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Global Dispatches -- World News That Matters
Mark Leon Goldberg
Journalists, policymakers, diplomats and scholars discuss under-reported news, trends and topics from around the world. Named by The Guardian as “One of 27 Podcasts to Make You Smarter” Global Dispatches is podcast about foreign policy and world affairs.
Legendary US Diplomat Thomas Pickering Explains How the US Can Get Its Multilateral Groove Back
Ambassador Thomas Pickering is a legendary retired US foreign service officer. He had a four decade career in diplomacy, including serving as ambassador to Russia, India, Israel, Nigeria, El Salvador, and the UN. We kick off discussing the Trump administration's approach to multilateralism before having a broader conversation about the changing nature of the UN and ways the Biden administration can productively work with with allies and adversaries to advance American interests and the global good.
Dec 2
29 min
How Biden Could Restore US Leadership at the UN in his First 100 Days
The first 100 days of any new presidential administration offers a key inflection point, signaling the policies that the new administration will prioritize and champion. It is during those first 100 days that the new administration gets the most leeway from congress, the media, and the general public to set their agenda.  Peter Yeo of the Better World Campaign unpacks what that 100 Day Agenda may look like.
Nov 30
25 min
Joe Biden Picks Linda Thomas-Greenfield as UN Ambassador
Linda Thomas-Greenfield will be nominated by President-elect Joe Biden to serve as the US Ambassador to the UN. She is a veteran diplomat who most recently served as Assistant-Secretary of State for African Affairs in the Obama administration. In 2017 she sat down with me for a long interview about her life and career.  We cover a lot of ground in this interview, which alternates between a discussion about policy and her own fascinating life story.
Nov 23
54 min
Inside Yemen's "Hunger Wards"
Yemen is the world's worst humanitarian crisis and is in imminent danger of descending into the worst famine the world has ever seen. Earlier this year, a filmmaker documented heroic efforts by doctors and health workers fight acute malnutrition that is inflicting children in Yemen. The director of the new film "Hunger Ward," Skye Fitzgerald discusses his film.
Nov 22
26 min
What's Next for US- Iran Diplomacy and the Iran Nuclear Deal
When President Trump came to office in 2017, he inherited from President Obama the Iran Nuclear Deal. Trump rejected the deal and embarked on a fruitless "maximum pressure" campaign against Iran.  Such is the state of relations between the United States and Iran that Joe Biden will inherit when he takes office in January. Trita Parsi of the Quincy Institute discusses what steps a Biden administration can take to get diplomacy with Iran back on track.
Nov 18
20 min
A Ceasefire, But No Peace for Nagorno-Karabakh
On November 9th the warring parties in Nagorno-Karabakh signed a ceasefire agreement brokered by Russia. The agreement comes after weeks of very heaving fighting between Azerbaijan and Armenia which killed and displaced thousands of people. On the line with me to discuss these recent events Anna Zamejc, a freelance journalist who has covered this region for years.
Nov 15
30 min
Ethiopia is on the Brink of Civil War
On November 4th, the Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed launched military operations against the Tigray People's Liberation Front, the TPLF, which is the group that controls the Tigray region in Northern Ethiopia.  Tensions have been simmering for some time between the Federal government, which Abiy controls and the TPLF. Now, one year after winning the Nobel Peace Prize, Abiy has launched a military campaign that could very well spark a widespread civil war.
Nov 11
35 min
Veteran European Diplomat Gerard Araud on Joe Biden's Election and the Future of Trans-Atlantic Relations
Gerard Araud is the former French Ambassador to the United States and the United Nations. We recorded this conversation on the Friday following the Tuesday of election day, when the result was all but certain. Ambassador Araud offers his take on how the election of Joe Biden will impact transatlantic relations and the ways that a Biden administration can repair some of the damage done to US-European relations these past four years.
Nov 8
30 min
The United States Election -- What We Know So Far and What It Means for Foreign Policy
At time of recording, votes in the United States election were still being counted. It appears that the vote totals so far are highly favorable to Joe Biden. Boston Globe columnist Michael Cohen discusses the results, such as we know them, and what they reveal about the American electorate and what, if anything, the results mean for America's role in the world. 
Nov 4
17 min
Protests in Thailand, Explained
Protests in Thailand took an unexpected turn in October when young Thais began demanding reforms to the Monarchy. This added to demands that the prime minister, who took over in a coup in 2014 immediately resign.   Benjamin Zawacki, Senior Program Specialist at the Asia Foundation, explains what is driving protests in Thailand.  We kick off discussing the role of the monarchy in politics before having a longer conversation about what this protest movement means for the future of Thailand.
Oct 30
30 min
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