Global Investors: Foreign Investing In US Real Estate with Charles Carillo
Global Investors: Foreign Investing In US Real Estate with Charles Carillo
Charles Carillo
The Global Investor Podcast focuses on helping foreign investors (and Americans alike) enter the US real estate market. Host Charles Carillo interviews investors, mentors and other industry professionals who have successfully built their businesses while working with investors to create passive income.
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Learning time with Professionals
Listened to the episode “Syndicating Multifamily & Mixed-Use Properties with Anthony Scandariato” Love the intro! Charles and Anthony seem very knowledgeable in the US real estate market. The episode was a learning curve for me. Anthony touched on some significant points, which are really valuable. The pandemic is quite challenging, but the way he has dealt with it speaks volumes. I really like how he kept empathizing; communication as key. This is where most of us get it wrong. Charles is an amazing host inviting great guests to the podcast. Thanks for publishing this great content. Recommend this podcast to anyone who enjoys listening to professionals talking about the US real estate market.
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Cheers on your Podcast Charles!
We hope you have more content as you definitely have tons to share to your audience! For foreign investors who want to enter the Real Estate market in the US, tune in here! Kudos!
Grusha - ElitePodcastBookings
Amazing podcast!
Wealth of information! Charles is a great host and his guests are very knowledgeable. We enjoy listening to his podcast very much. Highly recommend!
Janie GD
Wealth of knowledge
Charles is a great resource in all things real estate. He takes the time to break down complicated issues and makes them understandable to the average real estate investor. Well worth the time. Looking forward to his next series
Great show
I really enjoy these interviews!
Outstanding content, very relevant. I am an investor and will continue to invest with Charles.
Azriel A
Real Estate Investing Genius
I’m a Certified Financial Planner in charge of over $250 million in client assets and I would not hesitate to invest with Charles. I have known him for many years and he is truly on his way to being a modern day real estate tycoon.
Brian Beattie
Great podcast
Very informative podcast. Great content