gmail panel around security. If you’re headed that way, I’d love to meet you. Hope to see you there. More Gmail Podcast coming soon…
Jul 31, 2011
1 min
My Top Five Labs Features
In this post I cover several of my favorite and most useful add-on features to standard Gmail that keep me productive and organized. For those of you who are new to Gmail or perhaps haven’t explored the labs features, here’s a little background. Gmail has a collection of features they like to test out. They […]
May 14, 2011
4 min
Auto Advance
In this episode, I cover A way to advance to the next conversation without going back to the index, A recommendation from a fellow podcaster whose Gmail account was hacked A quick note about an update to the iPhone interface. First up, long time listeners will know that I’m a fan of the Gmail keyboard […]
Oct 30, 2010
4 min
Gmail News: October 2010
I’ve come across several new stories and features regarding Gmail that just didn’t seem to fit in any other podcast so I’ll cover them here. Today I’ll be covering: Buzz on the sidebar A security checklist Watch out for a phishing scam Calendar notifications in Gmail To start, Gmail has a new feature being rolled […]
Oct 18, 2010
5 min
Disable Conversations
Staying away from Gmail because you don’t like threaded messages (aka conversations?) Sponsored by GotoAssist Express. Try it free for 30 days. I tell lots of people about Gmail and by far, the biggest reason I’ve heard that some people don’t like is that all the messages are threaded. All messages, replies, and replies to […]
Sep 30, 2010
3 min
Two Factor Follow Up
George Starcher joins me to share his real life experience with Google’s new security feature. Brought to you by GotoAssist. Try it free for 30 days. In the previous episode of the Gmail Podcast, I mentioned that Google has a two factor authentication available to keep your login information more secure than just using a […]
Sep 29, 2010
18 min
News: September 2010
This episode is sponsored by GotoAssist Express. Try it free for 30 days. This week there were several news announcements in the Gmail space that I want to share with you. First, Google is rolling out two factor authentication to make using Gmail and other Google apps more secure. Two factor authentication uses your password, […]
Sep 22, 2010
Priority Inbox
Sponsored by GotoAssist Express – Try it free for 30 days Gmail is attempting to make your email easier to sort through by releasing a feature called Priority Inbox. I have to admit, at first I was skeptical of how this feature would work since I’m one of those people who generally keep their inbox […]
Sep 9, 2010
4 min
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