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Redefining Accessibility in Design With Disabilities Advocate Emily Ackerman
48 minutes Posted Jun 15, 2021 at 9:04 am.
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Show notes

Have you ever been frustrated with how the world works? Then when you try to change it, you realize how big the problem is. Some of us would be overwhelmed by this thought, unlike our superhero guest. This week, Puno chats with Emily Ackerman, an engineering grad student and disabilities rights advocate bringing awareness to accessibility. 

Emily’s viral tweet about a potentially life-threatening encounter with an autonomous delivery robot at the University of Pittsburgh, which was blocking a curb cut designed for people with disabilities like herself, is bringing attention to the issue. 

This episode sheds light on how people overlook disabilities in the design process. Emily gives us helpful tips on how to combat this issue not just in design but in life. Emily also touches on this episode about her COVID research, academic journey, and being in STEM. 

Emily's powerful message will have you asking yourself, how can I contribute to breaking down systematic and institutional barriers and have more inclusivity in my everyday life?

Check out Emily’s work at 

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