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BONUS | Cellulite Myth Busting with Dr Andreas Fox
40 minutes Posted Nov 3, 2020 at 10:00 am.
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Show notes
What actually IS cellulite? Can creams, scrubs or dry body brushing change its appearance? Is it possible to tighten skin after a C-section? And can laser or microcurrent actually work to firm, lift and tighten the body?
In this special bonus Ask An Expert episode I’m joined by dermatologist Dr Andreas Fox. Qualified from Oxford University, Dr Fox worked as a consultant plastic and aesthetic surgeon for some of London’s largest and most prestigious hospitals before moving to Sydney to pursue a career in non-invasive medical aesthetics. With over 20 years of experience, Dr Fox was who I felt was the ideal doctor to objectively answer YOUR questions and bust some myths around on cellulite, skin firming and skin tightening. 
Away from our regular brand founder conversations, I am asked so many highly specific questions about the skin. Given that I am an educated consumer and by no means an expert, it would be extremely unethical for me to even attempt to address your skin concerns which is why I insist on taking those questions to a medical doctor. This Ask An Expert series is giving you, the Glow Journal audience, unprecedented access to medical doctors, professors and dermatologists and, while the series is sponsored by Candela Medical, doctors legally and ethically have to remain completely objective in interviews like this. For this reason, this series is giving you, the listeners, completely unbiased expert answers to your most specific skin questions- questions that I cannot answer myself. 
In this episode, we’ve taken the questions YOU submitted on cellulite and skin firming to Dr Fox - from what cellulite actually is and whether or not topical creams, scrubs and body brushing can do anything to reduce its appearance, through to what can be done to tighten the skin post c-section and if laser treatments can (or cannot!) work to firm, lift and tighten the body.
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