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Gemma Watts
Emma Lewisham | Founder and CEO of Emma Lewisham
45 minutes Posted Oct 27, 2020 at 11:00 am.
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Show notes
In episode fifty four of the Glow Journal podcast, host Gemma Watts talks to the founder and CEO of Emma Lewisham skincare, Emma Lewisham.
Emma Lewisham skincare was, in a sense, born from grief. Following the passing of her mother, Emma tells me that she realised that, in her words, “no one is invincible,” which prompted her to examine her own health which, after a visit to her doctor, led to her taking a close look at her topical skincare. 
Emma had grown accustomed to high performance, clinical grade skincare, and couldn’t find anything that could replicate the results she was used to in the natural skincare realm. From there, Emma sought out the world’s best biochemists, even bringing one out of retirement, and began to develop her own brand.
There are many, many things that are impressive about this brand, which you will hear me gush over during this conversation, but it’s Emma Lewisham’s approach to sustainability that quite literally blew me away. Emma is working towards an entirely circular business model, and her brand’s sustainability initiatives don’t feel like something that have just been tacked on- every single detail, every element of the supply chain has been considered and pored over. 
Visit for some really, really transparent information on the brand’s sustainability initiatives. If you have the time, I really do encourage you to read through these documents as I sincerely believe that they are going to adjust and set a new pace for the rest of the beauty industry. This conversation with Emma really prompted and inspired me to look at my own consumption, and I truly believe the Emma Lewisham brand are swiftly becoming the world’s leaders in sustainable beauty. 
In this conversation, Emma and I discuss how her brand has garnered the reputation of “the La Mer of natural skincare,” how she’s managing to balance both sustainability and results without compromise and why a circular business model is the way of the future. 
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