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Building Brands from Disney to West Elm to Nike with Trelawny Davis
54 minutes Posted Jun 22, 2021 at 1:00 am.
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Show notes

Let's be honest, can a founder even achieve an impactful brand without a team behind them? This week, Puno chats with Trelawny Davis, who's making a name for herself as an iconic branding and marketing storyteller. She's letting us in on all the secrets for what it takes to make a brand thrive from a profit standpoint AND be impactful.

Who wouldn't want the 411 on what it takes to be a top marketer from an expert? And Trelawny's LinkedIn page has her expertise written all over it. Working on campaigns for Disney, West Elm, Parachute, and most recently on Nike's global brand team, Trelawny walks us through how her time at these companies has pushed her to become the kind of marketer who influences culture.

Girlboss has become synonymous with founders, but employees are so crucial in creating and executing the brand vision and reaching new audiences, so we're all here for Trelawny to break that mold.

Follow Trelawny's journey on Instagram @trelawnydavis

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