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Check your privilege, Jennifer
Just listed to the Jennifer Meyer episode which despite being titled “How to figure it out”, would be better titled “My real life Devil Wears Prada” story. College, landing a first job at global fashion brands and the opportunity to showcase your jewelry by happenstance to Jennifer Anniston are so far from relatable for most women aspiring to make a career in jewelry design.
Love this show!
So refreshing and fun! Lots of great advice.
Authentic behind the scenes talk
Girlboss talks about the real deal of being successful. Most times you only hear about the wins and it gives you an unrealistic picture of the journey of success. Girlboss deconstructs that and dishes it up straight. Not only do you realize that you’re not alone on the journey, but then you get great advice on along the way.
Storytelling Secrets
Love love love!
This podcast is it! It’s taught me many new things including how to be more confident in myself and work towards my goals! (IG Handle: clairek14)
I LOVE listening to girl boss podcast. All the women entrepreneurs inspire me to be the best boss and own my ideas as they come to me! They helped me realize my potential as a young business owner! @sydeverettdesign
Real perspectives of real people
It’s been a TRANSFORMATIVE experience hearing each guest speak on, not only their successes, but the challenges they’ve faced along the way. I never knew that I’d feel such inspiration from learning about people who struggle in very relatable ways. Puno is a wonderful host; so so fun to listen to. She poses insightful questions that are very aware and relevant of the guests’ wealth of knowledge. And you can just tell she has the listener in mind too. This pod back no matter the guest or subject. I didn’t know I just needed a regular reminder of all the possibilities in this world. It’s given me the most motivation I’ve felt in a long long time. Thank you Girlboss Radio; thank you Puno. See ya when I’m a founder and digital marketer in part because of this pod right here✌🏼
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Samantha Pamela
I love Puno!!!
This podcast has instantly become one of my favs - I love how real Puno is and the insight she provides is so so so valuable. Thankful for this switch, thankful for her!!!
Best host ever!
I love Puno!! Such a perfect person to host Girlboss. Her energy is incredible. The podcast is sharp, fun, witty, and covers my favorite topics. Also I love following Puno on IG. It doesn’t hurt that she’s a stylish super beauty:)
Finally tuning in :)
I think Puno brings such unique insight to the table with her thoughtful interviews. Nuances are so often glossed over these days but Puno’s warm, charming personality paired with funny witticisms really open you up to consider the importance of diversity, of the depths of things and people, and all the facets in between. Really appreciate the new direction she’s brought to this podcast, at long last 💛
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Fun, informative & inspiring!
Puno is a breath of fresh air and her weekly interviews feel like hanging with your coolest gf who’s in on all the ish you wanna know more about🌟 I love & appreciate the inclusiveness and how Girlboss has expanded to feel more relevant. ❤️
Informative and Inspirational
I’ve been a Girlboss Radio listener for a while and I have to say how much I love the new spotlight on small businesses! It’s truly inspiring to hear from other founders in different fields and stages of life. I love tuning in and learning about business concepts and the different paths and adventures founders took to get to where they are now! Highly recommend!!!
Relatable & delightfully interesting guests
Super digging the Girlboss radio “redefined” shift. Puno is a funny host who naturally asks really good insightful questions that keep the conversation with guests entertaining and educational. Quality information that I didn’t know I needed and would probably/definitely use in the future. I love how each guest is different - we got small business owners, relevant topics, age range, gender fluidity, ugh everything is thoughtful and ahead. The commercials are funny too - I finally pushed myself to get Betterhelp! Tip: since I don’t drive a car - best times to listen are when working, folding laundry, cooking, scrolling thru IG, before I sleep, hey I even listen to the pod when I 🚽💓
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Amazing podcast! Raw, authentic, and super funny— will definitely watch more:)))
Mia Kotik
Love the new host!!
Super excited to hear that Puno is the new host. She has a way of making any topic sound fun, and her laid back style is super easy to listen to. I can’t wait to hear more convos on “redefining success” — I think it’s such an important topic for so many of us who are building our own versions of successful lives. I’ve listed to a few Girlboss episodes in the past, but now I’m definitely subscribing!
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Maria Bardet
Meaningful, inclusive and valuable content
I love the transparency and rawness of the conversations that take place on Girlboss. I was a listener before and now that Puno is the host, I will definitely be tuning in more often. I appreciate her open honesty and her voice is nice to listen to, as well! Keep being you/the realest
So Many Nuggets of Gold
So many takeaways from the GirlBoss podcast I have been able to apply to my career! Must listen!
Everyone should be tuning in!
The title (ahem - empire) might make you think that this podcast is only for women, but its so good, and so full of incredible business tips, strategies, and guidance, that EVERY biz owner can learn a thing, or ten, by listening in! Dude approved!!
Inspiring but Needs Some Work
I came across this podcast while searching for inspiring female podcasts. The subjects are great and I love learning about their stories - especially how they get started, grow, raise capital, scaling, etc. Sophia has a lovely voice but needs to adapt to conversational format and less of a “high school newspaper” Q&A approach. The more natural the better. Gwyneth and Elise on Goop are a great example. Looking forward to some more fun and engaging interviews.
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Alya O
I’ve listened to so many episodes, but...
The pod has its issues, which is extremely frustrating because it has great guests!! Sophia has lost sight of her listeners and what we value. it doesn’t sound like she does much research on her guests vs. other pods and the most irritating thing is her unconversational approach to interviewing - she’s robotic and almost generic with her questions and will abruptly move on to the next question when her guests are about to land on something SO GOOD! This tends to happen on episodes where the research isn’t there on her guest/their industry. That, plus SO many ads makes it very lacking in substance. They talk a lot about *pivoting* and listening to audiences here, so please, GB Radio team. Pivot!
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So life-giving
I started a business last year and it helped me fail forward into a new business idea that aligned with what I want. Listening to this show is so refreshing. I don’t know any woman-bosses personally do this is a luxury to be able to ask all the questions I would want to ask. I’m learning so much on the way. So blessed to listen. Thank you for being so awesome!
I miss the original feel
I really LOVED this podcast when it first started. The interviews and format felt very simple, authentic and relatable. It’s lost that feel over the years.
Blessing O.
Love Sophia’s confidence
Good topics on this podcast, I enjoy the conversations that aren’t all about Facebook ads or Pinterest strategy like we get in the other biz podcasts . But I’d like to see more actionable steps, more breaking it down and a little less story telling. As an entrepreneur we always have to figure things out , and having people go through their process is super comforting. I’d love to see more interviews with product- based businesses, more stories about Nasty Girl and the difficulty of navigating the retail sphere , inventory etc. (Happy to chat about my experiences here as the founder of Anato, a social enterprise tackling climate change through green beauty products). And I enjoy the recent coverage about girl boss’ acquisition. I feel like this isn’t discussed in other female-hosted podcast . Definitely refreshing to hear as well ✨
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celine jennison @anatolife
A lot of sizzle, no steak
Lots of personal marketing, lots of sponsor marketing. Little content. I want great women to win! But please build a better product. Then this will soar.
chief rebel
Sophia Amoruso is extremely driven and dynamic, bringing a useful mix of confidence and humility to every project she starts. I am continually impressed by the actionable advice and relatable stories radiating from this podcast. I love the variety featured in the guests and the topics - along with the life circumstances she tackles. The overall format and organization of each episode is formal and professional, while at the same time leaving room for a very human vibe with unexpected insights. While I’ve seen the term “girl boss” get some flack lately on Instagram and from other brands, I still think Sophia has started something timeless, classy, and beneficial with her branding and overall intentions.
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Savvy History Songs
Love GirlBoss Radio ✨
Motivating, powerful, revolutionary. Just a few words I think of when I think of this podcast. I’ve been listening for over three years and it’s become my strength to get up in the morning, listen on my way to work, and continue working on my side hustle. I love Sophia’s interview skills and her personality with the various guests. Please continue to post more podcasts! 🎧
Sacramento Proud
Saweetie’s voice is straight ASMR...I love it! I could listen to it all day. She’s right though, don’t be ashamed of where you came from. SO many talented and amazing people have come out of Sac and they never rep it because it isn’t “glamorous”. We have the power to change that perception and impact other creatives living in the city. Sending lots of love from Sacramento!
Ana Redbull
GirlBoss is the PLUG 🔌
I’m new to the entrepreneurial world and was digging around the net for tips, tricks and just real life experience stories. Get a feel for the etiquette, ya know? GirlBoss guys rock! From the advice you give to the guests you feature, thanks a million for real content.
Woman Motivating Women!!
This podcast is sometimes the only women’s motivating voice I hear all day. She offers real insight on how to succeed personally, professionally and culturally.
Ask better questions
Women listen to be inspired and potentially start their own businesses. Ask better questions about the step-by-step process that got your guests to where they are.
Trudi S.
Unique & Inspiring Guests
I really enjoy how this show features unique and inspiring guests. I find it fascinating to learn about people’s niches and how they build business brands around the specialized work they do. I wish the show would dive deeper into one particular topic though- rather than skim the surface of many topics on each episode.
Nicole Iacovoni
So Inspiring!
I just began listening to this series and it is so inspiring! Thank you Sophia for providing such great content! I don’t mean to be rude but please refrain from having the COO host these. I cannot stand the way she talks. Honestly, I don’t want to come across the wrong way but I cannot get through episodes that she is speaking on.
Leigha The Rebel
I loved the podcast back in 2015-2017ish. Sophia was really funny then and her interviews and questions felt real and sincere. I even miss the banter between her and her friend I thought they were cute. Now it sounds like another boring cookie cutter show interviewing people I can’t relate to nor aspire to be.
Great guests, interviews could be better
I used to like the podcast a lot more when Sophia was the only interviewer and the conversations were a little more free form. Her questions seem scripted recently with always asking about the first job and what did you learn from it etc. etc. I still do tune in to Sophie’s episodes I think it could be better if the flow wasn’t as structured and also if they were a bit longer l.
Vocal Fry
I listen to this podcast to feel empowered as a woman. The Vocal Fry of the interviewer that’s not Sophia makes this impossible for me. It’s like a Kardashian voice .. I really don’t want to be a hater or rude or hurtful. It makes me cringe and wince. I can only compare it to the feeling of taking feminist encouragement and advice from a girl who sounds like she’s trying to sound younger or smaller or as girly as possible :( I know she probably can’t control it .. but it’s the reason I can’t listen anymore and wanted to give my honest feedback :(
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I love it but....
I’ve been listening to the podcast since the beginning. But when the new host started, I just cannot listen to her. Her voice just does not draw me in and it’s whiny. I only listen to this podcast when Sofia interviews her guests....
Awakens you to radical feminine resilience
I recently discovered this podcast and am quite taken by it. Thank you for elevating + celebrating the voices + stories of women. Inspiring, complex, and deeply evocative testimonials from women you want to hear from.
Natalia Cwik
Vocal Frye
So painful
Great concept, needs interview improvement
I have listened to quite a few episodes now and really appreciate the quality of guests that are on the show. Admittedly, it took me a while to get into this because the interview style seemed more self-interested than about the guest. And yes, the vocal fry is an issue for me too. All that being said, I love the type of guests that are being interviewed, they’re very inspiring, but I majorly wish the hosts would stop relating the stories back to their personal experiences so frequently and improve the thoughtfulness of their follow up questions to continue more insights from the guest. I love the way Guy Raz and Teri Gross interview their guests, they reach beautiful insights by listening more and asking relevant followup questions. But overall, an okay podcast with great guests that I end up listening to all the time because there’s nothing else like this out there.
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The interviewer sounds like a baby stripper
I can’t get over the voice of the interviewer on the Aurora James interview. And it’s not like she can’t help her voice because sometimes she would make certain vocal inflections and she sounded normal. It sounds like she’s trying to use vocal fry with like this whispery baby stripper voice to sound cool or something and it’s like nails on a chalkboard
Please Interview Monique Rodriguez!!!
Please interview Monique Rodriguez! She is the ultimate girl boss! She started her own Hair Care line Mielle Organics, which is now in retail stores like target, Sally’s, CVS and more! I would love if you interview her! She is a staple in the black girl community! She also has her own podcast which I love as well called the secret sauce to success! Where she gives tips on how to start and run a business! Please check her out she’s amazing super motivational and always empowering women to go out and make things happen! On another note I loveee Girl Boss radio! One of my favorite podcast that brings me to a happy place while at work. Working my 9-5 stressful and usually can bring my mood down but listening to all the stories of other successful women really just keeps me on a happy high! Thank you for sharing and connecting with us girlbosses! Hopefully one day I can be interviewed on this podcast! 😄💕🙏🏾
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Empowering and uplifting!
LOVE this podcast, I’ve been listening to it for 2 years and it helped me grow in so many ways, super inspiring and uplifting, much love to Sophia (and Aurora) from POLAND!
Learning and inspiring in each episode
So happy a podcast for girlbosses exists! I feel like I learn and grow and get motivation from every episode. Love seeing women lift each other up and support each other as we all learn and grow from each other along the way
My new favorite podcast
Such an incredible podcast for forward thinking women. Tons of invaluable knowledge and information that can immediately be put into action. Thank you for creating this podcast! Side note, I cannot believe people are commenting of the new hosts voice, how disgusting. Her voice is unique and does not effect the podcast at all - keep rocking your beautiful voice girl!!!
Favorite podcast
I get so much out of each episode of Girlboss. Fav episodes so far are with Elaine Welteroth and Shivani Siroya. Love hearing episodes from women in tech and would love to have more of those episodes!! Thanks to the whole girlboss podcast squad for making my morning commute to work so much more abundant!!
Used to love it but...
The new host is horrible. Her vocal fry and baby voice is so grating I just delete episodes as they become available.
A Cool Idea
I haven’t listened to any of the episodes without Sophia, so I can’t relate to the stories of vocal fry, but I do like the concept and I think she’s a good interviewer. Sometimes they get a little slow, but that’s more on me for not always being interested in the interviewee lol. Not one of my fave podcasts, but definitely a solid pick.
New listener - good but needs fixes
I love listening to this podcast and i'm a new listener so i cant speak to older episodes, but i can't listen to the episodes with the COO. Her voice is severely distracting and not great for a podcast. I'm not usually the type of person to write reviews or say mean comments. But, i definitely think it would be beneficial to have someone else do the podcasts. I love the episodes w/ sophia though!
Bad voice
I'm sure she's very nice but the guest host's voice is unbearable.
Truly a girl boss!
5 star rating. I enjoyed your episode with Catt Sadler. Her story is awesome and enlightening! Thank you for supporting another girl boss! That’s how we women supposed to do!
Hina Layla
Where is Sophia?
Where is Sophia? The current host’s (the COO)voice detracts from the content being discussed in the episode and the overall message of becoming a Girlboss. I subscribed to this podcast to listen to Sophia’s insights.
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